Any Questions For The Brains Behind The Dragon Ball Fighting Games?

By Spencer . July 21, 2010 . 3:40pm

image Tomorrow we’re going to meet up with Ryo Mito, the Producer of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and a bunch of other Dragon Ball fighting games.


So, is there anything you would like to ask Mito-san? Yes? Then post your question(s) in the comments. No promises, but we’ll do our best to include reader questions in our interview.

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  • Regarding the story aspect… I was wondering what part of Dragon Ball (origins, Z and/or GT) will this game cover?

    Also, I was wondering if there would any major changes regarding the gameplay and the core mechanic between this game and its predecessor?

    Furthermore, I’ve noticed that the development team has decided to redesign their previous models by changing the way they used to shade them. What’s the reason behind such a radical change? cause, as far as I know, must of the fans preferred the cell-shading renders, which was one of the major advantages with the previous title.

    • What’s the reason? I can tell you that right now: it looks way, way better than it used to. These graphics are amazing, man

  • Is it possible that we may get an official announcement regarding the characters’ roster?

  • urbanscholar

    What does the team take for inspiration or consideration in regards to what current new fighters are doing and the response they receive?

    How do they determine that fine line between pick & play vs. key pad fighting know how?

    Burst Limit felt more like a traditional 2D fighter, will we see more of that design or a sequel in the future perhaps?

  • In every game, the characters and the story are always the same since the series is over, but each game consistently feels new. What’s the process like to come up with new ideas to keep the franchise fresh?

    (Can be reworded for better understanding :P )

  • Eddie

    What will differentiate this from the previous titles in the series?

  • andref

    Can they name one thing that would make this title the definitive title to own for dragon ball

  • Will there ever be a character creation feature in future dragonball titles? A create-your-own-super saiyan would be a cool (and never done before) concept.

  • Ask about a new Wii DBZ fighting game. All the Wii got since BT3 was Revenge of King Piccolo. :(

    A Monolith Soft-developed DBZ Wii RPG would be awesome. :D

    But I want my new Wii DBZ fighting fix! :(

  • kakshi21

    is the gt saga of dbz going to be in raging blast two and when can we expect a demo

  • Why did they choose to make a game in the style of the Budokai Tenkaichi games?

  • budokai tenkaichi 4 with no online lag

  • Does this game not suck? I just wanna know since the Tenkaichi style games have pretty much always blown.

  • ipatz

    Will we see more characters from original Dragon Ball?

  • SpadeRunner

    Will you be modifying the almost game breaking special moves used be certain characters, such as the combination of using afterimage strike with solar flare to lock the enemy in a never ending unstoppable attack? A few other characters ingame have a stupidly easy time doing massive damage, which can be avoided, but the amount of effort required in comparison is unimaginable, player 1 just has to tap one button, while player two has to get timing the dodge right and snap vanish, combo, break combo into another set of moves, then you might get one good hit in, rinse repeat while player one just taps that same button once and does more damage than you can do, and if it hits your put in a stunlock giving player one the ability to recharge his energy and do it again with the only time you have to react is another snap vanish. While I understand player one may be the stronger character, but its a tad, imbalanced.

  • Is there a plan for a new Wii game.

  • sasuke222

    How is this game different from the previous Dragon Ball fighting games?

    Will there be more what if characters and what if fusions?

    Is the camera problem fixed in this game?

  • ForeverFidelis

    Will we ever see an actual main console title with a story strongly based around DragonBall?

  • Tenkaichi5

    Why is GT not in RB 2? A Another employee said the GT is in .

    Will GT only appear in RB 3?

    When is DBZ Playstation exclusive ?

  • Tenkaichi5

    Why is GT not in ?

  • their should be a dragon ballz game thats like budokai 3 again but with more stories and a rpg twist would that be posible again.

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