Ys Seven Collectors Edition Brings Back Giant Cloth Maps

By Spencer . June 2, 2010 . 3:01pm


Xseed has two flavors of Ys SEVEN for North America. Vanilla game and juicy limited edition.


Their Ys SEVEN collector’s edition contains a soundtrack CD with over 20 songs, a 12.5” by 34” cloth map, and a 60 page artbook that covers Ys SEVEN, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and Ys I&II Chronicles. There’s a PSP game somewhere in there too. The premium package costs $49.99, $20 more than the game alone.


Ys SEVEN is slated for release in “late summer”. Amazon pegs it for August 31st, thanks Cevian! Before the game comes out you can be immortalized in it. Xseed is holding a naming contest where fourteen Facebook fans will be quest-giving characters in the North American version. Details for that are here. New English screenshots are below.


image image image image

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  • malek86

    Well, isn’t this awesome?

    I’d like for a good limited edition for Ys Chronicles too.

  • Artavasdus

    Oh.My.God. O____OEvery fiber of my being is screaming “day one, multiple copies”, and I think only a hefty preorder will be able to silence that mantra. Fanboystic madness aside (but really, I DO love cloth maps *__*), this limited is simply too beautiful to be ignored and is truly a great start to the FalcomXSeed collaboration. I wish them nothing but the best, they deserve it.

  • Wow. Gotta hand it to Xseed, they may be crazy, but it’s an awesome sort of crazy. I’m not a fan of Ys, the PSP or overpriced Limited Editions full of useless trinkets, but I might just buy this. I once called them out on becoming Working Design’s true successor, and I think they actually may be it, if they keep this up.

    • Artavasdus

      I think XSeed’s problem so far was the lack of a recognizable franchise, the same conundrum that Aksys is facing right now with its first attempts at jrpg localizations.Aside from stand-alone projects, NiSA’s identity is well defined by Disgaea, Atelier, Ar Tonelico, most IFCH games and all their crossovers, Atlus’s by the SMTPersonaDevil Summoner, the Sting games, the Flight Plan ones and so on, but XSeed, aside from the notable quality of its translations, so far lacked a core to their jrpg localization strategy (well, they did localize the last three Wild Arms games, but now that the series seems to be frozen due to the loss of some key staff member by Media Vision that isn’t so important; the same could be said of the probably-one time deal with GameArts).With the agreements with Falcom, however, XSeed has gained in a single moment a whole lineup of games to localize and one of the most die-hard and loyal jrpg fanbases, all things that will probably help to reshape the company’s identity. I truly hope the sales meet their expectations.Regarding limited editions, however, I feel that the madness factor of WD’s era lies more with Aksys at the moment. Things like Agarest’s and Death Smiles’ limited editions are truly a rare sight to behold.

      • SeventhEvening

        My biggest problem with Xseed is their name and logo. I thought them and XS were the same company, so I blamed Xseed for Mobile Light Force 1 & 2, which were crimes against humanity. Even though they aren’t really responsible, the logo and name similarity did bother me. Then beyond that is that they’ve released a couple really terrible games, like The Grudge, victorious boxers and Samurai Shodown Sen, then voice work in Wild Arms 4 was awful (I don’t know about 5)….so compounding that with the lack of an identifiable series has really crippled them.

        They seem to be coming around, especially with the Falcom deal, but Aksys has really hit the ground running in comparison. They’re in a niche, but they’re pumping out some good stuff and being quite generous in the process. To me, Xseed shows a lot of potential, but they aren’t quite there yet. At least they aren’t Ignition.

        (Also, if Xseed releases the PSP Growlanser remake I will sing their praises forever)

        • kupomogli

          “(Also, if Xseed releases the PSP Growlanser remake I will sing their praises forever)”You know that’ll never happen. Growlanser is an Atlus developed game. Also, XSeed has published a lot of great titles. Wild ARMs 4 and 5 you listed but here are a few others. Avalon Code, Retro Game Challenge, Half Minute Hero, Wild ARMs XF, Dungeon Maker, and Rune Factory Frontier. Some people like Shadow Hearts From the New World, but the little bit I’ve played of the second one didn’t do it for me so I stopped after the first.In my opinion, XSeed has surpassed Aksys without Falcom backing them up. They’re already one of my favorite niche publishers.

