Aksys Conducting Survey On Otome Games

By Ishaan . September 29, 2010 . 6:58pm


This is interesting. Aksys are conducting a survey on otome games, asking their fans whether they’d be interested in checking them out.


One question asks if you know what an otome game is. Another asks if you like dating-sim elements in your games. Yet another mentions a bunch of otome series — Hakuouki Shinsengumi, Will O’ Wisp, Death Connection, Kakera, Wand of Fortune, Princess Debut, and Yo-Jin-Bo — and asks if you’re familiar with them, or any others.


Aksys have been publishing some fascinating games of late, from Theresia to Gladiator Begins to 999. Would you like to see them branch out into otome titles?

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  • Raiyu

    I’d honestly like to see some Tales games over here but sure, more games the better.

    • You do realize what Otome games are…right?


      • Raiyu

        …I just looked it up. Forget what I said lol

    • Hraesvelgr

      They can’t release Tales games, anyway.

      • I think if Bamco decided to make an otome game with the Tales guys as capturable characters, it would be a hit, considering how many fangirls the Tales series has. :D

        • Guest

          I don’t like this comment

  • Pichi

    Would love to see more otome games come over. Brings in more diversity in game genres. I love Princess Debut and if I find more games like that, I would check it out.

  • I’ve been a fan of otome games since I first saw the artwork for the Neoromance series.. But enjoyed all the ones that I’ve played (which wasn’t a whole~~ lot). And when I saw Princess Debut’s release here and noticed all the different endings, I knew it was cute and somewhat fun. *is still slowly collecting all the endings* >.>;

    • M’iau M’iaut


      Somebody actually got around to bringing the anime over, so it seems more than one company is grasping the possibility of such things finding an audience here.

      • lol I was talking more of the original Angelique, not the spin-off (not like the spin-off’s bad or anything… Sho’s voice is just sooooo much cooler *soooo totally not a fangirl of the guy that can be her father/grandfather* >.>). ^^ The regular series had great~ voice actors, like Sho Hayami, Hiro Yuuki, Nobutoshi Canna, Takehito Koyasu, Toshihiko Seki, and others.

        • The Neo Angelique PSP game is quite good, actually. A bit simple, in terms of the RPG-parts, but I really loved it.

          Of course, the original Angelique is a classic. :D

  • Well learn something new everyday. Hopefully Aksys brings a game out from this.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Hmm, personally otome games aren’t for me. Then again, I am a guy. I’d like to see them try to bring over regular visual novels, if possible. But they tend to stay in Japan. Maybe if they were released on PSN/XBLA or something.

  • Hours

    I’d love to see some otome games get translated. Adventure games FTW.

  • Yes. I would definitely be interested…as otome games are hard to fully enjoy without knowing Japanese well…

    Although probably a digital release would be the smartest idea since a lot of the otome games seem to be straight up visual novels instead of Princess Debut which has the rhythm game and Tokimeki Memorial which is more of a straight up dating-sim game. But I do want!

  • j.

    Yes very much. I’ve been drooling over Idea Factory’s otome games for years now, so if they brought their games to the west it would be really wonderful indeed. So yea, thanks for drawing attention to the survey!

    I’ve only played a few otome games, but the ones I have, Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1 & 2, and Vampire Knight DS, I think I enjoy them a little too much, haha. They’re fun as hell, even with my average reading skills.

    • Idea Factory once held a survey about their otome games in English. A representative of Idea Factory joined the Neo Forums back in 2008 and conducted a survey there (with the help of the ladies spreading the word thru other sites and whatnot) about the possibility of releasing English versions of their games and what titles that they might be interested in. However, the representative hasn’t been back with any word of the decision. ^^

      • Roses4Aria

        You know, I remember that and I was wondering what ever happened with it. Somehow I doubt that it’s a good sign that we never heard anything else. :(

      • j.

        Yea I remember that. I participated in that survey and it would have been nice if they followed up on it, regardless of their decision, rather than just disappearing. Way to get our hopes up. :|

        I’m not sure it was the best idea to hold the survey at that forum, since they were only talking to a small group who were already fans of the genre. What Aksys is doing is good, hopefully gather more widespread interest and spread awareness of these wonderful games. They really don’t get the attention they deserve. >_<;

  • I was hoping there would be some company out there that would take on these games (and put these cheap imitators to shame). I know there’s a audience out there and hopefully these games will reach them if it comes to be.

    Princess Debut was enjoyable as simple as it was and it definitely broadened my perspective to the different types of games out there. I’m probably not the ideal person they’re expecting to pick one of these titles up, but I will if only to experience the same “frustrations” that Arino from GameCenter CX had when played Angelique Trois, haha.

  • Aoshi00

    Hijikata Toshizou looks awesome everywhere, or just Shinsengumi in general :)

    • But the heroine of that Hakuouki game is so annoying. She’s useless and stupid. And besides that, all of the endings are really sad. And the game is unbearably long… there couldn’t be a worse choice for an otome game localisation than this. So I hope they don’t go for it, no matter how hot I also find him.. and the other guys in Hakuouki.

