Venus & Braves Has Tons Of Tales Characters

By Spencer . November 3, 2010 . 6:29pm

imageYuri (Vesperia), Colette (Symphonia), and Leon (Destiny) were just some of the Tales cameo characters in the PSP version of Venus & Braves.


Retailer Game Star notes in their product page Venus & Braves has twenty popular characters from the Tales series. Namco Bandai announced three. They’ve got until January 20, 2011, the date Venus & Braves heads to stores, to announce the other seventeen.

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  • Belenger

    Just to sound like a broken record, this means we wont see a US version ever then? Just like every other lately Tales games.

    Changing the subject has there been any info related on how this game is gonna handle the multiplayer aspect that the original game had in PS2 or if its gonna get any sort of multiplayer?, haven’t seen the slightest info about it so far.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Not a Tales game, but I understand what you meant.

    • At least they’re not going after fan translation projects. The Tales of Innocence translation is really impressive.

  • Dimentionalist


  • MizuMikomi

    I doubt this game will sell much at all on its first week in Japan, reason? It comes out the exact same day as Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix. Namco really needs to choose better release dates, and quit trying to compete with Square Enix. <_<

    • raymk

      Killing themselves again with stupid release dates just like sega does sigh. Would it kill them to release things on games not so big. Or do they just think they can steal sales away from titles like that. Sometimes you just have to realize the battles you can’t win.

      • Dimentionalist

        Guy: “Never fight a battle you can’t win!”

    • kupomogli

      I’d think that releasing it with a rerelease isn’t so bad because how many sales will Final Mix really get? Probably not as close to as many as the original release got.

      • MizuMikomi

        Kingdom Hearts: II ~Final Mix+~ would like to have a word with you. Plus with Japanese Kingdom Hearts fans being the ones that whined and complained about the additions to the English version, I would think it would sell just as well as the original. Plus it has a new secret movie, multiple new bosses, new cut-scenes, and a brand new “Secret Episode” with an entirely New Map, as Siliconera posted earlier in the week.

        To think it wouldn’t sell as much as the original would be crazy. Square Enix isn’t stupid, and they know it will make them close to, if not more money than the original did. Oh also, imports come into play with this as well.

        Sure Venus and Braves might do well, but it won’t do nearly as well as it would if it were released a few weeks before or after. Plus both games remakes of an original title.

        “Bandai Namco: Shooting ourselves in the foot with every release!”

  • Woohoo! Now let’s hope for a localization!


    Let’s hope they have enough english in the menu screens. xD

  • Souji Tendou

    Haha. As long as the game sells, right Namco?

    • MizuMikomi

      Doubt it will, as I said earlier, it is being released on the same day that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix is.

  • joesz

    LOl~ each tales character’s announcement will decrease the localization percentage by 5%.

  • cj_iwakura

    Welp, pack it up, no way this is coming out here. Tales Curse Get.

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