Clock Tower Timed For Virtual Console

By Spencer . August 1, 2010 . 11:22pm

imageClock Tower is coming to Japan’s Virtual Console on Tuesday. Nintendo lists Sunsoft as the “maker”, which is kind of interesting since Capcom bought the rights to the Clock Tower series and published Clock Tower 3.


The original developer, Human Interactive, closed down in 1999. Other titles from Human Entertainment include Kabuki Quantum Fighter and Monster Party. River City Ransom, another game from a defunct developer, lists Arc System Works as the “maker” even though it was made by Technos Japan.


Mario Tennis 64 and Spin Kid (aka Miracle Adventure) from the library of Data East developed Neo Geo games are also on deck for release in Japan this month.


Speaking of Sunsoft, Sunsoft asked us to remove the announcement about their “Wii Triple Play” Virtual Console announcement. According to an e-mail sent to Siliconera there was a “problem with Nintendo” and “Nintendo wants it [the announcement] corrected.”

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  • Even though there’s a patch out there I never played this game. That’s pretty interesting who’s bringing it out as this series seemed to be just locked away in the vaults.
    I keep forgetting Capcom has rights to the Clock Tower series. I believe Hunting Ground was their attempt to improve on what they tried to do with Clock Tower 3. That’s when it seemed any plans for a CT4 was kaput, but it’s good to see the original game brought back.
    Being a true-to-form survival/horror series it would be great to see a new game out just to show how this genre is done and run. So far, there’s only a small independent game company trying to remake this version of the game (Mansyon Software’s “Remothered”) and the supposed movie adaptation based on CT3 that seems to be in development hell. Just goes to show how much these games scared the hell of some people.

    Ah, well. Maybe the next time Capcom has a poll asking what character we want to see in a fighting game I can put down Scissorman, and know I can be taken seriously :P

    • Chow

      They should’ve just outright made Haunting Ground/Demento into Clock Tower 4 (or 5 if you want to include Ghost Head). It’s not like any of the series had any coherent continuity between them.

  • What are the differences between the SNES and PS1 games? Are they different titles or is the PS1 game an upgraded port of sorts?

    • Chow

      SNES Clock Tower was re-released on the PSX as Clock Tower: The First Fear. There were a few changes to the interface, some CG Movies, and a few cosmetic changes to some scenes, but they were otherwise the same game.”Clock Tower” on the PSX, however is a quasi-sequel to “Clock Tower/CT: The First Fear”. At first glance, it’s a direct sequel to the events of the first game, but there’s so many glaring continuity issues that it simply doesn’t work.

  • Chow

    Even though I don’t have a Wii any more, I’d like to see this on the North American/European Virtual consoles as an Import Title. :)

  • Darn. I’d love these games translated on the U.S. VC!

  • Rollersnake

    Original Clock Tower is an awesome horror point & click, and one of the few genuinely replayable ones in the genre due to its short length, multiple endings, randomized rooms, and alternate puzzle solutions.

    You’d think Capcom could strike a deal with Aeon Genesis and release their translation on VC here, but hahaha like that would ever happen.

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