XSEED Blog – Oktoberfest Holiday Report

By Jessica Chavez - Editor . October 6, 2010 . 1:31pm


Greetings unsuspecting readers.


I am Jessica Chavez, an Editor at XSEED Games, and Siliconera has foolishly granted me space on their site to ramble on about things marginally related to the products we put out.


If you can make it past this introduction, I promise you that you will find in-game secrets/localization-related chicanery, insider tell-alls of Oktoberfest and possibly some amusing doodles of our day-to-day struggles with office printer, DP-MCW210 B/W. I may even disclose what’s in the company mini-fridge, but I make no promises.


For the first post on this mini-blog I’d like to talk about dedication to the ‘craft’ and a recent pledge XSEED made to the fans. A few days ago, on our Twitter account, we declared:


“[Promise to the Fans] In order to bring RPG fans the most accurate tavern NPC dialogue possible, XSEED will be attending Oktoberfest. Steins in hand, we go the extra mile.” (@XSEEDGames)


We at XSEED are always looking for ways to improve our localization efforts, so for more accurate/faithful renderings of niche RPGs, for the fans, and for great justice, away we went…



We learned some useful tidbits from our completely non-scientific (and somewhat sacrificial, at least in terms of brain cells lost) research trip to Oktoberfest. Let me share with you our findings and how they may affect our future localizations of tavern NPC dialogue.


1. “Glug” and “Gulp,” the most commonly used drinking sounds, are in reality more like “Nnnghk” and “Gggghhgggghnnn…snork.” Expect to see these in our future games.


2. The most common phrases heard in a drinking setting were not, in fact, “Barkeep, another round!” or “*hic*,” but “Where did my bratwurst go?” and “Hey, I’m not done drinking your beer yet.”


3. Joyful declarations overheard at Oktoberfest that may soon make an appearance in an in-game tavern near you are, “I drank so fast it came out my nose!” and “This beer makes you look good!”


4. The sound of despair when someone knocks over your freshly purchased beer lies somewhere between a howl and a sob. (We’re still mulling over the exact spelling of such an utterance.)


5. In a nod to the ever-present depressed NPC sitting in a corner lost in his personal tragedies, a fellow editor at another company noted that his beer tasted of “Dirty, dirty shame.”


And in a wholly unrelated to localization observation…


6. Many members of Aksys games can be identified by their fashionable glasses, NISA always has a large contingent of beautiful women, and XSEED wins the spirit prize for having the most people willing to do the chicken dance.


So, what does this mean for our current games? Well, Ys: The Oath in Felghana’s already wrapped up, but I’ve been assured that NPC Randolph shall slur convincingly and meander verbally through other unpronounceable NPC names. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is still underway, however, so expect a couple of choice lines to sneak their way in, and if you know any of the game characters well, I’m sure you’ll guess who is referred to as “Booze-Sponge.”


Next time on XSEED’s mini-blog: I will answer any localization/game questions you may have and reveal what’s in the mini-fridge. Also, feel free to submit any ideas for what you want to see in the blog. If left to my own devices, I will probably continue to wax poetic about random office/Trails in the Sky stuff and you’ll have to wait ‘til Tom (our translator extraordinaire and Falcom fanboy) to hear some really juicy Ys game stuff.




Jessica Chavez is a localization expert with a predilection for exaggerated statements and wearing expressive boxes on her head. For two years she has been an Editor at XSEED Games and is personally responsible for insinuating that the Knight in Half-Minute Hero did something inappropriate with a duck.

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  • WonderSteve

    It’s really cool you guys did limited edition for Lunar and Ys.

    Are there any plans for limited edition for LoE: Trails in the Sky trilogy?

    Also how did this partnership between XSEED and Falcom initiated?

    • Draparde

      I had also wondered if there would be a limited edition for trails in the sky, i’d so buy it if there was…(though im going to buy it day 1 regardless)

  • Kacho_ON

    This better end with an announcement of Retro Game Challenge 2.
    seriously, please. Just let the voice over guy at home to save money, and use that money to rent ad space for advertisements. yes? please?

    • kupomogli

      I second Retro Game Challenge 2. How good the first one was plus the fact that the DS is lacking in the games department as of late. Day one purchase if it’s announced.If there was a deal struck with Falcom to localize the other untranslated Ys games, maybe Falcom could make a Ys Collection with the best versions(release it in Japan, XSeed localizes it to the US?) That’d also be awesome. Ys Book 1 and 2(TG16CD,) Ys3(both TG16CD and PS2,) Ys4(TG16CD,) and Ys5.

  • sdragon21

    2 questions:
    1. How do you decide on which games to localize and which ones to leave alone???
    2. Could you Please, Please, PLEASE try to bring Super Robot Taisen L for the DS Stateside???

    • Judo

      Forget it, any traditional SRW that has anime shows in it is just too much of a legal mess to bring outside of Japan. The only games that have any chance of getting a stateside release are the OG games.

      So if you want to ask them to bring SRW stateside, then ask for OG games that haven’t been released there, like OGs, OG Gaiden and the Lord of Elemental. I’m still hoping that someone would pick up OGs and OG Gaiden, maybe release them as a bundle or port them to the Wii like what they did with Sakura Taisen.

      • Peytral

        I think the problem with OGs is the sheer amount of voice acting in it. I don’t think Sony would let anybody localize it without fully dubbing the dialogue, which would be a costly endeavor in relation to the amount of copies that would probably end up being sold.

        Not to mention the fact that Namco Bandai gets really territorial over the games they own for some reason.

  • epiphaniesarefun

    I love the xseed blogs :)

    They always guarantee a smile and a laugh :P

    Keep up the good work!

