Tokyopop To Consider Rescuing Certain CMX Licenses

By Ishaan . October 30, 2010 . 3:02pm


While Tenjho Tenge has been re-licensed for North America by a currently anonymous publisher, the rest of the recently-defunct CMX’s licenses have yet to be picked up. In an ICv2 intervew, Tokyopop reveal they might consider rescuing some of them.


“Hopefully there’s something that will fit into Tokyopop’s line,” Tokyopop senior editor Lillian Diaz-Przybyl told ICv2.


“We’ve had a very mixed track record with rescuing series, like the ADV titles we picked up: Tactics, Peace Maker Kurogane, Aria and Aqua. Fans loved it and we were really hoping to make some hay with them. They did fine, and there are different reasons why each performed a little differently. But those have not always been hugely successful."


She continued: "Other rescued titles have done better. Your and My Secret from ADV was OK. Sales were not terrific but it has found its own fan base.”


"It’s also tough from a translation perspective," she said in conclusion. "Do you keep the existing translations, and do you re-release the volumes that came out? If you re-release will the fans re-buy it?"

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  • That seems like an interesting thing to take note of. Will people even consider rebuying the volumes. If it is a continuing series then it is probably largely dependent on the fanbases perception of the quality of the volumes theyve purchases and/or read. But in most cases people can be split on the issue. It seems like it would be a risk to take no matter the size or people would need to communicate to Tokyopop about it. I think it is also largely a series by series basis and dependent on if the fanbase is vocal. I hate to see any series halted in the middle of its run though, and I cant imagine wanting to rebuy volumes of series.

    But personally for the series listed, they just are not my type it seems, thought isnt one of those a gender bender type series?

  • SanityCrisis

    My two cents are that I probably wouldn’t buy the re-releases without good reason. For example, I remember reading the ADV version of Tactics, and for some reason the translation was really throwing me off and (forgive me if I recall incorrectly) Sugino was…. apparently female or the line was mistranslated. Yeah, no. I’ll take the newer, better translated version.

    Unless used copies are going at insane prices on amazon or ebay for the out of print volumes, I’d rather see things picked up where they’re hanging rather than wait so long for the newer publisher to catch up to where the last one dropped off.

  • Roses4Aria

    I’m definitely happy to hear this because I’d be ecstatic just to be able to finally get my hands on the last volume of Two Flowers for the Dragon and find out how the darn thing ended! However, if TokyoPop picking it up hinges on me rebuying re-releases of the first six volumes when I already spent the money on them once, I can’t say that I’d do so. I might feel differently if there had still been several unreleased volumes left in the series, but with only one it seems like a waste of money that I just don’t have. I would imagine most people right now are probably in a similar situation. :(

  • Devonian

    Shouldn’t they be focusing on *their own* lost licenses before picking up other companies?


    • SanityCrisis

      GetBackers please. D:

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