Got A Question For Rockin’ Android?

By Spencer . November 11, 2010 . 8:10pm


Oh, you do? Good timing because we’re preparing an interview with doujin publisher Rockin’ Android.


It can be about Crescent Pale Mist, their most recent release, but it doesn’t have to be. The floor is open for anything PS3 to PC. So, if you have a burning question please post it in the comments.

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  • Yeah I do.Ok so great game, etc,But why is the thing running at like 720x480p? With all of the enhancements that went into the PSN port, we couldn’t get the actual game at a higher resolution as well?

    • Resolution upgrades are way, way harder than you might think. Believe me, if the game’s a certain resolution, there’s very likely a reason for it.

  • Trotmeister

    Any hope for a XBLA release?

    • nyobzoo

      most likely not as their games are published by Sony Online Entertainment

    • XBLA has too many shmups. >8[

    • Nah. I managed to talk to them at A-Kon 21 this year (They had a table set up in the Dealers’ Room) and they said they are only releasing stuff for the PSN and not the XBLA because Sony personally came to them and requested them to start releasing stuff for the PSN.

  • Code

    rar, actually I do have a specific question for Rockin’ Android! Any console plans for Acceleration of Suguri? Honestly when Rockin’ Android first announced they were going to be putting games on PS3, this was the first game I thought of! And there’s nothing yet, it seems like it would have been one of the top picks T_T!!

    • PurpleDoom

      Yeah, I’d like to see Suguri Perfect Edition and Flying Red Barrel on PSN as well – it seems they’re putting QLIONE on PSN, though, so there’s a chance the rest of their back catalog may be released too.

  • Volcynika

    They’ve put out stuff on PC lately?

    • Gundemonium Collection.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I have a question myself. Are there any plans for getting some doujin fighters on the PS3? Because if so I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

  • Does Rockin’ Android have any plans on publishing more Doujin games for the PSN specifically JRPGs, Shmups, and Touhou games?

    • JustaGenericUser

      I believe ZUN said he never wants the Touhou games to become mainstream, which is why he turned down anime (IIRC he didn’t like that one fanmade anime made a while back), so we’ll probably never see an official localization unless he gets bribed a trillion dollars or something.

  • Kris

    Any chance of some small PSN demos?

  • godmars

    I’ve love to see them clean up titles. Make them more playable and be more than straight port of their PC versions.

    I mean I like Pale Mist, but the platforming is needlessly difficult. Way too loose.

  • Yukito

    I would like to know if they could also see if they could get the “Airrade” games on the PSN. I got a good amount of friends that would be very interested in it, the games are VERY beautiful, and some of the best flying fighters out there. Seeing those games in HD would be seriously amazing. I believe they would been to get in touch with Studio Siesta to work something out, but if they can, I would absolutely love that.

  • Ever thought about putting all the PC games you guys have published on Steam? I noticed SUGURI Perfect Edition (which I ordered a physical copy of) is on Direct 2 Drive, but I’ve heard that D2D isn’t too great.

  • Any chance we’ll get some more Platine Dispositif games before too long? Lord knows they have the back catalogue for it.

    Engage to Jabberwock and Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils are fantastic, and console ports of either would be instant buys. Are there any doujin games recently that you’ve seen and been impressed by enough to want to localise?

  • Rabid_the_Otaku

    Could you foresee RA ever publishing a new original work developed in the west or Japan from scratch?


    Any chance of getting some touhou fan games properly localised one day? (not the official ones lol, not much hope of that happening orz)

    • JustaGenericUser

      Haha, like I told someone else, ZUN doesn’t want Touhou going mainstream; if his official games won’t get localized I doubt fangames will.

      By the way, you can just edit your post if you make a mistake, you don’t have to post another reply.

  • JustaGenericUser

    First, I would like to second what somebody said about Bunny Must Die. For another doujin game, how about Rosenkreuzstilette? Although I would if Rosen would be okay since it’s a doujin game that plays like MegaMan.

    Also, if you’re forte is shmups how about a go at Gunners’ Heart? Its developer is EasyGameStation and one of their games, Recettear, was not only localized but sold to their expectations.

    • TrevHead

      I doubt well see Gunners Heart get a localisation. As its a fan game of a real ps2 game. In japan doujin is allowed as its seen as publicity for the original IP but I doubt the copyright owner would allow a full commercial release using their IP. Thats why many doujin wont ever see the light of day in the west.

      The question is that with doujin circles in the west able to get cash through localisation, will it stop them from releasing fan games, which is really what been doujin is all about.

      • JustaGenericUser

        Testing this. For some reason the comments are broken in the site on my end, so I’m trying to see if I can respond via the e-mail notification.

        I didn’t know Gunners’ Heart was a fangame! Well, that stinks.

        I doubt doujin games receiving money via the localizations will stop fangames. Doujin doesn’t necessarily have to be a fangame/fan comic. Recettear was a doujin game made by a doujin developer, but it’s an original game.


        – insert sig here

  • SupaPhly

    would it be possible to get visual-novels/dating-sim doujins (or mainstream) releases from you guys? (and on PSN if possible)

  • Yeah, two questions: Crescent Pale Mist localisation for PC when? (preferably boxed/retail) And are they considering the Eikyuu Loop (AqLoop) TWINS series? (they are very text heavy and all in japanese…) Oh, Steam releases with achievements and all the dice would be cool too.

  • Neckbear

    I got a little question…

    Do you plan releasing even more Doujin games on PSN?

    If so, do you think there’s a chance other Doujin publishers will be able to talk to SOE to release more Doujin games on PSN?

    Because, personally, I think PSN needs some indie/doujin support, and would like to see more Doujin ports on it.

    Also…SUGURI for PSN?

  • Please put everything on PC. Not really a question, but still. Please.

  • I would like to know are they going to stay with the 5.99 price for most of their future releases? The prices of their games are very reasonably priced compared to other things on the PSN and more people are willing to give the games a try.

  • TyeTheCzar

    If RA were permitted, it would be a good idea like someone said to tweak some of the game to make it more playable.

    More importantly, is it possible to see the games on Steam? It worked with Recettear wonderfully.

  • TrevHead

    Will they continue to support the PC like b4? or is rockin android just another company that will abandon the PC for console as soon as they have a market?

  • Seconding the “Will Rockin’ Android continue with their PC releases, perhaps through digital channels” question. I’d be very interested to see if they want to continue with that segment of the market.

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