Agarest Senki Zero Soul Breeding Into Europe And North America

By Spencer . October 27, 2010 . 8:48pm

imageAgarest Senki Zero is heading overseas care of publishers Ghostlight and Aksys.


Unfortunately for Aksys, they didn’t get a chance to announce the game. Ghostlight did and in their release they mentioned Aksys is doing the localization work. "Yeah, theirs is better, we know," Ghostlight’s press release said about Aksys’ translation skills.


The Agarest Senki Zero project has just begun so there is no release date or pricing at this time. Ghostlight is preparing a limited edition for Europe.


While Ghostlight only announced Agarest Senki Zero for PlayStation 3, it’s unclear if Aksys will publish the Xbox 360 version too.


A tip of a top hat to Matthew for the tip!

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  • Rarutos

    Praying that the PS3 version actually gets a disc this time! But this is GREAT news! Can’t wait!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Doubtful, it’s SCEA.

      • But if they are releasing this one it means they sold well with agarest wars, now SCEA may be willing to do disc release

    • glemtvapen

      Yeah, I would love to get a couple of LE swag but as Hraes said, SCEA kinda sandbagged Aksys.

    • Maybe if Aksys actually give it an option for an English dub this time.

      • landlock

        You know if a game this size gets dub by a small company like Aksys. It’s gonna be a horrible dub.

        • BlazBlue has a pretty great English dub.

          Besides, NISA is not exactly a huge company either and I always love their dubs.

          • Joanna

            Honestly, I think Aksys when with Japanese-only because they couldn’t afford to do both Japanese and English (niche game, low expected sales) and they knew their core audience would be the otaku sort based on the games visuals and genre. Thus to keep their fans happy and pleased with the game, they decided to go for Japanese audio over English audio. In my opinion, that’s a pretty good decision. But of course that’s only me assessing it abstractly since I have not played the game myself.

        • what?! Aksys dubbing has been a lot better lately, better than some “big companies”

          • landlock

            Yes but how many lines do you think Agarest has it would cost a small fortune to dub well. Especially when the gameI’m guessing isn’t the biggest seller they have.

          • Well, actually…. the games doesn’t have that many lines lol (-.-‘). I’m expecting more lines here, since is just one main character (one storyline) they can focus in one story.

            I like to think that the reason they are releasing this one is because the 1st one sold well :P. But i dont really mind, all i want is a blueray release…

      • You actually want a dub? I love the Japanese voice, the girls sound so into it.

        • I turned the voices off. They totally dragged me out of the game. The game doesn’t take place in Japan, so they shouldn’t be speaking Japanese. Just as I don’t want, say, Yakuza 4 to have people speaking in English, I don’t want people outside of Japan speaking Japanese.

          But my personal preference is besides the point. If Sony have a rule that requires disc-based games to have an English dub, well, then instead of wasting money giving 360 owners blow-up dolls or whatever the hell they packed in there, use the money to give the game a proper dub, like Aksys gave to BlazBlue.

          • SolidusSnake

            Not to snipe or anything but I’m pretty sure Agarest War doesn’t take place in modern day England or America either D:

        • Heshe is saying that because a lot of people think that SCEA didnt wanted disc release because there wasnt any english dub

          • She? Since when is the name “Charles” feminine? Men have had long hair for centuries, my friend.

          • We are on the internet my friend, anything can be possible xD better safe than sorry, i just saw a TV show called Charlie… and is about a female baby, her name is charlotte… from charlotte to charlie?! wtf -.-

  • That’s fantastic news! I’m really excited and eager to play this one!
    If they try to market it like the last game I will start clubbing people on the marketing team!
    With a chair!

  • Ereek

    As long as Ghostlight improves next time. I’m willing to forgive a bad job as long as they learn from their mistakes.Who knows, someday they may be better than Aksys. But for now I’m glad they’re willing to accept that they did a rather bad job on the grammar, typos, and overall flow of the English language in the game. Respect points for them because they outright said what the fans were thinking.

    • Yeah, any company that can admit its faults and do something about it is a good company in my book. Not many who would do that, so I have respect for that.

