Fate/Extra Extended Battle Video

By Ishaan . July 18, 2010 . 7:21pm


A new Fate/Extra video, hosted by the game’s development staff, popped up this past week, and it gives you an extended look at the dungeon-crawling aspect, as well as a brief look at the game’s school life segments.


During battles, Masters themselves will be able to interfere in battle by healing or assisting their Servants. While the battles themselves look OK, the dungeon in the video looks rather repetitive. Let’s hope the final product has a little more variety.


Fate/Extra releases this week in Japan, on July 22nd.

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  • nyoron

    First time I’ve seen gameplay footage of this game but wow, looks kinda like Fate/Persona 3 to me.

    Edit: Looking back on previous posts about the game it seems this has indeed been mentioned before.

  • holyPaladin

    Yup it’s like Persona 3 because of the school
    Fate with school, it’s interesting to me

  • Doesn’t really look any more repetitive than Persona 3’s dungeons, and that game is held up as RPG of the Decade in some places.

    Anyway, the combat system looks pretty interesting, you don’t often see “simultaneous initiative” systems in JRPGs. I’m eager to see reviews of this game, as it looks like it could be really good. (Or really bad, which is why I want to see reviews.)

    • I don’t know, but Persona 3 dungeon crawl sessions doesn’t really feel repetitive to me. I’d avoid the enemies if I didn’t want to fight them, and the shadows are no pushover in battle either. If one does not exploit the shadow’s weakness, then it might be a tough battle, even for a random encounter. Add the Press Turn system and it becomes much more interesting compared to having a message saying “It’s super effective!”

      But to grind for Elizabeth’s requests.. That’s repetitive

  • Kris

    Now that Ignition has kicked the bucket, this game is safe, right?
    Please pick it up XSeed/Atlus/NISA! :D

    • Ignition didn’t kick the bucket, they just rebranded slightly. They’re still very much in business.

      • Guest

        Too bad.

    • Lol kick the bucket? xD, i cant imagine how many sells they will get with a certain rpg that will be coming out soon… knowing the kids fanbase the wii has, a colorful box like that will surely call their attention

  • wharcraff

    This looks like it needs to be picked up pronto. Loving the jazzy background accompaniment.

  • i wuuannnt this! i wanna use saber ver. 2 >8D

  • Gawd, this game is such a huge ripoff. I’d still play it, but damn.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    The battle system seems to be the “rock-paper-scissors” type; either the action you chose is succesful, blocked or countered based on the actions alignment with each other. Reminds me of the quicktime-sequences in Suikoden V. Guess that’s not too bad, just hope they’ve added something deeper than just that. I can tell that you can somehow, sometimes see what move the enemy is gonna use in one or several of your action sequences, hopefully that helps making the battles slightly more interesting.

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