Monster Hunter Diary Mobile Hits 1 Million Subscribers

By Ishaan . October 18, 2010 . 11:30am


Capcom’s recent PSP hit, MonHan Nikki Poka Poka Airu Mura — we’ll call this Monster Hunter Diary for the sake of everyone’s sanity — has not one, but two accomplishments under its belt.


The first is that it continues to sell a few thousand units steadily week after week since its release in August. The latest known numbers for the game put it at around 460,000 units sold as of two weeks ago — not quite as impressive as mainline Monster Hunter games, but that was never Monster Hunter Diary’s goal.


No, Capcom’s vision for the game involved introducing the series to Japanese players that had never played it before. While the mainline Monster Hunter games are a social craze amongst Japan’s game population, they’re also tuned to a very specific kind of appeal — an almost instinctive love for hunting, gathering and crafting. Diary was meant to introduce the franchise to a different demographic — women.


As of September, it seems to be working. About 50% of Monster Hunter Diary players on the PSP are female, an accomplishment Capcom call “unprecedented” for one of their games. But Diary is just one part of the expansion effort.


monhun_diary_mobile There exists a version of the game on Japan’s popular digital mobile gaming platform,  Mobage Town, titled Monster Hunter Diary Mobile. In a little over two weeks since its release, Monster Hunter Diary Mobile attracted around 500,000 subscribers to its free-to-play, pay-for-more service.


As of today, that number has grown to 1 million subscribers, comprising both Monster Hunter veterans, as well as new players. Capcom point to the game’s accessibility combined with an effective promotional campaign launched aside Monster Hunter Diary for PSP as the reason behind Diary Mobile’s success.


Capcom’s next major flagship title in the series, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, is scheduled for release on the PSP this December.

  • Joanna

    You know, I’ve always wonder how they know ~50% of the players are women. I mean, you’d have to sample a pretty board group to say that ~50% are women and not just, in this and this location, ~50% are women. Like for example, if they are doing it via online surveys, what kind of website. Is it frequented more by males or by females. If by location, just how are they able to apply one location over all of Japan. You know? I always have this mistrust of survey stats. They always seems too concentrated/specific to be able to generalize.

    Another thing to note is that men seem more embarrassed to admit to liking “girly” things than women are to admit they like “masculine” things. (I’ve even noticed Siliconera posters saying as much). It’s definitely a social sigma. So again, I question just how accurate that ~50% are women really is.

    I’m not bashing the stats, I’m just genuinely interested in how they are compiled. I think if I knew the way they received these stats, I would be more willing to concede them as reflecting the gaming make-up of Mon Hun Dairy. Although I do not deny this game probably did attract more female gamers, even I thought this game looked interesting and I haven’t really considered Mon Hun before. (although Ishaan, your play test of Tri did get me curious.)

    • It could be the information from the main Mobage-Town server. Since it’s a social network, users probably put their gender in their profiles.

      Edit: Darn it I forgot what was being stated that has 50% of female users. It could be Mobage-Town providing the survey though… maybe.

      • Joanna

        Hmm, that is possible but then they would be making the assumption that the mobile phone demographics can be carried over to the PSP, which is a lot worse than using small sample data. :/

        It would be perfectly fine if this was a claim about the mobile game, but the article states that “[a]bout 50% of Monster Hunter Diary players on the PSP are female”….so I’m still left scratching my head. ^^;;;

        • Just a hunch, but part of it could involve working with retailers to try and keep track. But that’s just my guess.

          • Joanna

            That does seem the most probable….but then I think about it and it strikes me as odd. Do the sales people keep a tally of what gender purchase the game or something? Seems like too much demand for retailers for no payoff or very little. And that would also not cover online retailers….sure they could try and match names into feminine and masculine categories, but again, seems like extra work for retailers with no payoff. I’m not sure what the laws in Japan are, but I would be shocked if personal information like one’s full name could be passed from online retailers to capcom for compiling data. So again, I’m sort of scratching my head and wondering where they got their numbers.

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