          • SeventhEvening

            I know it’ll never happen, but Atlus doesn’t seem interested in doing it.

        • Artavasdus

          Ahahah, I couldn’t agree more regarding the Mobile Light Force games XDThat said I think XSeed has had its share of misfortunes: the Wild Arms series went down with the chapters they localized, many of their Marvelous games were taken by Ignition and their first SNK game is the lackluster SSS, even if that may give them the right to publish awesomezomguber KoF13 when it’s ported to console.I agree with you that Aksys has had a faster start and that its spread into many different niches (shmups, 2d beat’em ups, jrpgs) along with their incredible limited edition shows a lot of potential, but they have still to find a jrpg series that can became their flagship. As much as I like Agarest and as I hope they bring us Zero, that alone can’t suffice.

          I would prefere to avoid the Growlanser matter altogether: the fact that Atlus hasn’t localized it has really pissed me off, and I think that if they find profitable to localize an unknown game such as Hexyz Force (which I bought at day one and find really interesting, I’m not hating) they could have brought us Growlanser 1 without all this drama. That such a great game (I played the original release and it really is a wonderful title) is destined to avoid english-speakers even now is truly sad.

          • SeventhEvening

            I have all the other Growlanser titles they released, but the story feels off without the rest. The cast of the first game show up in the second, but I don’t really know who they are. You’re right, given how strange some of the crap Atlus localizes, why not this?

          • Artavasdus

            Growlanser 2 spoils some key plot twists of the first chapter, but even so the first game is absolutely enjoyable since many things aren’t mentioned in the sequel and G1 has many small changes depending on routes and choices.

            It’s truly a shame that G1 and G4 didn’t make it, and I really can’t understand why Atlus would pass on the first chapter when they have the courage to localize other obscure and extremely niche games. The fact that Career Soft is owned by Atlus makes even more difficult for other publishers to localize it, further contributing to my anger toward Atlus USA >__>

  • kupomogli

    Only 29.99 for the regular version?


    Also. That special edition gives me a b—looks amazing.

  • Feynman

    I am without a doubt buying the collector’s edition, as I am a huge sucker for cloth maps. To this day, I still have the map that came with Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete proudly displayed.

  • FireCouch

    If I was a Ys fan I would be all over that. It looks awesome.

  • damn, I’m a sucker for collector’s editions anything…but I’ve never played any Ys games, so I don’t know if it’s worth it for me….
    (however if it does randomly go on sale one day on Amazon…)

    Dammit, regardless, I’m still considering it…

  • What a sec, I don’t see the collector’s edition listed on Amazon…am I just missing it?

    • Artavasdus

      Probably they have yet to update their database, after all the limited edition has been announced just now :P

  • *girly scream*!!!!

  • That map is crazy! My fiancé was impressed, and I don’t think he has any clue what Ys is!Haha, I’ll probably never unfold that thing but the presence of an artbook means the LE is go.

  • The Collector’s Edition is just incredible. And don’t let the low low price fool you, this is one GRANDIOSE adventure.

    I’m not a fan of the contest however, I’d MUCH rather they kept the original names. One or two would have been fine but FOURTEEN? I’m just afraid some of them are going to end up breaking the fourth wall or just seem way out of place.

  • Ereek

    Oh! I saw Ys 7 on Amazon the other day and almost pre-ordered it. I’m glad I waited. I will definitely be getting this.

  • shion16


  • Guest

    So they’re changing in game content for an idiotic contest? Localization pros in the house.

    • Yeah because getting info out there via a contest for a woefully under promoted series is so bad.

