Over Half A Million Players Enrolled In Persona 3 Social

By Spencer . October 21, 2010 . 2:15pm

imageAtlus released Persona 3 Social a mere two months ago. Index Holdings announced today the free-to-play-but-pay-for-more take on Persona 3 has over 500,000 members.


As a comparison, Monster Hunter Diary Mobile reached the same number of players in two weeks. It’s a million Felyne fans strong now.


Persona 3 Social and Monster Hunter Diary Mobile uses Mobage Town, a mobile phone only social network in Japan, as a platform. Plans for a North American launch for either game have not been announced at this time.

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  • MemeticRichard

    People *really* shove their noses into anything that has “Persona 3” slapped on it.

    Which is damned hilarious considering both Persona 2 and Persona 4 to be superior games by so many lightyears it’s not even funny. Then again, it’s all about milking potential these days…

    • While i did like P4 better then fes, fes is definitely way better then EP

      • DDanny

        Better in what, combat? Yeah P2’s combat is quite boring and slow.
        But P3/4 being better than IS/EP in story and characters…?

        • The story in EP wasn’t that good bro, IS had a fine story, the gameplay wasn’t bad, but going through pretty much the whole thing over again in EP, getting the damned cards again, wasn’t as fun as you think it was. EP was an Ok game, but IS was a lot funner to me.

          I do like the P3 and P4 story a lot, so yes i do think they are both better then 2, Revelations can suck it.

        • Cucumber_man

          I’m glad the old SMT fans that call P3/4 abominations compared to the first 3 games always tactfully refrain from citing their terrible gameplay and battle system.To be honest, I’m not very fond of 3 either. Far too repetitve.

          I also don’t like how you say “combat” as if the games don’t revolve around it for like 75% of their duration.

    • I don’t know if that’s what’s happening here. I think it’s the Atlus and Persona brands that are selling this game, not just “Persona 3” by itself.

      • MemeticRichard

        You sure about that?

        *Persona 2*
        -Innocent Sin
        -Eternal Punishment
        -Swag & Toys

        *Persona 3*
        -Persona 3 Vanilla
        -Persona 3 FES
        -Persona 3 Portable
        -Persona 3 Social
        -Aegis: The First Mission
        -Persona -trinity soul-
        -Radio Dramas
        -WAY too much swag & toys

        *Persona 4*
        -Persona 4 Game
        -Some Toys & Swag

        I dunno about you, Ishaan, but I’m seeing something that’s strangely akin to a “pattern”, sort of, I think.

        • Feynman

          Yeah, Atlus is definitely milking Persona 3 as much as they can. Persona 4 was such a huge improvement over 3 in every possible way (not to mention how strong the Persona 2 games are) that this fixation on the third installment baffles me.

          • Cucumber_man

            The fixation on three is simply because it sold more then four. I agree that 4 is a much better game.

        • That isn’t what I mean. Yes, Persona 3 has more merchandise associated with it, and maybe that’s a direct result of the fact that it was sort of unprecedented when it was first released. Or maybe it’s just they feel it’s more exploitable for creative reasons.

          What I meant is, Persona 3 Social isn’t selling “just” because it’s P3. It’s also because Atlus are growing more recognizable and so is the Persona brand as a whole.

          • MemeticRichard

            …Nah. I…I really don’t think that’s the case. :/Yeah, definitely cause it’s Persona 3. I mean, statistics. Probability. It’s all mathematics.

            Persona 3 is the intelligent person’s Dynasty Warriors. And as such, it’ll cease to be intelligent very soon…

          • Feynman

            It’s true that Atlus and Persona have become more recognizable, but the vast majority of the gaming public focuses on Persona 3 specifically, so, that’s what Atlus is giving them. If it were just about the Persona brand as a whole, the game would be called “Persona Social.” But it’s called “Persona 3 Social,” and I think that’s pretty telling.

        • Using “Vanilla” is pretty stupid, the original Persona 3 is called Persona 3 bro, the others have Add-ons to their titles to tell them apart.

