The 3rd Birthday Director Wants To Earn Your Trust

By Spencer . November 9, 2010 . 2:28pm

image "Nowadays, there have been many harsh comments about Square Enix, as a developer of The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII I’m making an effort to earn your trust," Director Hajime Tabata tweeted. His goal is to make The 3rd Birthday the PSP game with the highest rating. Then he wants Final Fantasy Agito XIII to surpass it with the highest rating.


In an earlier tweet, Tabata mentioned the importance of The 3rd Birthday. Tabata plans on looking at the amount of sales and rating for The 3rd Birthday. The results will influence the development of future games.


The 3rd Birthday comes out on December 22 in Japan and early next year in North America.

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  • Making it the highest rated game? Does he mean of all PSP games on aggregate review sites, if so then that is a mighty high bar, considering there is the high SMT: Persona 3 Portable (91/100)…

    That is going to be pretty interesting, I hope 3rd Birthday and Agito both take full advantage of presentation values as well as the gameplay and can hook and excite a wide range of gamers. I for one still have no clue what genre 3rd birthday is (3rd person shooter?, the controls better be manageable), and Agito (well is it a card based game or something, little gameplay details are known to me). But I think both seem promising.

    Director better not let me down.

    • 3rd is a TPS/RPG mix of some sort(Maybe not RPG, but the previous 2 PE games had RPG elements), whereas Agito is like a Mix between FF13 and Crisis Core, with heavy influences from Crisis Core. Basically, If you like CC’s Gameplay, you should probably like Agito’s.

  • Kris

    Alright Tabata, I’ll trust you on this one. Square needs to get back to basics, and I don’t think stuff like Dissidia 012 [duodecim] is helping them. :p

    • But Dissidia doesn’t suck…

      • Kris

        It’s more of a matter of the title itself… :p

  • MrRobbyM

    Judging from the last Agito trailer, I’m sure his wishes will come true. That game look awesome.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I don’t know about 3rd, but from the little I’ve seen of Agito, and considering SE’s PSP track record, I believe him. Even if it’s not the highest rated game, it will be one of the best on the system.

  • Ereek

    I think Agito will be brilliant.I don’t really see Third Birthday getting high ratings in the west, unfortunately. But who knows? Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong! Especially with that stunning music.

    • Guest

      It’s a third person shooter so its gotta compete with MGS Peace Walker, which has stealth, and Resistance Retribution which was also critically acclaimed. Nevermind people’s new found biased hatred for S-E

      • Tokyo Guy

        As long as it doesn’t reek of Dirge of Cerberus I’m fine.

  • I can see Agito having a chance but I don’t know about The 3rd Birthday.

    • Testsubject909

      3rd Birthday is a bit.. late to the party.

      I remember the first time PE3 was shown, a lot of fans were going up and going “I WANTS!” but then found out it was a cellphone japan-only game…

      Now it’s coming here, finally, on the PSP… But they’ve not shown much other then their new body switching system and age-old shooting. The first part is fine, the latter? it gives off the sensation that it might just be a bit generic. As opposed to that, they should be showing off the special attacks… For exemple, do I have fire spells in this game? Y/N? Am I still able to use Mitochondria-based powers?

      As opposed to advertising about how Aya can get stripped down to her undies by being hurt, which is curious since she’s taking over a soldier’s body so she should really just be re-appearing in that soldier’s clothes rather then transfer her damaged clothes from one body to the next… But I digress. How about showing us actual gameplay to be excited about?

      *Sigh*… Oh well, either way, it’s been so long since we’ve had a PE. So many wishes were made to have it. I like many others will go and buy it. Just the same as if they were to announce a new Chrono game and provide nothing but just the opening cinematic… People would line up to get it…

      • Tokyo Guy

        Wasn’t it basically confirmed that this game doesn’t have anything to do with the Mitochondria/Parasite energy, and thus Aya in fact, won’t have any kind of special “spells”?

  • neocatzon

    Don’t worry, you’ll earn our trust. In exchange, trust us and kick.. I mean keep that certain director away from this project

  • holyPaladin

    Because of FF XIV eh director-san

  • So he wants 3rd to get 100 and Agito to get 101? @[email protected] Well, considering all the content, they should both be awesome. Unfortunately, they won’t get nearly as many sales as they deserve (coming from a former pirate in-the-know).

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Being aware of criticism and acknowledging it is the first step to change for the better. Though from his track record I don’t think he is part of Square’s loss of direction and focus at all…

  • All I’m hoping is that The 3rd Birthday is actually a good game.

    • I think that is pretty impossible…when has domestic internally developed Square Enix released a bad game?

      • SoulEater98

        Final Fantasy X-2 and XII…..yeah, great games….

        • Joanna

          I think I am the only one who actually enjoyed X-2. Sure the story was stupid but I really liked the class changing mechanics….guess I just miss those. When was the last time we had it, FFV? I wish we could have more class changing FFs. (maybe part of the reason was also that I played X-2 before X…)

  • vadde939

    Aiming to get high review scores instead of focusing on creativity really annoys me. I hope this game turns out good but if that is their main goal for the title then I’m not so optimistic.

  • tubers

    The gameplay isn’t for everyone. Even several from the PE fanbase doesn’t like what this game is turning into.

    This better have a very good story telling, very good cuts scenes and great cinematics if this were to even touch the top PSP games.

  • anbu

    >_> pirates

  • Aiddon

    no dice. It’s not because of Square that I’m suspicious. No, I’m suspicious because your personal track record is lackluster at best and your writer (Toriyama) is, put bluntly, a TERRIBLE writer. Seriously, his plots are garbage and his dialogue is stilted and melodramatic. Bad pick for a series that had subtle, mature, and outright DISTURBING themes in it.

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