First Details Of Nintendo 3DS Online Services

By Ishaan . September 29, 2010 . 2:36pm

For some time now, Nintendo have been talking up the Nintendo 3DS’s online features. If you need to get caught up on some of the features and changes they’re introducing to their online service for the 3DS, keep reading.





One of the primary concerns Nintendo had while developing an online service for the 3DS was the relatively poor response to WiiWare and DSiWare, which they believe is primarily due to lackluster presentation, inaccessibility, and a lack of word of mouth.


Part of the solution they’ve formulated for the Nintendo 3DS is combining the features of the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel and the Shopping Channel. This means you’ll now see demos, videos and full game downloads in the same space, which they hope will generate cross-promotion across all three.


Moving from one screen to another has also been sped up. The goal here is to facilitate window shopping, even if someone who’s browsing the store doesn’t have a particular product in mind. The 3DS portable virtual console, however, sounds like it will have its own section.



Passive Online Features:


In addition to the “Tag Mode” (StreetPass mode), the Nintendo 3DS also features what is called a “SpotPass” mode. This feature allows the 3DS to search for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots while it’s in sleep mode. Once connected, it accesses free downloadable content, online rankings, ghost data and so on.


Naturally, for this feature to be of any use, you’d require numerous compatible hotspots across a wide range of locations for the system to find. Nintendo are taking the initiative by converting DS Stations across over 1,000 game retailers in Japan into SpotPass hotspots.


Additionally, McDonald’s in Japan will also play into the goal of increasing the number of SpotPass hotspots for your 3DS to interact with. And finally, Nintendo are collaborating with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), which is the leading phone and Internet service provider in Japan to make their Wi-Fine public Wi-Fi service compatible with 3DS.


Starting from March 2011, Nintendo believe there will be over 2,000 locations across Japan where your 3DS will automatically be able to connect to the Internet, including train stations, caféterias, airports and fast-food chains.



Downloadable 3D Movies:


And finally, we come to the distribution of 3D-compatible video content, which is a feature which will also be complemented by SpotPass mode. Nintendo are working with the Nippon Television Network Corporation and with Fuji Television Network to facilitate the distribution of free, experimental 3D movies on 3DS.


Both TV stations will produce their original 3D films and distribute them free of charge using SpotPass mode. Nintendo hope this will help generate buzz around the 3D footage business on the system.

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  • I’m really curious to know whether part of Nintendo’s Online strategies is to finally give an account based system with downloadable games tied to said account, and maybe a system to add and find friends by account/system rather than friend codes. I’m surprised they just don’t let us tie in our information with Club Nintendo accounts, seems like that would be pretty spiffy.

  • malek86

    “Part of the solution they’ve formulated for the Nintendo 3DS is combining the features of the Everybody’s Nintendo Channel and the Shopping Channel.”You’re doing it wrong, Nintendo. If people didn’t go to either one, putting them together won’t do much good. What you should do is, create a service that actually encompasses the whole platform. Kinda like how the Dashboard and XMB (especially the Dashboard, you start the console and you immediately get sent to the “featured” slide) are basically just a part of their respective online services. That would have the double advantage of making the system harder to crack and making people aware of the online.

    Of course, that’s assuming they can even do a proper online service at all. Don’t let me down, Nintendo.

  • Window shopping is actually pretty hard to do on a console system Ive found. “Window Shopping” is perhaps what I do for Amazon where I just go on amazon and look. Nintendo needs for that store/shopping channel to instead have some compelling daily deal type thing, something to get us to log onto it everyday or something. Compared to the PSN, people are at least logging onto it, or seeing a bulliten for it at least twice a week, due to the Videoupdate being on a different day than the gaming ps store update, and there is compelling content and weekly deals and freebies.

    The other features Im assuming will be Japan specific…what retailer or company would Nintendo here get for free wifi service…there are still not that many places that even offer free wifi, they are growing but not as numerous as Im figuring the Japan deals is making it.

    3D Footage? Why not just go with getting deals for regular content from regular tv networks overthere for TV shows and movies…lost potential right there.

    Decent but none of these features really justify the high cost as “analysts” claim.

    • Joanna

      “Why not just go with getting deals for regular content from regular tv networks overthere for TV shows and movies…lost potential right there.”

      Probably because actual TV shows are expensive. Cable isn’t free after all. If it’s about promotions, I guess they could show a episode or two, but it would not be in the tv providers and content makers interest to provide all the content for free.

      So why are the movies free? From the way the movies are described, these will be indie movies (experimental is a dead giveaway) and probably a sort of testing ground for the companies involved. Of course Nintendo probably did pay something for them to agree, but it’s much less expensive than purchasing prime content that airs on cable.

  • MarkMario

    How these things will work out in other countries I would like to here.

  • In the U.S… Nintendo should partner with Netflix for the 3D Movies.

    • I think netflix is a pretty good idea for just movies in general and such.

    • They already made deals, or at least in talks, with Dreamworks, Warner Bros, and Disney.

  • Get rid of the “account tethered to system so if your Wii dies you have to repurchase everything” structure and follow Steam and PSN’s approach.

    • Joanna

      Yeah I agree. I’ve got a younger brother, who will probably also be getting a 3DS and I’d like both of these to be linked to an account so that we can both play games we buy. What Malek said is also really great idea.

      I would also be pretty cool if VC titles could be transfered between Wii and 3DS (also like Sony’s PS Classics). I’m a sucker for portable gaming. xD

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