Mamoru-kun Shoots Its Way To PlayStation 3

By Spencer . November 1, 2010 . 12:35pm

imageOne of G. Rev’s shooters is getting an expanded PlayStation 3 port care of Cyberfront. IT Media announced Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta: Meikai Katsugeki Wide Version, but quickly pulled the article.


G. Rev and Gulti ported Mamoru-kun from arcades to Xbox 360 in June 2009. The game is currently available on Xbox Games on Demand service for 2,000 Microsoft Points.


The PlayStation 3 version has some extra content. Two DLC characters (usually sold for 400 MSP a piece) will be on disc. G. Rev also made an original mode called Meikai Katsugeki mode, which wasn’t detailed. Finally, Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta: Meikai Katsugeki Wide Version is in full HD.


Cyberfront plans to release Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta: Meikai Katsugeki Wide Version in March 2011. It will be G. Rev’s first PlayStation 3 game.

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  • Wow so the shooters are actually timed exclusives on the xbox 360? This is particularly awesome. As I said before, the dual shock 3 is perfectly suited for these types of games. I love the comfort of the dual joysticks and the powerful rumble control.

    • 1. Nope. All of Cave’s shmup games are still xbox exlcusive. Just because one comes over, doesn’t mean everything will.
      2. Dualshock is OK for these. Arcade/Fighting stick is what you need to fully enjoy it.

      • Well, Mamoru-kun in particular might be well-suited to a DualShock…or a specialized joystick. The game plays like Kiki Kaikai/Pocky and Rocky, not an auto-scrolling shooter like…I think every other retail 360 STG out there.

        • Honorless is right. I should’ve stressed that Mamoru-kun is more of a run ‘n gun than a vertical shmup.

        • Aoshi00

          If the PS3 port is cheap, I might get this again since I haven’t bought the 360 DLCs yet. Yea, it’s more like a KiKi KaiKai (Pocky & Rocky) since the screen doesn’t scroll up automatically, it was quite fun but hard, w/ cute graphics. This might be one shmup that plays better w/ the dual stick (there are quite a few different modes and control scheme), even though I do have the HRAP for PS3 as well, covered w/ dust (since I got my fighters on the 360 as well)…

          • I think they’re gonna use FULL HD OMG as an excuse to charge around the same price the original sold for. I can’t think of any 360 to PS3 ports that had a lower price, can you?

            …But I also think this is gonna tank (as I said below), so maybe you’ll be able to pick it up relatively cheaply if you can find a Japanese seller…

          • Aoshi00

            You’re right, they wouldn’t be doing this port and sell it for 3000 yen w/ DLCs included.. The game was pretty fun and cute, but it had the same problem of long loading before you start the game, not as bad as DDP DOJ, but still annoying, it’s like you pop in the disc and need to go prepare a meal before you come back to play it.

          • malek86

            I’ve seen images: it’s not just Full HD, they’re actually using the whole screen. Kinda like Raystorm HD. That’s probably not gonna sit well with shmups fans.

    • john411

      All shmups from the core companies will most likely stay on the 360 until the 360 dies in Japan, and then perhaps even beyond, looking at the Dreamcast.The reason why this game is on the PS3 is because Cyberfront is publishing it, and the game was developed by Guilti, NOT G.rev. Cyberfront publishes multiplatform games, and games by Guilti, and probably since Strike Witches 360 bombed, they’re testing the waters with the PS3.G.rev’s president has already said on twitter that he and his company have nothing and want nothing to do with this port. They were only the publishers for the 360 port, so if some other company wants to pay the original developers to fund a PS3 port, it doesn’t matter to them. They’re busy making an exclusive XBLA shmup.

      • Not only Strike Witches; the original Mamoru-kun bombed as well. Guilti must be kinda hard-up at this point. I can’t see this port doing much better than the original release, if it does that well. But maybe I’ll be surprised…

  • A shooter for the most import friendly console, that’s nice.

  • OneOkami

    I remember being interesting in this when it was in development and was one of the games that gave me a small nudge towards importing a 360. I feel ever more justified and simply giving my PS3 more love.

  • maxchain


    • While I “liked” your comment, I’m disappointed that Soldner-X 2 isn’t getting much love.

