SaGa 3 Remake Uses Scenario Synchro System, Romancing SaGa Style Skill Growth

By Spencer . September 2, 2010 . 1:51am

imageSaGa 3: Ruler Of Space-Time – Shadow or Light, a Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy Legend III, has some new features like the scenario synchro system from SaGa 2: The Treasure Legend – Goddess of Destiny.


Players earn gear points from battle which power the Times Gear. Gear points range from –5 to +5 and are shown as a meter during battle. In this screenshot, the party has 4 gear points. These open up choices and lead to alternate events. It appears the Times Gear can be used in battle too, but it’s unclear what effect it has.


SaGa 3: Ruler Of Space-Time – Shadow or Light has a Romancing SaGa style growth system where you get stat boosts and new skills during battle. The abilities you gain depend on what weapons you use. In the Game Boy version of SaGa 3, players purchased spells.


While there are some system changes, the game and the characters are the same. Arthur is in SaGa 3, but he isn’t called Arthur. He goes by his Japanese name Dune. The characters from left to right are: Dune (Arthur in the US version), Celia (Sharon), Polnareff (Curtis), and Milfy (Gloria).


image image image image image


SaGa 3: Ruler Of Space-Time – Shadow or Light is scheduled to come out in Japan this winter.


image image image image image image

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  • kupomogli

    Those graphics are terrible. Did they accidently pull out the PSX prototype instead of the DS screenshots?One thing viewing the screenshots I don’t like though. No random battles again and again, just like Dragon Quest 9 the ridiculous close up view. Sometimes I enjoy seeing further than two feet in front of me when playing a video game. What’s the point in making graphics at all when you need to rely on the map 100% of the time because everything is so close up you can’t tell where you’re going without it.

    • It’s a DS, what do you expect?… and screenshots of games always look pixelated, these graphics are just like the last Saga that was released for DS, they are ok for a DS, even more, the closeup of the characters look better than in DQ9, and no… i dont think they pull out the psx prototype, considering it was released in gameboy…

      • kupomogli

        I was kidding about the PSX prototype thing. What I meant with that comment is that PSX is a 32bit system and there are full 3d games for that system that look far better. The graphics just look bad.

        • Oh ok :P, still remember is a DS, so this is a close up pic, and most probably, they had to make the size bigger (and this will make it even more pixelated), i still remember how carppy avalon code looked in the screen shots, and when i had it in my hands, i was like “O_O z0mg”

    • Yeah not really getting why you think the graphics are so bad, they look better than most of the stuff on the DS…its not like its for the PSP or something.

    • thebanditking

      Hey, you leave my PS1 games alone ;p Xenogears looked awesome.

  • Guest

    I lament the ongoing destruction of a childhood classic.

    While I realize the game is a SaGa franchise game, the original GB version was more of a traditional Final Fantasy that played like a genesis of Final Fantasy and SaGa. It was a game I enjoyed very, very much on my original GB.

    Perhaps it is for the best that it has next to no chance to come overseas.

    • Justinzero

      You’re fired.

      You could always just ignore the game, you know, for the sake of your childhood fantasy.

      • Guest

        Hard to ignore when someone says “Hey, we’re remaking a game you loved to play as a kid… but we’re not making it anything like what you played!” All I had really hoped is that it wouldn’t transform into more SaGa than Final Fantasy so that it would retain that essence, and my hopes were thus dashed.

        I have nothing against the SaGa franchise. I’ve played and beat SaGa 1 and 2 for the GB as well. I simply would have preferred this particular game be remade without too many changes to it’s core essence. I like the addition of the Times Gear system, but dislike most everything else at this point.

        The cast looking like a circus troupe doesn’t help my opinion either, and whoever thought of the name “Milfy” really needs to lay off the porn.

    • Then I guess I disagree because this system sounds fun. I like the idea of alternate events and what this could have on battle.

    • symytry

      I’m a bit disappointed in the changes as well, but if it were exactly the same as 1993 with pretty graphics then there wouldn’t be much point in playing it again. As long as the Talon and its’ features remain in-tact I’m sure this will be fun to experience again.

  • joesz

    I like the screenshots very much.

  • thebanditking

    I would have preferred 2D pixel art, the DS is not the strongest platform for 3D games/graphics.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Arthur/Dune looks like Crono when you look at him from far-off…

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