She’s The Last Dragoon From Final Fantasy Legends

By Spencer . October 4, 2010 . 10:17am

imageFollowing in the footsteps of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness is a throwback to the Super Nintendo Final Fantasy games. Instead of re-using old characters Final Fantasy Legends has an all-new cast including a dragoon.


The lady in the picture is Barbara and she is the focal point of one of the game’s light scenarios. Her chapter, "The Last Dragoon", tells what happened to Barbara years after the dragoon village was annihilated by airships. Barbara grew up in the wild raised by wyverns.


In battle, Barbara has the signature dragoon command, jump, and attacks like fire breath.


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  • jarrodand

    DSiWare port plz!

  • hadjimurad

    wiiware too plz! barbara looks sweet.

  • thebanditking

    Dammit S-E I hate you and your silly cell phone games (that would be cool on real systems).

  • This reminds me, I need to play After Years someday.

    • Joanna

      Same here. I’m thinking of picking it up after I finish IV.

  • joesz

    finally a female dragoon.too bad this game is currently phoney.

    • Freya, though she’s femrat.

      • joesz

        lol! exactly.

  • Letiumtide

    Since we did get the After Years, there is a chance that we’ll get this ported. It’s about 50% less since it’s not directly related to an existing game, but I’d still say there is actually a chance that we could get it in some form.

  • Another dull Final Fantasy game not worth playing, how tragic.

    Is this 1994? Didn’t the world of video games evolve at some point? Has SE ever heard of 3D graphics, voice acting, cutscenes, and not reusing a style of RPG design that became antiquated in the Clinton administration? Is this some kind of experiment to see how much game they can make for a $1.50?

    • SolidusSnake

      No, they’ve never heard of 3D graphics, voice acting, or cutscenes. Final Fantasy 7-13 were all an ILLUUUUUUUUUUUSION!

    • ironic that they’re games that weren’t 3D and fully voiced were the best and most fun i’d ever had with a game

    • Code

      *cracks knuckles* What you got against 1994? Last I checked 1994 was when a marvelous little game called Final Fantasy VI came out. Which as far as I’m concerned I’d take any day over all of the 3D/Voice Acted Final Fantasy games. Sure they are all nice things, but in all honest those 3D graphics, voice actors, and cut scenes, haven’t exactly been working so hot for Square lately any ways. BRING ON THE PIXELS!

      • I love pixels. And personally I’d be much happier if this looked like 1994, but it looks more like 1991 to me. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but I’d just love it if Square Enix tried to make something new in 2D that’s as ambitious and polished as FFVI.

    • raymk

      Uh you are aware that this game is for fans of FF IV. Square also makes almost everthing in 3D so what are you talking about. There’s plenty out there.

  • Hours

    WiiWare/DSiWare/PSN port in English please.

    I really enjoyed The After Years and would love to play this game.

    P.S. Barbara looks nifty.

  • What a cheap way to make a game…

    It really shows a sad stagnant reality.

    — And yet, I’m interested. Hahaha.

    • raymk

      How so this is a wiiware title and last time i checked it was for the fans. You act like square hasn’t made big budget titles along side this you know games like kingdomhearts,FF XIII etc.

  • Alrai

    I’m interested and seriously hope this gets ported somehow, but…I gotta admit, I wish the graphics were better. I mean, it just seems a waste of an aesthetic which I’m really digging in these character designs.

    …I dunno. I guess I just wish Square had a middle ground between ‘expansive and expensive 3D’ and ‘retro sprites straight from 1990something’ that they explored more often.

  • Who’s the mastaaa?!
    SHO ‘NUFF!

    The journey now before you is the final test.
    You’ve learned your lesson well.
    I can teach you no more!

  • Joanna

    I love the character design and I like the wild warrior type, so I’m already intrigued. I hope they eventually port this somewhere, but I’d prefer DSWare (and Minis for PSP owners) for the portable experience.

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