Red Wii Includes Special Version Of Super Mario Bros.

By Spencer . October 7, 2010 . 1:08am

imageOn top of two limited edition Nintendo DSis, there’s a red Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary Wii. This console includes one Wii Remote Plus (a remote with Wii Motion Plus built in), nunchuck, and console all in red plus standard accessories such as a sensor bar, AV cables, stand, and a cleaning cloth for 20,000 yen ($242).


Each console also comes with 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros. installed on the system. This special version of Super Mario Bros. has design changes, but it’s unclear what those are other than "25" blocks replacing question mark blocks.


image image

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  • Er I think Nintendo is going a bit all out on this 25th anniversary of Mario, I just dont understand why they need to do all this hooplah and stuff over it.

    • I think the fact that Mario is the most famous game character of all time and that he’s been around for 25 years might have a little bit to do with it :P

  • Oh look, there’s that red Wii I was holding out hope for back in 2005. And it’s a limited edition for Japan only. Who could have guessed?

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and Nintendo will release a plain red DSi outside of Japan for Mario’s anniversary though. (Assuming the Mario-themed one won’t make it since it’s a 7-11 exclusive…which is cool with me.)

    • keyboy7

      you should really have learned by know, despite all the Japanese pleasantries, the really and truly don’t give two s**ts about north America.

      the tales series has proved that to me….harshly < : (

      • Goodness! I must respectfully but firmly disagree.

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Since when did Nintendo start running Namco-Bandai?

        • keyboy7

          what? they dont, i was talking about Japanese developers period

          • Tom_Phoenix

            If anything, I am starting to think that Japanese companies are becoming a little too infatuated with the West. Look at the newest Devil May Cry, Castlevania, Nier and all the recent Capcom games…they have become almost carbon copies of their Western counterparts.

            There is nothing wrong with taking a few tips from Western designers, but it seems to me like Japanese games are increasingly losing their distinct identity and flavour.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Nier was hardly “Western”.

  • YoFace

    Looks cool, but I’m still happy with my Black Wii console. And I know how long I waited for THAT to come out.

  • Jellybit

    Strange. The question mark block is probably what most people think of second after Mario himself when thinking of SMB1. It’s so iconic. So they give the biggest fans of SMB1 (the people who’d buy this special edition console) the game they love without that iconic symbol. Seems really odd.

  • RAVENKam

    Considering I’ve been on the fence over whether or not to finally buy a Wii (oh I’ve been sitting here a long time!), this might be the final push…if this awesome colour gets a release in Europe.

    • Apart from Naruto and Mario Strikers Charged, you havent missed much on the Wii…

      • krokounleashed

        MadWorld, No More Heroes 1+2, Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy 1+2, Muramasa?

        • Kaishounashi

          None of them. Monster Hunter Tri.

          • What, but then there is another Monster Hunter coming to the PSP, so missing Monster Hunter Tri isnt a loss at all.

        • Joanna

          Let’s not forget New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wario Land: Shake it, Klonoa Trauma Team, Sakura Wars: So long My Love (although it’s available on PS2, I haven’t seen that version at all), Little King’s Story, Crystal Bearers, Fragile, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Plus there are some PS2 ports if you happened to miss out on the games: Okami (I haven’t played my copy yet so I don’t know just how bad the controls are. I’ve heard everything from unplayable -to- fine) and Phantom Brave come to mind.

          I’d say Wii is good system to own if you like platformers. Since it has Mario, Wario, Klonoa and Ivy the Kiwi. Not to mention Lost in Shadow, Kirby, and Donkey Kong, all platformers, are coming out soon for Wii.

          • Yes! like I said not missing much. Your list includes a ton of titles that were gimmicky, underperformed, bland, or just downright unoriginal and boring. PS2 ports? seriously.

          • Joanna

            uh, thanks for disregarding my final statement and most of the games I listed. Out of the 11 games I listed, only 3 of them were PS2 ports. :|
            If anything, I’d say Trauma Team/Trauma Center, Little King’s Story, and Fire Emblem do not deserve to be dismissed, those three are really great games and in no way ” gimmicky, bland, or just downright unoriginal and boring”.

            I only mentioned those three PS2 ports as an aside. Like if you missed out on them, there are also these PS2 ports. They are definitely not the reason one should get a Wii. Likewise, in your reply to krokounleashed, you dismiss SMG as “bland, unoriginal, and just plain dull compared with SM64.” I disagree and think it’s a great game and the fact that most gamers and game sites think the game is also great means chances are RAVENKam would enjoy the game so long as s/he enjoys the action-platformer genre.

            Furthermore, you totally disregarded my conclusion that Wii is a great system to own if one likes platformers plus a few helpings of other genres. Honestly, I don’t get why you are being all defencive about this and refuse to admit the Wii has some really great games.

        • Madworld was like 3 hours long and is like only 9.99$ new, NMH1 fun but is cheap so I have to question the quality (yes I own it), NMH2? Well NMH1 is on the PS3/X360 so maybe the 2nd one is too, they may be localized so passing on the Wii is possible. SMG1 and 2 were just bland, unoriginal, and just plain dull compared with SM64, so nothing there. Smash Bros Brawl? Well if we were in 2008 maybe, but in 2010, the game is as dead as a fish on the dry land in the middle of the Mojave desert on the Summer Solstice. There are people who havent bought a single Wii game since Brawl and reverted back to Melee; one might as well wait for Smash Bros 3DS. Muramasa is getting an HD version, so one can pass up the Wii in that regard.

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