      • Guest

        Bad for the money-desiring company? No, not at all. bad for the fans who want a fanbase populated by the minority of intelligent and discerning individuals, and not the minority of drooling fools? Yes, terribly so.

        • Artavasdus

          That’s harsh, I don’t understand how a simple contest regarding some quest-giving npcs would jeopardize the fanbase risking it to change from a “minority of intelligent and discerning individuals” to a pack of “drooling fools”. Aside from the fact that they are copying Falcom’s ZnK contest, XSeed probably needs to expand the audience for Falcom games if they are to continue publishing them, since the current fanbase, while loyal and extremely dedicated, is also fairly small. Of course having an Afrocan merchant named Rick Davis (or something like that) isn’t exactly enticing (and to be honest I would also have prefered to have the winners’ names in the game’s credits), but addressing the matter as if XSeed was promoting some kind of game-breaking localization choice isn’t right imho.

          Speaking of localization choices ranging from debatable to heinous, they aren’t changing the plot dialogues to add cultural jokes (WD did that) or sexual innuendo (NiSA did that), they aren’t rewriting the characters’names (practically all jrpg publishers did that, recently Sega changed almost all of Infinite Space’s characters’names and almost noone noticed), they aren’t cutting features from the game (recently Sega and NiSA did that with Yakuza 3 and Rhapsody Ds), they aren’t changing the game’s layout in order to make it more appealing to western gamers (tri-Ace did that with SO4) and they aren’t westernizing the game’s cultural context (Atlus did that with Persona Ps1, among others, aside from the fact that this is more important for games with real-world settings). And, as far as quality goes, they surely are no Ignition.

    • Minor NPC names are serious business! It’s certainly not as if Falcom just held the same type of contest for NPC names in Zero no Kiseki or anything…

      • Ereek

        Seconded. Not to mention many other companies have done something similar in the past.

        Remember Kingdom Hearts?

      • Artavasdus

        Yeah, I too think that this contest is probably mirroring the one Falcom held for Zero no Kiseki.

        Moreover they are changing quest-giving NPCs, not plot-related ones. It’s not like Dogi is going to be named Francis John Stuart IV from Minnesota because of this contest, and I frankly don’t see the problem with random NPCs (well, the flavor of the Afroca setting may be a little compromised, but that’s not such a big deal).

  • SeventhEvening

    I’m not a huge Y’s fan, but I like maps. Especially cloth maps. And I like artbooks. Good job Xseed, this is a nice set. I hope Sora no Kiseki is released with an equally bad ass price and bonuses. If it is, I’d be happy to give you my money Xseed.

    (If you don’t release it the same time as Atelier Rorona or AT3 comes from NISA)

  • Oh my god! I going to buy the premium pack, I swear!

  • Kris

    Wait, did XSeed become Working Designs while I wasn’t paying attention?

    • MoonlitNights0S

      I know!! When I first read cloth map, I though Working Design just rose again or something! But anyway, this is just great and the packaging is just too beautiful to give up.

  • You had me at artbook, but the cloth map is just icing on the cake. Please say us lowly gamers here in the EU get a similar deal.

  • import site better have this -_-

  • thebanditking

    This is SO mine. The game was enough but throwing in a awesome (albeit useless) cloth map is icing on the cake. I love my Lunar cloth map from the WD PS1 days. XSEED rocks! Now Amazon just needs to get on the bandwagon and put this up. It better not be Game Stop exclusive either.

  • Well I certainly can never get enough of good old Adol Christin, especially when he is bringing so many goodies to the table! A fair looking art book and a massive cloth map for my wall? I am sold before I even know that there is an OST on the table.

    As for the name contest, meh, I am not a die hard Ys fan… however I usually do find myself pretty steamed whenever things get altered from games that I do have a high interest in. I can feel for those that feel steamed at having average Joe names in the game as opposed to those originally intended.

  • I have searched both high and low for where one may pre-order this set. Almost needless to say, but I have come up empty handed.

    Do tell, where can one pre-order a couple of these beauties?

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