Cave Survey Asks What Games You Want On iPhone

By Ishaan . October 21, 2010 . 10:29am


In a recent interview we conducted with them, Cave told us that as far as portable systems go, the Nintendo 3DS isn’t part of their plans in the near future. The iPhone is, however, and an ongoing Cave survey illustrates how dedicated to the platform they are.


The survey begins by asking whether or not you own an i-Device, and whether you play games on it. If you don’t, you may as well not take the survey — the questions that follow make it obvious it isn’t directed at you. The survey then asks what price range you indulge in, as far as games as concerned.


A few questions later, Cave ask for your preferred iPhone control scheme for games, all of them touch-based. Another question asks whether or not you purchased Dodonpachi Resurrection, and what your reasons were if you didn’t. Did you have fun with it after you picked it up?


The next few questions focus on the controls, difficulty, length and price of the game. They also provide a text box for any suggestions you may have for future downloadable patches for it. It’s obvious that Cave are very eager to better understand their iPhone audience.


And finally, come two questions that Cave fans will no doubt like: “Tell us which CAVE games you would like to see ported to the iPhone (Multiple selections OK” and “Are there any game genres that you would like to see CAVE try on the iPhone?”


And yes, is on the list.

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  • Mushihime-tama and Uo Poko. Those are the only games of theirs that belong on a phone.

  • neo_firenze

    Even though ESP Ra.De. is a game I’d really love to see get ported, I DON’T want it on iOS. That to me would be a possible reason they wouldn’t release it on a real console with a real controller. If they guaranteed it would show up on XBLA and iOS that’s fine, but I don’t want them to have any reason to not port it to an actual console.

    I’d prefer something that’s already on 360 for a new iPod game. Mushihimesama Futari, maybe Pink Sweets? Leave me my 360 version for “serious” play, and have an iPod version with a system-specific remix mode for casual portable Cave shooting.

  • Mushihime and Deathsmiles (If it can be done)

  • I would like a trailer of any CAVE game being announced for its console (ps3/xbox 360) release. That’d make a good HQ video for the Iphone ;p

  • I think Cave needs to revisit their XBLA strategy. Basing consumer interest on their sales of Guwange will be erroneous at best. I am going to wager that most 360 owners have an HDTV. Guwange with NO filtering is going to be a little ugly to play. This game has some gorgeous art/sprites, but will get lost in resolution. Gamers will probably hear about this from all the major reviewers causing less than stellar sales. Since I assume Cave is trying to “branch out” with attempts like iOS development, they should also consider what they need to do to make their ports successful on XBLA.

    I agree with Excel-2010, those two games are the only suitable for iOS. Put the serious games on serious consoles with legitimate controls.

    • TrevHead

      Cave are just playing the game like most of the industry does. ie Most western fans want an localised version that plays well, but by releasing games in JPN and on the iphone, those who can will buy all 3 versions.
      Its the same as western publishers selling the console version while keeping PC gamers in the dark so that some will buy the console version, then 6-12 months down the line the enhanced PC version appears out of the blue with some gamers buying it even though they have the console version.

      Its worth remembering that cheap iphone ports is very good advertising for Cave who are trying break into the western market which by and large is snobbish and looks down at arcade shmups.

  • Day2Day

    Well actually Cave, My PS3 is weeping in the corner because it wants some shooters, too…

  • Aoshi00

    No iPod shmups for me thank you.. I tried playing the Espgaluda 2 demo on my friend’s the other day, it’s cool and all but the screen is too small for me..

  • I want any game that actually works on any “iPhone” not just 3GS/4. Thanks!

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