A Closer Look At Tales Of Graces F’s Code Geass Costumes

By Spencer . November 10, 2010 . 11:22am

For an additional fee, players can dress Asbel Lhant from Tales of Graces F up as Suzaku Kururugi. Namco Bandai plans on selling Code Geass costumes for Cheria (Kallen), Sophie (C.C.), and Richard (Zero). Each costume comes with a title and various status boosts.


001[3] 002[1] 003[1] 004[2] 005[2] 006[1] 007[2] 008[1] 010[2] 011[2] 012[1] 013[1] 014[2]


Pascal has a new downloadable costume too. She can wear an oversized Toro outfit, which Namco Bandai also plans to sell on the PlayStation Store.



016[1] 017[1] 018[1] 019[1] 020[2]



Sophie’s Hatsune Miku outfit is in Tales of Graces F too. Finally, you can explore Efinea with a virtual idol, Sony mascot, and two Geass knights.


021[1] 022[1] 023[1] 024[3] 025[1] 026[3] 027[1] 028[1]




Four Sophies? Tales of Graces F also has a narikiri title, which lets you change into another party member.


040[2] 037[1] 038[1] 039[1]


Just in case four Sophies weren’t enough, Tales of Graces F has a hugging baby Sophie you can purchase as an attachment item. (See this for more information about the attachment system.) So, you can have four Sophies each carrying a baby Sophie… never mind.


032[2] 029[1] 030[1] 031[1] 033[1]


Now for some free downloadable content. Players can get an anniversary chat the day Tales of Graces F goes on sale.


034[1] 035[2]


Tales of Graces F comes out on December 2 in Japan.

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  • “Four Sophies? Tales of Graces F also has a narikiri title, which lets you change into another party member.”

    This was also in Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut. Four Lions ftw!

  • Ugh…. *runs off crying hysterically*

    • Barrit

      My reaction exactly.. :(

  • goronyan

    i read in 4gamer it may possible to unlock some exclusive skills with these costumes

    i really want that dakko sofie ><

  • Finalstar2007

    Why cant Namco learn from companies like NISA or XSEED?? their not as big as Namco and yet they try their best to bring as many games as possible outside of Japan for their fans. Namco learn from them!. just release one tales on PS3 and test how it does

    • WonderSteve

      Probably because they have a very conservative management team in charge…

      To be frank, I wonder how many Japanese publishers have CEOs that actually play video games as one of their primary entertainment

    • JustaGenericUser

      I think XSeed is a publisher and not a developer, if you want another example there’s Atlus.

      But yeah. I think people have pretty much given up on ever seeing a localized Tales again. Hell, people joke that we’ll never get Venus & Braves (or whatever that game is called) because Tales characters are playable cameos, ha ha.

      • AdamBoy64

        The only one likely to be localised of the three is the ‘Next Tales of’…
        Give it 6-9 months after it’s release in Japan.. and then, yeah. Then I think we won’t get another localisation.

  • nyoron

    If the Miku costume turns Sophie’s hair blue, the CC one should have turned her hair green.

    I like the costumes a lot, but even if I pick up Graces F I doubt I’d buy them.

  • A game we will never play….

    • goronyan

      say it for yourself, i would play this game even if i didn’t know japanese

      • Good for you goronyan but for myself and probably other people, we would rather know the story than just to get a game in a language we don’t know just because it looks cool. I’m not saying that your reason.

        • goronyan

          well there’s guides (a new wiki is going to be implemented after the game release), and a fan translation from what i searched, in the web to help with.
          I played a lot of games when I didn’t understand a word of japanese, it wasn’t a waste of time for me, and I really enjoyed them.
          Have you never played a game you wanted just because it was not released in your region?

          • Only for game such as SD Gundam G Generation and Super Robot Taisen. For me those kind of game doesn’t really require me to understand what’s going on mainly because those game are just bunch of series put into one game and it doesn’t really have a original story unless it’s Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation. Even though it’s a game in another language, I don’t even need to know what going on as I already watch the series (big mecha fan) Talking of guide, there was a full script translation for Tales of Rebirth (not patch but a script guide) and every single time theres a story event, I have to go through the guide to see what the hell they are saying. I got really sick of it after 8 hours of gameplay and I just gave up playing. Even though I enjoyed the game, I rather play the game naturally without going through any translation guide. So yeah I stopped trying to play JRPG that will never have a oversea release. I rather learn Japanese than to waste my time and money to buy a story driven game in another language I don’t understand. In the meantime, I’ll just wait till the wii version is fully translated. I already got the wii version on my shelf waiting to be played (friend lent me it because she finished it and know that there someone translating it).

          • nope. I plan on learning the language (taking classes in college) first although those play-asia ads are getting mighty tempting. i at least what to be able to read half of it, and I already can.

  • Spinsaku is the main character LOL

  • MrRobbyM


  • glemtvapen

    Strange. That hugging baby Sophie attachment unlocked my hidden paternal feelings…

    dawww :3

  • neocatzon

    Hmm… C.C cosplay lack of boobs

  • wharcraff

    Too bad they couldn’t give Pascal the School uniform from Code Geass. That would have rounded out the party. The toro outfit is ok..I guess.

  • I plan to let this game leave me broke :D (I know a localization is still a dream ;_;)

  • I’m seeing a double here! Eight Sophies!

  • ROFL to the small sphoe xD!

  • DemonicX

    And yet…we don’t get the game…
    Even if we did get the game, we definitely would not get the costumes..

    Bamco is definitely amazing…. -_-

  • Jesus I get it, you can cos-play in this game, why is it every week this seems to be news?

  • Souji Tendou

    They sure really love their Sophie. -_-What about my Cheria plushie…? Where is it…?

  • Where is my Rolo-Hubert? D:

  • Ahaha Yes MIKU!!!

  • I think I just had an overdose of Sophie…

  • Joanna

    I don’t know about others, but I would find playing with those costume too distracting during story scenes. It would be weird seeing either C.C. or Miku on her knees crying or whatever she is doing in that one screen shot in a different voice. Or the guys wearing watermelons while talking about really dire things like the destruction of the world. It’s be cool post-game or just for grinding though.

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