  • Oh snaps, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is still coming!!! Awesome

  • I’d love to have video evidence of the chicken dance

  • Just LOL!Keep up the good work and moos Xseed!

  • Ereek

    Oh, this is interesting! So this blog will become a Siliconera regular series?

    As for questions. . .

    I know XSEED is a small company without many employees. Is it overwhelming at times trying to split the effort between you? Especially now that you have so many projects going on at once and your popularity is rising on the niche gamer front?

    Hmm, as for what to talk about, I’d like to hear about some of the challenges you face, both with your fans and in work on a day-to-day basis.

    • That’s the plan. But don’t expect it to be a weekly column or anything. They’ll be writing stuff up whenever they can. :)

  • Kevin_Levin

    Interesting read :). Like the hints of new localizations with this blog

  • malek86

    “I will answer any localization/game questions you may have and reveal what’s in the mini-fridge”

    Oh, I’d like a Brandish myself. Shaken, not stirred.


  • I was wondering how many Legend of heroes IV series Xseed is going to release next year? Isit all 3 of them? Although I’d prefer if they go for FC and SC then to Zero no kiseki before the 3rd Legend of heroes IV. Since, its more or less like a spin off for side characters..

    Anyway, how long does it take for one game to be completely translated?

    • As far as I know all 3 games has lots and lots of text. Second chapter has the most of all 3 and even comes with 2 UMDs making it almost impossible to release all three in 2011. Also hey Xseed, make a contract with Carpe Fulgur to locallize Fate/Extra please? I know you can’t spare any more translators but CF are interested in Fate/Extra and they are superb translators. :)

    • I’m with Eidenyaku, and we were working on translating Sora no Kiseki FC before XSEED announced it. (We’re not anymore, obviously.) Sora no Kiseki’s script is roughly 55,000 strings of text. Keep in mind that a string =/= one line. A single string can be the name of a character, an entire set of dialogue from a character, or the entire text of a book found ingame.

      Then take into mind that SC (and 3rd, I believe) both have more text than FC.

  • I would like to know if XSEED have plans to realease Ys Vs Sora no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki on North America.

    • Peytral

      As far as I know, if Sora no Kiseki sells well, then they’re almost guaranteed to. Well, Zero no Kiseki at least.

      Except we probably won’t see them until about 2015.

      It’ll give Jess time to recover from the trauma of having to translate all three Sora no Kisekis, lest she begin inserting random gibberish into the games from a breaking mind.

  • Icon

    Hi Jess,

    Since XSEED has a publishing partnership with Marvelous, is it possible that Deadly Premonition could finally see its PS3 version come over to America? Ignition brought the 360 version over here, but somehow forgot that it was a multi-platform game. Over in Europe, Rising Star announced they would sell the 360 version as well. Why is the PS3 version staying in Japan? I’d love to see it. Please drop some kind of a hint!

  • I want to go to NISA >8D.

    I have a question, how did you guys managed to make Rune Factory Frontier’s girls singing so freaking great AND KEEPING IT FOR YOURSELVES D:!, that song can easily stick to my head, and is a drag to just hear it running around in Rune Factory’s last boss… Also, i love you, marry me, i want to have Atlus, NISA and Aksys as wives

    • Peytral

      I think we all want to marry Jess.

  • Hours

    Obligatory Retro Game Challenge 2 request please. I need it in my life.

    Also, I’m crazy excited for the Trails in the Sky series.

  • Souji Tendou

    @Jessica Chavez: Localize Tales of Graces please….? I know Xseed already tried it before but, maybe the next time you ask them those idiots from Namco will finally lets you localize the game.I’m desperate, I know. -_-

    • Maybe Radiant Mythology 2 and 3 too?

      • Souji Tendou

        Seeing how badly RM (1) sells, I doubt they will even think of localizing the 2nd one.

        But hey, I’m with you. Nothing better than playing Tales games in english.

  • Peytral

    Jess is still my hero. What an amazing editor.

  • Peytral

    Jess is still my hero. What an amazing editor.

    Woops, didn’t realize that it posted twice. My bad.


    Yeah that’s it.

  • I want to see number 2 and 3 in the next Half-Minute Hero.

    Also, is it weird that I see XSEED as Atlus USA #2?

    • Joanna

      I feel like XSEED are now Atlus, or at least what Atlus used to represent. I’ve been so disappointed with Atlus lately. I mean they are still a great company (EOIII preorder bonus was nice), but I’m disappointed that they won’t release the final game in a trilogy, I’m talking about Luminous Arc 3. It’s the last game, why leave fans hanging like that. ):

  • Serge73

    I thoroughly enjoy all the Xseed games I’ve played so far. I hope there are DS and/or 3DS announcements ahead!

  • Retro Game / Game Center CX question – not one asking if 2 is coming (although, you can scratch me down on that as well ;)

    On the back of the booklet of Retro Game Challenge there was an announcement of the original Japanese TV series that the game was based on. The last part of it read “Coming soon to the US?!”.

    Was/are there any plans for that originally? Can we still expect to see it in any way?

    I know that series was trying hard to be pitched internationally (they even tried doing that in one episode), and even an article here on Siliconera mentioned about a premier that happened in New York that had an English dubbed narrator.

    So…uh, Kacho on?
    And I’ll pour one down for homeboy, Oni King.

  • Joanna

    Is it possible for you to localize Luminous Arc 3 (since you appear to have a good relationship with Marvelous)? Or is the fact that Atlus trademarked the name a problem?

    I understand that localization begging probably isn’t the thing to do, but I’ve really enjoyed both 1 and 2 of the series and I would love to have 3 as well.

    And like someone else asked, I’d love to know how games are chosen for localization. It’s something I’ve always been curious about.

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