This Week In Sales: God Eater Burst And Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

By Ishaan . November 3, 2010 . 5:01pm


The week of October 25th – October 31st, 2010 saw the release of our second contender in the PSP co-op multiplayer division: God Eater Burst. Let’s see how it holds up against the competition:


Title First Week Sales Publisher
Phantasy Star Portable 2 286,896 SEGA
God Eater (original) 295,405 Namco Bandai
Lord of Arcana 69,932 Square Enix
God Eater Burst 263,150 Namco Bandai


Not too shabby, considering the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is a month away. Other major releases this week included Solatorobo, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 from Konami.


Oh, and somehow…Idea Factory are still managing to make money off of PS2 games.


More details on these in the top-20 chart for the week:


Lw Tw Title Tw. Sales Tot. Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. God Eater Burst (standalone and append editions) 263,150 New PSP Namco Bandai
New 02. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 215,257 New PS3 Konami
01. 03. Super Mario Collection Special Pack 119,485 427,240 Wii Nintendo
02. 04. Pokémon Black / White 68,686 4,311,998 DS Nintendo
New 05. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 46,516 New DS Nintendo
05. 06. Kirby’s Epic Yarn 25,257 153,170 Wii Nintendo
New 07. Solatorobo: And then to CODA 21,915 New DS Namco Bandai
New 08. Fable III 20,025 New 360 Microsoft
03. 09. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 19,090 82,765 PS3 Namco Bandai
10. 10. Wii Party 17,337 1,155,964 Wii Nintendo
New 11. Dream Club Portable 15,181 New PSP D3 Publisher
New 12. Hakuouki: Reimeiroku 14,864 New PS2 Idea Factory
New 13. Da Capo I & II Plus Situation Portable 14,256 New Wii Kadokawa Shoten
14. 14. Vanquish 14,042 62,360 PS3 SEGA
07. 15. Lord of Arcana 12,056 106,928 PSP Square Enix
New 16. Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran * Sangokushi Engi – Wei-Hen 9,887 New PSP Yeti
11. 17. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded 9,405 151,153 DS Square Enix
New 18. Ore no Yome: Anata Dake no Hanayome 8,369 New 360 Idea Factory
17. 19. Medal of Honor 8,260 33,625 PS3 Electronic Arts
08. 20. Beat Sketcher 7,130 29,295 PS3 Sony


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

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  • shion16

    go vanquish!!!!!

    • Firo_Prochainezo concurs with this statement.

    • How is Vanquish by the way? Persona 3 Portable is so hard that Im looking to buy and play another game to take my mind off of its difficulty for awhile.

      • Persona 3 Portable is too hard on normal mode? I’m playing on hard mode and the game has been a cakewalk. (It’s a piece of cake compared to Persona 4 expert mode) I’m not sure how good you are in third person shooters, but Vanquish is pretty challenging. There’s 5 difficulties even if you find it too hard, to say at the least.

        • Ive been stuck on Block 2 of Tartarus for thus far this week, I keep dying. Someone said I should be grinding and getting more Personas but I dont want to get rid of Jack Frost :(

          • You gotta fusion some stuff, is really important to do this, you will have to say bye to jack frost, but there is black frost and king jack frost later on, and you can always buy him again at the conpendulum.The best thing you can do now is, fusion personas, get one with media and if you can dia as well, try to get all elements personas (fire, blizz,wind,thund) and if you can, get the ones that hit all enemies (really helpfull at the beginning).

            By second block the only ones that could give you trouble are bosses, and not knowing enemies’s weakness

        • Exkaiser

          Honestly, near the end of P4 Expert, I started feeling like it was way too easy, despite being much harder than P3 ever was.

          And then I ran into the true final boss, who I still haven’t taken the time to beat.

      • cmurph666

        I’m playing on Hard and its Hard. I don’t think I’ll ever play Maniac.

        It’s my first time playing P3 though so I’m not really a veteran by any means.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Don’t! Get used to it, adapt. That way, you can already get a taste of what SMT games are like in terms of difficulty (it seems Persona 3 is your first), and you can play the others eventually, without being put off by their difficulty.Explore enemy weaknesses, use buffs/debuffs. Unlike many other RPGs, those are useful actions.Don’t miss out on SMT!

        EDIT: Oh, “for a while”. Okay. Still, don’t be discouraged, you’ll get used to the difficulty.