      • Aoshi00

        Really? That’s too bad. I was wondering if Hakuouki is fun or not, I was hoping this would be a good game since it has Shinsengumi in it. Saitou looks so handsome here compared to the Kenshin Saitou :) It would be nice if they bring over more visual novels in general, not just otome games. Like Steins;Gate on 360, that’s a very long game too..

  • lordgeo

    Interesting how Yo-Jin-Bo is a choice, as now-defunct company Hirameki already brought that title over for PCs… And, well, the company isn’t around anymore.

    Still, interesting to see Aksys willing to try something new out.

    • They didn’t ask which ones you want to see over here, but which ones you know the most, of course they’d add the two otome games that have already been released over here to see if ppl know them.

  • Hakuouki *_____* i want in Europe this!!!! please aksys!!! i have bought the little figure of them at the last convention i went *__* i want them!!! Usa Europe…it’s ok it wiil work if it’s on ps3 and psp!!! i hope it will arrive!!!

  • I always want to try a dating sim…. maybe a yaoi one

  • superdry

    The survey is nice. Besides otome games, I hope the survey helps Aksys in general regarding visual novels/dating sims.

  • I think it’s great that more companies are finally acknowledging the rise of the girl gamer. Would definitely love to see more otome games in English since otome games deserve more love!

  • Guest

    Funny how the two pictures you chose for this article are two Otome game that have fan translations being done for them as we speakIn any case, in order for Otome games to do well in the West (besides them having FPS modes and characters that have non Anime features and are 300 pound steroid space marines looking for love while killing things), the genre needs to be advanced more so like Another Code R/Heavy Rain, in the sens that things need to be more game oriented with controllable characters and actual animation and not just looking at static pictures and reading a bunch of long text.

    I know there’s a recent Otome RPG for the Wii which was a port of a PS2 game that actually has some gameplay in it

    • Somehow I don’t think that “300 pound steroid space marines looking for love while killing things” are going to attract many girls.

    • There are quite a few otome games with RPG elements. Koei’s Neo-Romance line is well known for that.

      There was also a game called Real Rode a while back, which was supposedly equal parts otome and RPG.

  • Ladius

    I have nothing against otome games and I would like to see some of them localized in order to expand the visual novel fanbase, but I think it’s rather sad that they are considered a viable option while “big” console visual novels like Steins Gate, Phantom of Inferno remake, Chaos Head Noah, 428, White Album or many of the Psp visual novel ports are ignored by western publishers :(

    • JustaGenericUser

      Yes, yes, you expanded on what I was talking about in the second part of your post. Thanks muchly

  • Roses4Aria

    Yay, yay, yay! I’m trying to rein myself in and not get too excited about this since I’ve been disappointed before, but I can’t seem to help it. I guess I’m an optimistic person by nature, lol. Let’s hope this actually goes somewhere.

  • cj_iwakura

    Aksys is running circles around Atlus. Keep it up.

  • masuto

    I hope enough people would actually buy an otome game. I fear there are just too few girls who would actually go out and buy an otome game unless they do a whole Nintendo marketing (like Style Savvy).

  • kupomogli

    The first question in the survey should say. “Are you male or female.” If you choose male, it should say. “Thank you for taking the survey.”

  • Sort of a strange survey… despite them asking for my gender at the end, it felt like they were treating me automatically like I was a dude filling it out (buying the game for your “girlfriend” or whatever). Plus, no option for “story” to be a determining factor in my purchase? Really, when most of the game is text? The questions seemed kinda… silly. Don’t know what kind of data they can possibly glean from this… more focused questions on story themes, mini-games, etc. probably could have been more useful for them to think about what kind of visual novels to bring over. I also felt weird trying to choose between anime and otome games — uh, I like both? Hello? I know it says, “I don’t care” but probably “it depends” is a better neutral answer.

    Oh well, at least it seems like they are testing the waters. They really should try to being over Hiiro no Kakera — I think that’d go over very well.

    • Joanna

      Yeah that anime question had me scratching my head. I ended up putting “I don’t care” since it looked like that was the neutral answer…and it was weird that they didn’t have a story option.

      Well, either way, if this get Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side over here, I will be ecstatic!! (Those playtests by Jenni really made me want the game).

      • Wand of Fortune (one of the IF games mentioned in the survey) has a little Tokimemo element to it, since you have to boost Lulu’s magic elements to win over certain guys.

        I hope Aksys decides to go for it (and go for Wand of Fortune XD). If the gamble pays off, maybe we’ll seen an official English TMGS DS release.

  • Joanna

    That’s for telling us about this Siliconera staff!
    Took the survey and hope we get an otome game over here. Aksys has my support for anything on the DS, PS3, or Wii as I only own those three.

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