    • The first Agarest had such an awful translation, it’s going to take a huge amount of reassurances for me to buy this really. I found that the awful localisation of the first game made it unplayable, first time I’ve ever stopped playing a game because of the translation.

      All the dialogue sounded stale, often sentences were so unintelligible that I had to ‘re-translate’ them in my head to try and guess what they really meant to say. It interfered with the game at every level (there was even a typo in the game’s menu).

      Ghostlight will have to work really hard for me to consider parting with my money again for one of their releases.

      • Ereek

        I actually agree. Especially with:I found that the awful localisation of the first game made it unplayable, first time I’ve ever stopped playing a game because of the translation.During Chapter 4 there were times that I simply wanted to put the game down it got so bad. This is saying a lot, because I’m very tolerant of bad translations. But you have to take small steps here. They’re a small company and you can’t expect a complete 180. That they’re willing to acknowledge the problem in the first place is a good start. If they can cut down the typos by half, the game would be far more playable. I would be willing to support that.

        If it’s as bad as the original, they’re not getting my money at all.

  • Oh boy. SCEA’s gonna be at it again. I wish they would’ve toned down after helping Working Designs meet their demise.

  • speedstersonic

    Woot, Loved the first game! So excited for this one.

  • Arcm

    OMG! OMG! OMG! ….. Overacting? Nah, I loved the first one so this is a defiant buy….. as long as it has an actual disc this time.

    I bought the EURO LE ps3 Ghostlight release and was disappointed in the translation. Then the US 360 version since I’m not to big on downloaded games. I love having physical copies. : )

  • DanteJones

    While I’m stoked that they are bringing this one over, I kinda want to play the third one in the series more. :X I really like how the battle system looks in that one.

  • I hope they won’t try to sell this one like it’s a Japanese Hentai game this time, that was just really dumb, imo. I have nothing against H games but the game was friggen rated T and was actually much tamer than what they made the game out to be.

    • Dont tell me you were actually expecting that kind of stuff… after all the ridiculous stuff SCEA have been doing.
      But yeah, aksys did use too much of those kind of publicity. xD

      • No, i knew the extent of the ecchi before they started advertising it but that doesn’t change that it was inacurate advertising (not only does it not go further than light ecchi but that only covers a fraction of the game’s content) and also I felt like hiding the game under my bed once I got it D: (and it wasn’t even the “naughty version”) I’ve bought games with much sexier content than Aragest War that I didn’t feel I had to hide under my bed. Anyways, you could even tell that the sexy parts didn’t go that far just from the trailer its self, which really just made the trailer look worse :P (censoring clothing, lol). It’s almost like advertising God of War by just using footage from its sex minigames.

        plus, I’m against the idea of using words like “naughty” and “dirty” towards sexuality in general…

        • Haha, anyway i dont know how naughty this one is, but this certainly is a better version (battlewise and story wise) than agarest war, when i say storywise i mean how the story moves (dont know anything about the story) but it seems there will be more of a dating seem that agarest needed so much. And, i hope, less battles in a row lol xD and if you can explore in places, A RUN OPTION WITH THE RANDOM BATTLES PLEASE!! strategy battles random are always long, even if you can beat the enemies easily -.-, i just wished for a RUN button so many many times

    • Well, they needed some way to get people to buy the 360 version. They knew the Playstation Network version was a tough sell, but for whatever reason, they didn’t want to spend the money to just get a good English dub for it, which probably would’ve allowed it to get a physical North American release. So, they needed some way to get an audience that doesn’t traditionally play SRPG’s to buy it. Thus, they loaded it with pervert bait.

  • YEEEEEEEEeeeessss THANKS AKSYS !!! AND i hope is not only for psn (my ps3 is 40 gigs only, with agarest it doesnt really have that much sapce left)

    • I really don’t understand people who, in this day and age, haven’t just upgraded their hard drive. I’ve had a 320g hard drive for a year and a half now. Cost me less than $80.

      • My thoughts exactly!

