Dragon Quest IX Storms UK Sales Charts

By Spencer . July 27, 2010 . 12:03pm

imageNintendo of Europe just released Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies last week and it seems like the Nintendo DS game is off to a good start.


According to Chart-Track, Dragon Quest IX debuted at #4, above Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360), but below Just Dance (Wii). Dance on Broadway and Super Mario Galaxy 2 took the top and second place spots, respectively.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride didn’t even break the top 40 on Chart-Track when it launched in 2009.

  • Whoa. I wonder what Nintendo of Europe(UK Branch) did to get the game do to so well.

    • Adverts every break that completely missell the game as a dress-up simulator.

      misleading ads aside, they’re really putting an impressive effort into the marketing here.

      • o.O Seriously? Uh oh… I hope there isn’t any backlash about that later on.

      • Pichi

        Ouch, that would be a little sad if that was the reason it sold better than normal. Hope those that only played for that will like the rest of the game.

  • cowcow

    Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Road Victory to the U.S. please

  • even though DQ 5’s story is 100 times better and more elaborated than DQ9’s … the power of advertising….

  • RAVENKam

    That’s fantastic news for future entries on these shores. Thank you Nintendo.

  • http://www.vgchartz.com/weekly.php?reg=America&…It got #7 with 47,680 copies in America on VGchartz. It did better than the all the other DQ DS titles but sold about 11,000 less than DQ8. Hmmmm. How much was expected to be a success again? And is VGchartz a trusted tracker?

    • Hraesvelgr

      I’m pretty sure vgchartz isn’t considered trustworthy by most sites/people. More often than not, they’re off by a good bit.

      • That’s what I thought. I put up this article in a DQIX facebook group and one of the other members gave me that link to compare, so I thought I’d check here on how valid it was.

    • Joanna

      I really hope that’s not the number. With the amount of advertising DQ9 is getting, I would sure hope if fares better than that.

  • Hraesvelgr

    The first and third games… eugh… I guess I don’t really know what sort of games “casuals” would be into, but I just don’t understand how anyone can buy things like that.

    • Pichi

      You have to think outside the box. I can imagine games like Just Dance is perfect for parties and playing with family members. Easy for small kids to just have fun and such. I guess it would be “perfect” for those who aren’t into the gaming scene and are impress with the commercials.

    • ECM

      I do not mean this in a dismissive or mean way, but do you ever get together with friends that aren’t ‘core’ gamers and actually play games? Like w/, say, WiiSports, Guitar Hero or Just Dance? I’m about as ‘hardcore’ (god how i hate that word nowadays) as they get, but all of those games are a *ton* of fun with ‘normal’ people–people that would never, ever, pick up DQIX, Mario Galaxy, etc.

      That doesn’t make them weird/strange or even “casual”–it just makes them people whose first (or even tenth) priority is video games, i.e. normal people.

      • ECM

        That should read “isn’t video games”.

  • man, I bet tag mode actually has a chance of working over there, I live in the US and have yet to find another person besides my brother. :’C
    anyways, this is still awesome, lucky duckies!

  • Icon

    Well the game employs British English instead of American English… Maybe the Brits are showing their appreciation. :)

  • i live in the uk, i’ve seen loads of ads theres a story one and a customise one on most tv breaks around 5-6pm and plenty of magazine adverts esp in nintendo ones, one had one nearly every few pages lol showing a new part of the game like story they used a manga style ad, and some games mags came with a dq booklet. it was advertised quite well here i thought.

    • Joanna

      Just goes to show that marketing a product does pay off. :)

  • I had my doubts this could become a mass market title, but they managed to do it. Nintendo’s involvement also made Rooms: the main building (freeware game port!) a huge seller judging by chart positions.

    I really wish Nintendo would cooperate with 3rd parties to market their titles on a more regular basis. It fills the gaps in their lineup, and gives games chance to shine. Games like Tower of/Lost in Shadow need this sort of treatment as well!

    • Joanna

      Yeah, but marketing can get really expensive and if these third parties don’t give anything back to Nintendo (like SE did with the agreement to make DQX for Wii) you can’t really blame Nintendo for not doing that (or any other console maker). It’s really shaky business for console makers because they may pour thousands, maybe even millions in some cases, and then the third party switches consoles. So they basically used the console maker for brand recognition and then left them in the cold (and now they are earning their competitor big buck with that brand recognition). I’m just saying.

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