Galgun Looks As Crazy As It Sounds

By Spencer . October 6, 2010 . 1:42am

Taking a departure from dating sims, Alchemist has an on-rails shooter for Xbox 360 where you control a guardian angel protecting a boy from swooning girls so he can find true love. That’s Galgun in a nutshell.


This trailer gives us a look at Galgun’s gameplay where players shoot pheromones at 60 types of girls leaping from cover to confess their love to Tenzou.



Inti Creates, the studio that made the Mega Man Zero games and more recently Mega Man 10, is developing Galgun. The game is slated for winter in Japan.

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  • dusk

    Did I hear it correctly? 3D glasses?

  • Aoshi00

    This just got added to my import list in add. to DDP DFK/Dream Club Zero/Catherine/Last Story… *sigh* too many games indeed… I was wondering if this could be on Kinect, but the control might not be accurate enough..

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      If this were on Kinect, you’d have to blow kisses out to the girls to hit them! XD

      • Aoshi00

        Grabby grabby :) Nah, too much like a child molester :(..

  • malek86

    I don’t think this will be too good without a light-gun, but I guess they at least get points for the originality.

  • fermented

    This is absolutely hilarious. I think I just found a reason to get 360, and not just for the Cave shmups, better versions of multi-platform games, and the overall better online experience.

    But to play this game I can’t just get any 360, I’d have to get a Japanese 360. Ahh forget it…

    • Code

      Yeahhh, if you wanna play shmups you’ll want a Japanese 360, which from my experience so far is surprisingly difficult. As far as better versions of multiplatform games, pretty much a game-by-game bases I think, although I figure overall 360 does have better luck with it’s releases. Although better online I think also really is highly debatable, I think a lot of people seem to confuse “cross-game” chat with better online. At least from my experience playing the same game on both systems, as well as multiple different games, online was absolutely identical in quality between both systems. Although if your a shmup fan 360 does have very-very nice scoreboards, all very unified and stable between games, something I wish PS3 would handle better.

      • malek86

        At least from my experience, the PSN downloads are far slower and less stable than the XBL ones, although that may depend on other issues (but I don’t understand what it could be, since they are both connected via wi-fi to the same router).

        • Code

          Less stable, as in it drops downloads? I’ve never had either system drop downloads, but I will say I’ve noticed a few demos on the 360 download faster compared to there PS3 counterparts, but most things are pretty samey when it comes to download speed from what I’ve seen.

          Not sure what’s going on with your PS3/Router, but it might be a compatibility issue between them, my previous router and PS3 sometime had spats, where it’d lose it’s connection then I couldn’t find the router via the PS3, despite having 3 other systems all currently connected to it fine. When that router died and I switched to another router (same company too) for whatever reason the problems between the PS3/Router completely vanished.

          • malek86

            Demo and stuff downloads don’t usually drop, but I’ve had some random log-outs, and I nearly always have to update via USB because the firmware just won’t download until the end.Maybe the problem is that the wi-fi adapter on the 360 has an external antenna, while the PS3 one is only internal. They are about the same distance to the router, so the antenna probably helps a bit.

          • Code

            Really that seems more like an individual case then if it goes as far as having to download firmware on a stick. Hmm internal or external shouldn’t make “much” difference honestly.

      • fermented

        I think PSN is great for a free service. There are 2 things that I feel make XBL better for me, one being that there are more players on XBL which means more competition, and the second being that most players on XBL use wired connections since the older 360s don’t have built in Wifi.

        Wifi adds input delay to otherwise good connections, which is not good for competitive fighting games that are heavily reliant on the timing of your button inputs, especially since fighting games are played online via peer to peer connections rather than a connection to a server.

        • Code

          Yeah see the game I used to gauge PSN/XBL was Blazblue, and I play Tao >w<' so I'm instantly going to notice any delay or quarks, what with having to deal with all the aerial chains. I ultimately felt absolutely no difference between PSN/XBL, you'd get bad matches sometimes on them both obviously, but not really on one any more then the other, there isn't really what I'd call a consistent difference between them.

          I will agree 360 would have more wired connections which at least would mean more people would have "potentially" have better connections. Although honestly I felt like there was less players on the the 360 version, but I that probably has more to do with BB not being as hot on 360.

  • Aww, this isn’t the clip from the announcement with the presenter who was stunned into incredibly uncomfortable-looking silence.

    They seriously blindsided that poor woman!

    • Code

      Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a look that stomach-turningly-uncomfortable!

    • Aoshi00

      Nice, I like the girl who voices the bunny-eared girl, cute :)

  • nyoron

    Now all they have to do is change the pheromone shooter to a real gun and they can sell it in America.

    • goronyan

      you forgot to turn the girls into bishoujo zombies

      • M’iau M’iaut

        That would need to wait for the $15 “Undead Moe” DLC pak with extra school maps!!!

        • I wouldn’t put it past them since they opened that zombie maid cafe recently.

  • This, my friends, revolutionizes FPS games. It will replace buzz cut space marines fighting aliens sooner.

  • Ahahahaha, I want to play that! xD

  • Sakurazaki


    The beginning of that trailer was unexpected… and someone walked in when it played…

    Yup, negative feedback.

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