      • Well, you would understand if you didnt live in the US, buying one of those things is a lot of money, i could buy one by saving money ( i still have some other priorities though). But i’ve read that some of the people that change the HD of the ps3, are the ones that get the bugserrorsetc when there is a FW update, so i wont take any risk, and prefer to take 3 minutes to uninstall games i wont be playing for a while and take 5 minutes to install them again if i wanna play them, of course psn games could be a problem at some point.

  • Hm the best news always happens overnight…I cant wait for the domestic US release. I still need to actuallly play Record of Agarest War…I bought it but only played an hour or so. The images are always so mesmerizing .

  • Extra_Life

    I really enjoyed Agarest: Generations of War (really should’ve bought the LE edition) and while there were plenty of typos, it didn’t bother me too much. I mean, I knew what it was supposed to say, and I at least have enough imagination to make more of what I’ve read – I’m not saying poor translations are acceptable, but I’m more pleased that we even got a chance to play the game in [mostly] English. Even more pleased that it looks like Europe is getting the game on a disc again, too! After being shafted with Persona and Lunar on PSP (I’ve still not come around to buying digital versions of a game) I’m glad I’ll be able to pick a physical copy of this up.

  • Oh goodies. This increases the possibility that Agarest 2 will also be released outside of Japan.

    But this time I think I´m going to check what version appeals to me better so I don´t end up buying one copy from each company like I did with Agarest :p

  • Awesome news, even if I don’t like SRPGs it’s always nice to see new games get localized. Congrats to all who were waiting for this.

  • “Unfortunately for Aksys, they didn’t get a chance to announce the game.”

    Heh. Well, looks like they “fix’d” that, but good to know anyway!
    Hopefully the first game sold enough for SONY to warrant that disc release this time.

  • hell yea i cant w8

  • nyobzoo

    well I found this

    if they’re co-opting with SCEA, I’m guessing there won’t be a 360 version

  • runesong

    Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! I loved the first game, so this is a dream come true.

    And although I may be in the minority saying this, I am absolutely hoping we get a PSN release for it again. I think a disc-based option is great for people who want it, but I absolutely love the freedom of not needing to pop in a disc to play on a modern console.

  • masuto

    Lol, Ghostlight’s admitting they’re dumb.

  • raymk

    Well this is good news to me, Maybe argenst 2 is next :)

  • Exand

    FYI this game is a lot shorter than Record of Agarest War and doesn’t improve much on the original. It’s also got a lot smaller original cast (not counting the unlockable characters from the first game).If you liked the first one you’ll probably enjoy this one, but I hope they’re not going to sell it for the same price as the first one (which was way too pricey for a downloaded game out West).


    Beat Agarest Wars on my X360 and hope to continue the series so bring on Agarest Zero.

  • caddyalan

    I bought the first Agarest game for 360… and wasn’t sure if I liked it. Adding hints of NSFW content into a strategy RPG sounded like an interesting idea, but I think it seemed a bit out of place in a Teen-rated game. And the gameplay didn’t leave a good first impression on me… it seemed unusually simple for a strategy RPG. (Maybe it improved later.)

    That said, I’m a bit surprised that a localization of Agarest Zero has been confirmed. If the gameplay in Zero is better, then perhaps I’ll buy it.

  • Well Imma Support them if Xbox360 recieves another LE wit soundtrack!!!

  • JustaGenericUser

    Sony of America better not force AkSys to make it PSN only this time. Damn that was ridiculous. 360 gets physical copy and the physical copy eventually went down in price (I’ve seen it at Gamestop for like $30, maybe less). PS3 guys only get it on PSN and the price has yet to go down from $45+. Christ, Sony.

  • krokounleashed

    So again Europe gets only PS3? Pff.

    • MemeticRichard

      360’s something of a failure in Europe… :/ So, it’s not a totally…illogical decision.

      With limited resources, you might as well hit the biggest mark, right?

      • krokounleashed

        Huh? Do you live in another World than I do? Yes, there are countries in Europe where PS3 is doing better, but 360 calling a total failure is just dumb. If you said Japan “Ok” but the West? sheesh.

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