New Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Trailer Covers Almost Everything

By Ishaan . November 10, 2010 . 12:18am


We’ve covered Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in depth these past few weeks, focusing primarily on the game’s monsters, village, services, and Felynes. Capcom’s latest trailer for the game shows off little bits and pieces of each of these elements.


Portable 3rd is out December 1st on the PSP in Japan. Sony are even releasing a new PSP model in celebration of its release.

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  • Happy Gamer


  • jotun_of_greed


  • malek86

    Ugh, the demo has me craving for more. How long will we have to wait for an english release?

  • OMG, HOLY F*CKING SH*T, they outdid themselves this time O_O

  • The dessert ship battle..HOLY SHYT!!!!!! Thats gotta be more epic than the Lao Shan Long battle!!(and..somehow reminds me of Breathe of Fire IV)…

    • Guest

      That isn’t new you know.

  • ScarletNoKanashimi


  • Guest

    Still would like them to throw in American Godzilla as a goof. Or maybe even….Dinotank

  • Capcom I wonder how well the Wii version would have sold or a PS3 would sell. If you had put this much content, creativity, and effort into Tri or a HD game. Can the next numbered MH be a console game with portable content.

    • Console versions of Monster Hunter have always sold less than the Portable ones precisely because the latter live up to their namesake: they’re portable.

      Tri was pretty much as big as it could have possibly gotten on the Wii. I would expect an HD version to do about the same.

      • Guest

        Wrong about the Wii content. They could have added much more content. IIRC the games only about 2.??GB or 3.??GB. It doesn’t use up the full disc and its not even dual layer. So they could have added much more content to the Wii version.

        They decided to strip Tri down to some essentials because they wanted to sell it to people who never played it. They didn’t wanna overwhelm new players. They simplified Tri basically. I know a lot of people will complain but Tri was my first and I thought it was great and I loved it. I dont really think sub-species counts as more monsters anyways. Though the new ones in P3rd look great.

        • kactaplb

          Don’t know what people expect from wii games. If you compare tri to other wii games… I expect to see a wii 2.0 in a couple years.

          But anywho, mhp3 has had 3 previous games under its belt to perfect it on the psp system. I am guessing last one for the system. Next is ps3/psp2 mh?>

          • Guest

            Err what does your first half of your post mean…

    • D

      A console version would never sell as well with a portable version. don’t get me wrong, I brought MHtri, it was fun as one would expect form a monster hunter, but it didn’t have as much impact as it would have if I was playing it in a room with my friends in coop.

      I suppose in the end, a console version is all well and good, but I believe the biggest selling factor of MH was its portability. I hope the next games of this great series continue to be on handhelds.

  • Is it me or is there something different about the movie thing in the video that usually ends up as the OP of the game in terms of quality compared to previous installations? Somehow it looks more shiny and rubbery. Mind you that I watched it first in YouTube so the qualities of the video here and there are different.

  • Guest

    So much damn content. It insane. I feel like a chump since i never even got a +armor set in Tri or a weapon past green sharpness. Still, do want.

  • I wish I had this in my hands yesterday.

  • alundra311

    Man, I really wish the US version will be released in the first quarter of 2011.

    Is that Jinouga armor on 3:06?

  • Guest

    man i can’t wait wait to play against the new monsters and mhtri monsters on G*** rank. I always thought it was so fail that they didn’t add g rank on tri.

  • :’)

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