      It is a VERY good Euro-SHMUP, the soundtrack is mind-blowing and the game itself is pretty tight too. Looking forward to that expansion pack!

      • Denpanosekai! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! I love Soldner X-2 Final Prototype!!! You are getting the DLC this fall right! It is a mighty fine game!(the game looks glorious in HD on a > 37inch screen and the music! truly a must buy game, and one of the top tier PSN original title for 2010)

        • YES I have it running @ 1080p on a 40″. Stunning, just stunning.

          DLC supposed to hit this November at 5$. DEAL!

      • malek86

        You know how it is with shmups fans and euroshmups. They see them as some sort of children-eating locusts. Don’t try to convince them that it can be good, it’s an impossible endeavor. You’d have more chances trying to brainwash a Nintendo fan into thinking that Mario sucks.Yeah, it’s that difficult.

        • maxchain

          Nah, I just suck at the horizontal ones.

          • malek86

            Actually I wasn’t refering to you. I was more talking in a general way, from what I’ve read in shmups boards and sites.Also, I know shmups fans don’t even like Tyrian, so yeah. Hori or vert doesn’t seem to be the point with them.

        • I would like to meet someone that thinks Mario sucks… because regardless of console fanboyism, Mario games are pretty damn fun.

          • malek86

            And that’s why it’s difficult to brainwash someone into thinking they suck.

          • Sunshine was just terrible, what new innovation did it bring the Mario series? A water pump, unlike its predessor system which brought, what appears to be Mario 64, which based on my playing of the DS version, was a revolutionary and fun turn for Mario, and Paper Mario, which seemed to be an excellent genre for Mario games to attempt to be in.

            Galaxy 1 was an innovative approach to Mario but it just failed in execution…I just do not see what reviewers were saying or even fans claiming it as one of the best games of all timez. Difficulty in the game was all over the place, the story was essentially non-existent or at least failed to develop into something that people would care about, and failed to make Mario into a fun character. Collecting stars felt like a chore and the worlds were difficult to immerse oneself into because the rotation of the camera sphereically 360 degrees quickly became old and annoying as the worlds different gravities became a drag. Unlike the charm of Mario 64 and seeing Mario for the first time in 3D and going to see Mario characters in all these ingeniously designed worlds, were faced with an adventure in space that makes absolutely no sense. And all of the ministories on some of the worlds felt out of context with the goal of even accomplishing the story in the game. And one must admit, and there was absolutely no reward in the game for getting stars beyond what was required for the final encounter with the boss, let alone once unlocking the new character to replay and get every star all over again…

          • malek86

            You speak as if Mario 64 had an actual story or reward system. It definitely wasn’t different from Galaxy in that regard.

            I’ll agree 64 was better though, at least I liked the level design more. The whole round planets thing didn’t sit too well with me, I’m more one for planar exploration. That, and motion sickness can be a problem. I didn’t get SMG2 because of that.

          • Mario games are pretty fun, if we ignore the rotten apples among the series (Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Mario Baseball)

          • Mario Baseball, I’ll agree. Sunshine and Galaxy, excuse me, what the hell are you smoking? Haven’t played Galaxy 2. And the second Mario and Luigi game was terrible.

        • RupanIII

          lol @ ‘children-eating locusts’ it’s true. I remem reading a long post years ago on a forum even hating on Ikaruga for not being bullet-hell enough/’too western,’ not enough random patterns, etc. and arguing about how superior it is to be able to dodge random patterns. Cave’s awesome of course but they’re not the only shmup style there is. They’re a stubborn lot haha

    • Gundemonium Collection would like to have a word with you.

  • goronyan

    best news of the week (for me), now i just need an joystick like 360’s to really enjoy the game ’cause ps3 d-pad sucks for this kind genre.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Not to sound like an ad, but the Power A Pro Elite or the Datel Turbo Fire might be what you’re looking for. They’re basically 360 controllers for the PS3.

  • malek86

    Cool, I might actually be able to play this one.

    But seeing as there’s a 2000 points version on XBL, I would feel a bit ripped off if they priced it super high. I mean, for example that THE port for the PS2 went for what, $90? When there was a $10 version on XBLA, it seems a bit difficult to swallow.

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