        • Well I get easily discouraged when I make it up some floor and then get killed and have to start back at like the first floor of the block, lost hours :(

          Im tired of seeing Igors statement of me dying, lol.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Hmm. Are you exploiting weaknesses? Using dia/media and all? Try to save whenever you make progress (level up, for instance). If you think a certain character is useless in a certain battle, save his/her turn for someone else.If all else fails, grind. Even though it’s not necessary at all. It’s also boring (to me, at least).

          • I wish there was a fast way to realize weakness, when Mitsuru analyzes them often times I just dont have attacks that can take down the opponents, and it seems like I only get the same three personas…though maybe Im too attached to Orpheus and my Jack Frost :( though I guess I do have to level up since when I try to fuse often times Im not high level enough.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, don’t get too attached to the first few Personas. Forget their designs, and concentrate on their usefulness.Then later in the game, you can fuse the badass gods/deities/fallen angels/ghost girls/whatever that are both useful and cool looking.It’s good to have the basic elemental spells (agi, bufu, zio and garu), healing spells (dia and media for now) and a few buffs/debuffs (… sukukaja, dekunda, etc.).Identify enemy weakness -> exploit -> get extra turn -> exploit -> etc. -> defeat.Oh yeah, for some enemies, you can get what their weakness is by the color of their mask or their overall color scheme (for instance: blue mask, weakness:fire).Unfortunately, that’s all I can do to help you. Hope you can enjoy the game!

      • shion16

        i get in loved of the game
        Its fast, its full of action and it doesnt stop for customizacion, or saves or loading, nothing.
        It feels so arcade in that aspect.
        Maybe thats the reason some people think is short
        But is not, it take me almost 12 hours to finish it, its really hard to beat.
        100% recomended for game of the year

      • Persona 1 was harder, Persona 2 was harder (both games), the original SMT games were harder, as well was Nocturne. I really don’t see how you could possibility be having problems when they made the portable version easier than its console version by adding the systems from Persona 4 into it.

  • Kirby is so low, perhaps it wasnt a good idea to revive that character in such a revolutionary design, see thats exactly what happens when a company revives a character in some way that is unfamiliar with people, just like Metroid: Other M, both games with huge amounts of critiscm with being TOO revolutionary and taking characters people loved and putting them into questionable games with questionable game mechanics. Hopefully Return to Donkey Kong Country doesnt meet the same fate!That being said, why is Golden Sun so low?! Even Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 sold more than this Nintendo classic. I guess Im shocked since the original ones sold so well. I thought Golden Sun Dark Dawn would be the most epic DS game of the year, but if people are picking it up so slowly…wait it wasnt destroyed in reviews was it?! Darn, now Im saddened, the game better not be bad, I dont want my favorite retro~ish RPG series destroyed in front of my very eyes :(

    Solartorobo came out? Whens it coming to the US, I need my hands on more CC2 goodness

    • vadde939

      I seriously doubt Golden Sun is bad. It just doesn’t have the name power of most other Nintendo games and probably won’t have much advertising either. The first two Golden Sun titles were released early in the GBAs life cycle when there wasn’t much RPG competition but Dark Dawn is getting released when the DS lifecycle is almost over so the competition is tougher not to mention the rampant DS piracy and people losing interest in the DS as the 3DS release nears. Unfortunately a game being good does not mean sales will be good too. I doubt Dark Dawn will do much better in the US and Europe either. :(

      • kylehyde

        Sad but true.

      • Joanna

        no, you break my heart. I cannot accept the truth when it comes to my precious Golden Sun. :'(

        *goes onto to chant that NA/EU will have amazing numbers for Dark Dawn*

    • First of all, i love all golden suns, beat both games but after watching all those videos and all those hands on i reached a conclusion.While is pretty cool that this game is being released on the DS… i saw some “flaws”… the battles, i love them, but… they are almos the same as the GBA versions, they just look cooler, the stuff outside the battles, were, as well, pretty close to what the GBA had… and the story, i really didnt heard that much about the story, but i did read a lot that all of these guys are related (by blood) to the first cast of main characters of golden sun.Of course, me as someone who loved the 1st and 2nd golden soon, feel happy to play again a game close to how it was, and even better, is a sequel of the story and characters i liked a long way back… But, looking it really, really generally, is just the same formula that it was back on the gba… (and the characters look just like the characters of the 1st golden sun). Maybe it didnt really hit new players…

      This is just my opinion though

      • kylehyde

        Dragon quest and pokemon has been loyal to their formula in all their main games, I don’t think that the lack of new features has played an important factor on the low sales.