          Persona 3
          Persona 3: FES
          Persona 3 Portable.

          • Ereek

            This comment makes you sound very foolish. At this point, “Vanilla” is a slang term and he is using the term perfectly fine in reference to P3. Plain P3 definitely can be called vanilla and he is not the only person who uses it so.

            Games like Morrowind and Fallout 3 have Add-Ons to tell them apart, but the base version gets called vanilla. What’s the difference here? Or maybe you’re not familiar with PC terms?

          • I am familiar with the term Vanilla, but people have no reason to use the term “vanilla”, it sounds stupid, i get that he may be using it correctly, but he is joining all the other twits using it when they don’t need to.

            Persona 3 Vanilla sounds dumb
            It’s Persona 3 DAWGGY G
            “buuuuu people use it with morrowind”

            Hmm Morrowind, Morrowind GOTY, just call it Morrowind, same with Fallout 3 bro. There is no reason to shove the term “vanilla” in there trying to pretend you’re smart, it’s pointless.

          • MemeticRichard

            What the hell. You just completely, pointlessly repeated what I said, *and* sounded like a dick in the process.

            I’m confused…

        • Persona 3 was probably chosen because of the city and not really because “which was better”.

          In Persona 4, it was less likely for new transfer students to arrive and action to actually happen.. it was a rural town where everyone was close to each other. If they made an online version of it, you’re probably gonna be a loner, like the main character (b/c he’s suppose to be a loner like character with a few close friends — like seen in the manga version) or someone who’s gonna be looked down on because of certain circumstances (like Yosuke). Persona 3’s school and setting has a larger variety of places to visit and students can easily enter and exit the school environment. So it makes it easier for an online game like Social to exist in Persona 3 than in Persona 4.

          Also, to point out, Persona 3 isn’t the only one with a drama CD. All the other Persona games had some sort of drama CD. Persona 1 had one, Persona 2 had a parody drama, and Persona 4 also has a drama CD. So what if Persona 3 had more drama CDs? Plus there’s manga tie-ins or versions for each game. (Direct manga story versions of 3 & 4, and spin-offs/tie-ins with different characters for the first two).

          And personally, even tho I’m still on my first play-thru of Persona 4 (lol b/c we packed up the PS2 after the bf started playing the 360 more than me playing the PS2), to me the characters from 3 are more memorable than that of 4. I also enjoyed the protagonist of 3 more so than 4. I think mostly because of the sacrifice that Minato did for everyone to continue living in the world..

    • Zefux

      Persona 3 is pretty decent I must say. I haven’t played Persona 2, but I played 4 and I can still say Persona 3 isn’t anything short of good.

      Of course, Persona 4 is definitely superior to 3.

    • It isn’t all that bad since Persona 3 isn’t a bad game by itself.

      Of course, Persona 4 is definitely superior to 3, but still…!

      • MemeticRichard

        Eeeeeh… I’m one of the few who is highly critical of Persona 3.

        I realize there’s a large, *legitmate* follow for it (legit following, as in not buying into everything they’re supposed to buy into), but I still can’t help but have reservations about the game’s characterizations and execution.

    • Wrong. Persona 3 (especially portable) is easily the best Persona game in the series.

  • malek86

    It would be more interesting to see the ratio of people who are paying. Nonetheless, it’s a big number for sure.

  • Is this like a… Facebook? but sexier?

    • … That’s actually not a bad description of the social networks in Japan.

  • Strain42

    Does anyone actually know where we could see examples of gameplay or something for this? I’d love to see how it works 100% like what characters it has beyond the silent protagonists. Is Igor still there? Are Elizabeth or Theodore there depending on which character you pick? Is Fuuka still there or did they make a new support character all together?

    I wanna see some gameplay for this, but anytime I search for it all I can find are idiots whining about how this game shouldn’t exist because they think it pushed back their precious P5 from getting made.

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