Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Reborn With These New Features

By Spencer . October 28, 2010 . 11:38pm


Square Enix’s re-release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has a number of additions that weren’t in the Japanese version. What’s new in Final Mix? Here’s a list.


– English voice acting

– A secret episode with a new map

– Sticker album

– Skull board, a Peter Pan command board

– D-Link with Pete

– Several boss battles

– A new song for the Rhythmic Ice mini-game

– A new course for the Rumble Racing mini-game

– Several missions (like the Monstro one)

– Co-op skills for multiplayer


Also, a code to download Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts costume for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy is included in the game’s first run.




Some of these features like the Crown Stickers, one of the boss battles, and of course English voice acting were in the Western release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix comes out on January 20 in Japan.


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  • joesz

    cloud looks awesome! buy this for sure I will.

    • MemeticRichard

      Aw, you ruined it! >_<

  • neocatzon

    thx God! not that much features. I don’t have to buy it then

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    A secret episode with a new map really got me wondering but alas I won’t get this game as I never import

    • Apollokids

      And you shouldn’t. The way they treat this series is disgusting. Years of development and they re-release it on what basis? Did it come to them only after the first version was on the market to think “Oh well there some things we forgot to add into the previous release due to “time constraints” “. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice and i’m gonna download the game and play it on a hacked PSP. Do not be blinded by the company name. This is not the Square we once knew. This is just another grab at your money. Give this money to worthy developers. Oh and kingdom hearts 3 will have final mix too. And if i see Final Fantasy 15 with content cut so that it can go multi-platformer- that will be the end of my support for that series.

  • Apollokids

    Insider tip: The secret unveils Kingdom Hearts 3

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      You wish. Not before 57 spin-offs make it to the 3DS, it won’t!

    • MemeticRichard

      Oh no, not yet.

      Instead, we’ll have another thrilling three minutes of two characters standing around, talking.

      • Apollokids

        Admit. The first secret movie from the first game was good.

        • MemeticRichard

          Yes, it was. And so was the second one.

          Which especially pisses me off now, considering they aren’t doing those anymore. Instead, we have TEN thrilling minutes of a bunch of guys just standing around talking about nonsense, alluding to more nonsense which won’t happen for another decade, cause we haven’t gone through enough guys standing around, talking about nonsense which alludes to more nonsense.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      They haven’t even started working on KH3. Don’t hold your breath

  • Mix my ass square enix

    • Apollokids

      >>>Mix my ass: Final Mix Reborn to>>>

  • MemeticRichard

    I’m surprised… From what I read in the comments so far, no one plans to feed the troll! :D

    I’m proud of you, peoplez! Cookies! Delicious, double-chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips and soft macadamia nuts. *hands out cookies*

  • Seems I’ll be breaking my Anti-piracy Oath for this game. Also, They got COLOR EDITS!

  • ZildjianKX

    I just started playing Kingdom Hearts for PSP last night. I guess I’ll stop and wait now…

  • ZildjianKX

    Does anyone know if it will have english text? Did any of the other Kingdom Heart remixes have english text?

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      I know they have English voice acting with Japanese subtitles. So my money is on them having Japanese text. If they released a game in Japan with English text, they’d be isolating a lot of the potential audience, although not nearly enough as much if the released a game in USA with Japanese text

      • MemeticRichard

        Dude, they’ve already isoloated a lot of potential audience by simply undertaking this crap…

        The rest is beating a dead horse.

  • karasuKumo

    For someone who hates Disney characters with a passion, is it worth buying? I can’t stand them, actually despise them but the battle system looks good. It’s not mature enough for me but I don’t want to miss out on something great.

    I want that costume for Cloud in Duodecim though, I guess I’ll just use my own ways of getting it ;)

    • The hell’s your reasoning for hating Disney characters?

      • karasuKumo

        Voices, goofy especially. I don’t think you can have a dramatic moment then have him having one of his creepy throat spasms. The voices are just too annoying, it was fine when I was a kid but it’s different now.

    • Well, you’ll be seeing a lot of Disney, but the main story doesn’t actually have to do with Disney. That said, characters like Mickey hold a prominent role in the plot. You don’t have to worry about Donald or Goofy’s voices in this particular game because they barely appear. Also, you can skip every cutscene if that becomes an issue–the games contains a story journal, so you won’t get lost if you decide to do so. Birth by Sleep is definitely worth it if you’re in it for the gameplay.

      On a side note, it’s silly to say a game “is not mature enough” for you. Most M-rated games are more “immature” than the ones orientated for kids. >.>

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