        I think that the problem is that nintendo didn’t even bothered in promoting the game to the newcomers, in fact the advertising of this game was really poor.

        About knowing almost nothing about the story, that’s good to me, specially because I love the unexpected revelations.

      • Joanna

        I agree with kylehyde and furthermore, the only ones who would be able to recognize just how close it is to the original games would be fans, so newcomers would not be complaining about this. Also, I personally am happy to see that there are so many similarities. I don’t doubt some fans may be upset about the lack of change, but don’t group all the fans into the same category. ;)

    • kylehyde

      Calm down buddy, don’t jump to conclusions too soon. The game get 33/40 on famitsu, the same grade as “The lost age” which I think that is a good score for an ip with few titles in their history.We have seen many times that high or low reviews are not directly proportional to sales, we have read many times that great bombed meawhile not so good reviewed titles sells as hotcakes.Have you seen a golden sun 3 japanese commercials? I saw them and being honest, if I put me in the shoes of somebody who didn’t know nothing about the series, they won’t motive me enough for buying the game (I’m going to buy anyway because I loved the previous games), we have to look at the past and see one of the commercials of the previous gamesformer: honest compared to the lost age commercial, dark dawn has really horrible commercials.Also check the date that this commercials (the dark dawn commercials) were released, october 13 (actually they were), just few days before the game was released. I mean, how can this ads could have some effect in a short time? The answer is that they can’t.Nintendo is famous in this generation for his bad (and even lack) advertising of products aside of mario and Zelda. Nintendo was not smart to realize that a seven years sequel wont have the same impact as the lost age have, is logical that there are not as much fans as they were in the 2003, they didn’t created hype for this game or even promoted it for the newcomers, instead they make a lot of focus in their ROM with the old mario games (seriously release super mario all stars as a retail product instead of VC is an insult).Nintendo marketing is the one to blame for the not so good sales, and is not the first time that they advertise the game just few weeks or even days before the release date, soma bringer experimented the same.About the quality of the game, as our only reference about a japanese score is famitsu, we still don’t known how this game could, turn. We’ll have to wait to the western reviews about this game to make a judgemente in first place. I think that is going to do it great in reviews, but in sales, I think that probably not, NOA is making the same mistakes as their japanese counterpart. They are not creating hype for this game, they released the preview demos to few game site two weeks ago, and even that many of the previewers were impressed, it doesn’t change the fact that less than 2 months is not enough to impress to the readers, to create hype for the newcomers. Is november already and the game is set to be released less than a month and still I haven’t seen an american or european ad.

      • Okay, well I wont lose hope just yet, I will still going in thinking the game is epic once it releases in the US.

  • Look at Kirby in general! People need to realize that when it comes to Nintendo games. Mario and Zelda are the only real big money games. The other characters are average or a little above or below that. Kirby has always been a 1.5 maybe 2 million franchise world wide. The same with Metroid a franchise that was always more popular in the west than east. Nintendo keeps trying to find ways to make the games more popular in the regions. Where they don’t do as well. Which cause them to get hurt in region they do well in already.

  • hush404

    … I want GEB so bad…

  • joesz

    bought dark dawn, and its much better then I expected

    they really used the ds full capacity I say!

    worth waited game!

    • Joanna

      Stop making my mouth water! >:3

  • I really wish IF would drop the PS2 already, they are posting most things to PSP afterwards already so why not just shift to only PSP orz.

  • d19xx

    I hope GE Burst also does well stateside. If it does well, maybe Bamco will give their other titles a chance for a western release….

  • Those sales for KH:REC have got to be dissapointing for Squeenix, 358/2 managed to get 1.5mill. Guess it’s too much of a side story and the fact it’s a port (albeit one that’s had a lot of work) hurt it too much.

    Will be interesting to see how it does in the EU and US.

  • Joanna

    The numbers for Solatorobo and Dark Dawn make me sad.

    …I know I’m just setting myself for being disappointed thinking that Solatorobo will make it here. :(

  • XDDD Idea Factory is still managing to milk the PS2 since they churn out visual novels and otome games like crazy. T_T It does hurt the importer’s wallet though….crazy release rate >_>

    That being said, the western market doesn’t have too much of a niche for visual novels huh? *sighs* Too bad, I really love them.

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