Tenjho Tenge Re-Licensed For North America

By Ishaan . October 9, 2010 . 6:20pm


Following the closure of DC’s CMX manga imprint, one of the questions on the minds of fans was what would happen to the series they had licensed, including Tenjho Tenge.


At the time, DC co-publisher, Jim Lee, hinted that Dark Horse had expressed interest in licensing CMX’s properties. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out. In a recent episode of Anime News Network’s ANNCAST podcast, Michael Gombos, the director of Asian licensing at Dark Horse, revealed that another company had beaten them to grabbing the publishing rights to Tenjho Tenge in the U.S.


CMX had published 18 of 22 volumes of the series before being closed. No other publisher has announced publishing rights to the series as of yet.

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  • Well it will be interesting to see what transpires of this. And if whoever did grab the rights that they do bring all volumes out. (worst fans to be left out with 4 volumes undone)

  • Arcm

    I kind of hope they start all over and release it uncensored .I REALLY hope it’s Yen press since they keep the color openings in their book releases. Especially, since Tenjho Tenge has some awesome color illustrations.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Yen is nice, but it takes them fooorrreeevvveerr to release some stuff that’s long since been finished in Japan.

      • Arcm

        I 100% agree with you Sumomo Momomo, Nabari No Ou, and while not finished Soul Eater has like 4 to 5 months between volume releases. Ugh

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Yup, everyone’s gone back to the release em when we get ‘around to it’, street dates are meaningless days of BEFORE the popularity and crash. Find a middle ground somewhere, guys, please.

  • GVmanX

    Viz seems likely, since they’re a US branch of Shueisha and all…

    • SolidusSnake

      Seems kinda racy for viz, no?

      • I guess it would go on the Viz Sig line if it were them. But I doubt its Viz to be honest.

      • GVmanX

        Maybe, but Viz gets first dibs on Shueshia stuff, and Viz is smart enough to know that, if they release this uncensored, they’ll get a ton of money from sales.

      • Joanna

        Not really, it’s a matter of which line the release it under, like Yousuke said. They tend to release the more mature stuff under the signature line or the editor’s choice line. The only down side is those tend to be priced higher.

        I also think the translators attached to these lines do a more faithful job and there is less censorship. So I guess people should cross their figures that if it is Viz, they release it under the Signature line or Editor’s Choice and not any of the shounen imprints.

        • SolidusSnake

          They’ve released more graphic stuff like Golgo 13 (great mango btw) under the signature line, but I don’t see Tenjho fitting in with the rest of those titles since it’s more “fanservicey.” It’s just not the kind of title I associate with viz, even in their signature line.

          Not that it really matters, as long as the new license holder releases it uncensored there will be plenty of happy readers.

          • Joanna

            Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m not too familiar with this series. ^^;;;

            I guess they won’t use the Signature line for this one then, but they could still use Editor’s Choice since that one seems to have less adult manga and it serves as a sort of “we don’t know where to fit it in” manga imprint.

  • Guest

    If they don’t reprint with the original uncensored versions from the beginning I’m going to continue to hold out from buying.

    • Bomb a head to support this statement.

  • kylehyde

    Really good news to me, but will be a lot better if they reprint it uncensored.Tenjho Tenge is an really awesome manga, I really loved it, is true that sometimes the dialogue is kinda messy, but still was very enjoyable.

  • puchinri

    I just realized the irony in all the censoring of Tenjou Tenge, even though CMX belonged to DC (as if they don’t throw in tons of over the top violence, nudity, etc).

    But I hope Tenjou Tenge gets reprinted entirely, and none or at least very little censoring. And most importantly, I hope it gets translated well.

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