The Other Two New Characters In Phantom Brave Portable

By Spencer . October 14, 2010 . 12:14am

You may remember Nippon Ichi is bringing Phantom Brave to the PSP. This version has all of the extra content from the Wii re-release, Phantom Brave: We Meet Again, plus five extra characters.


In addition to Unloser Ranger, Hero Prinny, and Lord Zetta, which Nippon Ichi revealed earlier, Phantom Brave Portable has these two new characters:



image image



image image


You may remember Castille from Phantom Brave, but somehow she isn’t in a wheelchair in Phantom Brave Portable. Asagi, a running Nippon Ichi joke, makes an appearance in this game too.


Phantom Brave Portable comes out on October 28 in Japan.

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  • Kuza21

    ” Asagi, a running Nippon Ichi joke ”

    What joke?

    • A joke that she’s a secondary/cameo character instead of being the star of her own game.

    • I’m not even a big NIS fan and I know this…

  • Castille should be interesting for those conversations.

    1) How are you walking?

    2) How do you know Psycho Burgundy?

    3) How do I shot gun?

    Pretty sure the second question was supposed to be genetic or something but I was pretty sure they weren’t related that way. Maybe I’m mistaken.

  • It’s going to be a sad day when Asagi actually DOES get Makai Wars to call her own. They’ll be losing a great joke character :

    • glemtvapen

      Only for Asagi to find out she’s been replaced by another new character, making her go crazy (again) and become the antagonist….

  • Xeahnort

    I don’t figure that the PSP version will ever see a proper release outside of japan.Cough.. LaPucelle Ragnarok.. Cough

    • La Pucelle Ragnarok is a bit of a different situation– namely for the fact that it was liscenced by Mastiff, a completely different company, for it’s American release. Meaning that all voice actors as well are under them, so it’s not simple to port over Ragnarok to over here. NISAmerica would need to either manage to get the rights over the voices to use just the older dialogue, or hire a completely new cast.

      • make alot of sense

      • Methylene

        Hey, they managed to do it for Disgaea and Rhapsody…

        • Atlus and NISA also, from what I know, have a very very good relationship with each other, basically being the two largest niche game publishers/developers. It was probably a lot easier for NISA to grab Disgaea and Rhapsody back with little trouble about it– I think the only issue really was “The Invasion from Within” theme having to stay with Atlus, when NISA ported over Disgaea to the PSP and the DS.

  • j.

    They should have brought this over and left the Wii version Japan only. :/

  • Pichi

    I hope NISA brings this over and some of the other PSP games.

  • YAY~ Both Asagi and the Hero Prinny = Awesomeness beyond awesomeness.

  • raymk

    I guess i’ll pick this up since i didnt get the wii version. I don’t know how much they’ll add but asagi is a good start.

  • xNekux

    needs sum Mao and Raspberyl
    or were they already in the Wii one

    • Draparde

      the wii one had no new cameo’s from outside of the game as far as i know. only characters you couldent get before, that you can get now. and a new character made just for that version.


    It looks like Castille, from what I remember of things, is in her Makai Kingdom incarnation– since I know she’s an obtainable character in that, and she and Marona are supposed to be traveling trying to find her brother. I like that she’s available!

  • Draparde

    Wow, this game’s a buy for me (again) if they bring it to the US.

  • cmurph666

    No Mao?

  • i bought this game two times already… well hell its for Castile! yeah i’ll buy it again! That little girls has earn every Bordeaux.

    for castile!

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