Project Dark Is The Next Game From The Demon’s Souls Team

By Spencer . September 16, 2010 . 12:00am

imageAt Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Presentation, From Software took the stage and announced Project Dark. This title is another dark fantasy RPG made by the Demon’s Souls team. While this isn’t Demon’s Souls 2, Project Dark carries the same spirit as their last title.


Project Dark is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and scheduled for release in 2011.


Update: The PlayStation 3 exclusivity is only for Japan. Namco Bandai will publish Project Dark in North America and Europe.

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  • “Project Dark carries the same spirit as their last title.”

    I hope that also means it will carry the same difficulty :)

    • Ereek

      I’d actually like it to be a bit harder. Or, after a point, to scale with your character. Once you hit your second New Game+ the game gets too easy. Hell, even now after playing through many times I find the standard game too easy and only start finding challenge on NG+.

      My true wish would be an open-world title in Demon’s Souls style. They almost hit open-world with 5-2, but it was still linear, despite being able to skip about 4/5 of the enemies in the level if you choose to.

  • kupomogli

    There must be some mistake. The PS3 never gets any exclusives. /sarcasm.

    Anyways. This game is going to be amazing. Let’s hope that Sony releases it in the US so the game continues to get online support longer than a year and a half. It’s rare when online support is dropped as it costs almost nothing to run a server which is really why I would rather someone else publish the game over Atlus so the same doesn’t happen again.

    • malek86

      Your sarcasm is somewhat misaimed, apparently. Namdai will release it in the west – for 360 too.I wonder if making exclusive PS3 games for Japan only and multiplatform for western territories, is a new practice or what. I tend to blame Squenix.

      • Rerelease it later in Japan for 360 with some additional content and they can sell even more units. right?

      • kupomogli

        I guess I was right. There was a mistake. I didn’t know about it unfortunately :P.

        Maybe that’s why the name change and not Demon’s Souls 2. Anyways. This is good for 360 gamers who didn’t get to play Demon’s Souls.

  • As long as it makes me think I will buy it.

  • john411

    You guys should probably change the article. It’s actually a PS3/360 game published by Namco Bandai in the West.

    It’s only PS3 exclusive in Japan.

  • Gestahl

    “Now dumbed down for the Halo/GeoW crowd”. Rejoice!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Glad to see we’re being mature about it.

      • MisterNiwa

        Well, he is right isn’t he? Halo and GeoW are the most popular games on 360, and the most japanese games ain’t sold that well.

        The 360 is just the wrong console for this kind of software.

        • Hraesvelgr

          He’s not right, no. Can he prove that the game is “dumbed down”? Can you? Can anyone? No. Anyone complaining is just a Sony fanboy, plain and simple.Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2 are two of the top selling games on PS3, and most Japanese games ain’t sold that well. Clearly, the PS3 is just the wrong console for this kind of software. *eyeroll*

          • MisterNiwa

            Sure, and the 360 has the biggest Japanese fanbase of the current console market.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Not relevant.

          • john411

            Why does a fanbase matter? What matters is how many people buy it and if its enough to make a profit. Most JRPGs on the 360 have shown that they can.

            Most Western multiplatform games don’t sell as well on the PS3 as they do on the 360, should developers just drop the PS3 then?

  • Although more rpgs are good, another one set in some fantasy medieval time period?

    • MisterNiwa

      If you had played Demon’s Soul’s you would’ve never said that. Imposter.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    More False King type battles would be awesome.

    That is how a duel should be done, it was beautiful.

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