Crush Enemies With Columns And Crumbling Bridges In The Last Story

By Spencer . October 4, 2010 . 11:10am

imageWe heard a bit about The Last Story’s battle system which involves Elza using his gathering ability to draw enemies away from magic users.


Gpara explains in a hands-on report, the C button activates gathering which sends out a blue light from Elza’s right hand. During the demo, Elza had to use the gathering ability to steer enemies away from Yuris who takes tens of seconds to cast a spell. Elza automatically attacks with his sword, but players can control where he moves with the nunchuck and evade enemy attacks with the A button.


Elza also has a bowgun, which he can use to shoot faraway targets like enemy healers in the Nintendo conference demo. When equipped with his bowgun, Elza can hide behind objects.


Background objects are more than cover points. Yuris’ spells can make columns and crumbling bridges collapse and kill any enemies lying underneath.


Further in the demo, the Gpara writer met up with Quark and Seiren, two other mercenaries, before facing a giant boss. Regular monsters appeared in this fight too so Elza had to use his gathering ability to keep them away from Yuris.  The boss monster was capable of doing rapid fire wide range attacks, so the evade move was useful here.


Gpara’s impressions of the game sound positive. The reporter called the auto-attack system refreshing and felt that the gathering system was an important part of combat.


The Last Story comes out in Japan on January 27, 2011.

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  • hadjimurad

    sounds interesting. i’m definitely happy to hear of strategic elements. i need these in action-y rpgs to temper my realtime suckiness.

  • I’m really excited to hear about the no attack button the article seems to imply. Giving the player only the ability to monitor movement and evasive actions as well as only Elza’s outlet for attacks makes the game have a sort of omnipresence, a bit like how in the Sims you couldn’t control what the character cooked, only that they did cook. I also wonder whether those destructible bridges are one-time only, or if the environment will “refresh” itself once you leave, which might imply respawning enemies, which I hope doesn’t happen in this game. I really want this game to rock !

  • Aoshi00

    I can’t wait for this game, so much I just started replaying Blue Dragon yesterday (reminds me again the game was much better than the subsequent crappy anime/manga), the Gooch rocks :) Siren is so pretty w/ her tattoo… 1/27 sounds so far away..

  • Joanna

    Interesting. I would love to see a video of all this in motion.

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