Sony’s Monster Hunter PSP Includes New Analog Nub, High-Capacity Battery

By Ishaan . September 16, 2010 . 2:02pm


At Sony’s media conference at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday, the publisher revealed to the audience a new and vastly improved PlayStation Portable iteration, dubbed the “Hunter’s Model,” developed in collaboration with Capcom.


Contrary to what we reported yesterday, the Hunter’s Model hasn’t been announced as part of a bundle with the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Instead, it will be sold separately as a new limited edition PSP iteration for the price of 19,800 yen, starting December 1st.


The PSP-3000 MHB, which is the model number Sony have assigned to it, features two major improvements over the current PSPs on the market. The first is an expanded high-capacity battery pack, which is a standard inclusion in every Hunter’s Model. The second — and you’ll love this — is a significantly better-designed concave analog nub.



Click on the image above to view an enlarged version. As you can tell from the screen, the Hunter’s Model also comes with a pre-installed Monster Hunter theme. Other aesthetic changes include the hilarious Felyne paw print speakers and the designs around the unit.


Additionally, the high-capacity battery that comes with the unit will also be sold separately (yes, with the Monster Hunter art) for existing PSP-2000 and 3000 owners that just want to upgrade their batteries for 5,800 yen. PSP-1000 users will be able to make use of it as well, provided they use the unit’s original battery cover.

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  • that’s one sexy psp

  • malek86

    Soooo, why did it take them so long to understand the analog nub sucked?

    • thebanditking

      Likely the same reason it took Microsoft so long to realize the 360 d pad sucked, just being lazy because its selling in spite of the poor design.

  • Ereek

    Oh my. I’ll buy that in a second if my old PSP stops working.

  • YoFace

    I wish they would have used this on the God of War bundle that’s coming up. Or at least, I hope they do since there’s still time…

  • Looks like they are testing an idea for the PSP2 by putting that nub into our hands and an extended battery…

    Anyway, this seems like a great effort to boost units to capture the MH crowd before the revelation of a monster hunter on the 3ds

  • corti

    Considering I already have a PSP, there’s no way I’m gonna plop down more money for a new one, however attractive it may be… But a better battery is always good. I’m always afraid that my 1000 model’s battery will finally die on me (like really die – not run out) after all these years of service, and I have a fear of being scammed by third-party batteries online :/

  • Kamion

    Would get the battery but it would look dumb in my FFVII Crisis Core PSP2000 :/

    • Day2Day

      Assuming it’s the High Capacity battery they’ve always had on sale, it should come with a silver cover… You might miss the pretty decal on the back, but it should look fine on your PSP… ^w^

      Honestly, I’m more excited about the analog nub. It actually looks… not painful to use…

  • hopefully this comes to the U.S., and hopefully we won’t wait too long for this game (although the wait will be worth it)

  • ManaKnight

    This is good news, hope we get the better battery stateside.

  • krokounleashed

    Wow, looks good.
    I like how the speakers are felyne-footprints

  • omg so sexy

  • goronyan

    it’s so gorgeus, i’m definitely going to pre-order asap

  • Hraesvelgr

    Meh, a battery that doesn’t need to be charged every 4-5 hours and a better nub should be standard on all current PSP units, not just this special one.

    • SeventhEvening

      You could also say that a functioning D-pad should be standard on 360 controllers, or that PS3 should synch trophies automatically rather than manually (and without the need to buffer), or that the Wii (and DSi) should possess an online service that is account specific rather than console specific, or that the DS had a stylus that can be held for more than 15 minutes without cramping.

      All the systems have issues that should be fixed, so why complain about an attempt to improve things?

  • Chow

    The nub on PSP was always replaceable, though. In fact, I think I have a third-party nub that looks exactly like that. I don’t use it, as the nub pack I have has a selection of five different nub types to nub around with and I use a different nub.

    I’ll stop talking about nubs now.

    • Chow

      Oh, and speaking of nubs, I wonder if that means that the actual mechanism is different, not just the plastic nub attachment.

    • FireCouch

      Yo, where do you buy your nubs? My nub has been acting up recently, and I think I’m going to need a new one for DJ Max Portable 3. If this gets answered, I’ll be a happy boy.

      • Chow

        I’m pretty sure I either bought it off Play-Asia or off the NISAmerica store (before it became Rosenqueen store) a couple of years ago. You’ll probably even find standalone “used” nubs for sale at no-name game stores for a dollar or under.

  • Satllion

    Mmm… black and gold plus Monster Hunter decal… I want this +_+

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