The Last Story Console Bundle Has Awesome Artwork

By Spencer . November 17, 2010 . 11:05pm


Nintendo has high hopes for The Last Story. They believe Mistwalker’s game is big enough to get people to buy a Wii, which is why a hardware bundle is coming to stores too.


The Last Story console package comes with a standard white Wii, a Classic Controller Pro, and The Last Story for 25,800 yen ($310). Since Nintendo didn’t make a special console its aiming at new Wii owners. A standalone Wii, that is one without any game, retails for 20,000 yen ($240) in Japan.


Nintendo also has some sweet spoils for current Wii owners. First run copies of The Last Story include a visual book and a mini-soundtrack CD in a bonus called Elements of The Last Story.



The game comes out on January 27, 2011 in Japan.

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  • Code

    Wow, that is a really nice box >o>;;

  • I like what I see and I have faith in this game.

    By the way, you guys didn’t mention that Nobuo is the composer?

    • He’s the composer? Did they announce that already?

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, updated on Iwata Asks section on the Last Story website. *dies happy and stops Crying On*

        • joesz

          you should keep dying for a while:)Because Nobuo is going to turn this game into an artistic piece.Even If the game had some bad gameplay,etc..,With Nobuo’s music you will still feel like you are walking on Nobuo’s epic mustache.

          • Aoshi00

            well, I have high hopes for this, Sakaguchi is one of the reasons I still haven’t given up on JRPGs, thank god he’s still making games. I don’t think his music would be squandered like FF13 (not knocking it, just that the music didn’t evoke memorable scenes if there was any)

          • Tokyo Guy

            I actually feel that the battle music in FF13 was quite possibly one of the best in the entire series. Additionally, I liked the music for the Obera village, and for the Sunlith Waterscape (or whatever that forest area was called). Don’t ask me about any of the other tracks however, they were all totally forgettable.

          • Like Tokyo Guy Said, Blinded By Light was an incredibly good track, probably in my top 5 fave FF Battle themes. Oerba Village’s BGM was hauntingly good, as well as Lightning’s Theme, The Sunlith, and The Whitewood Forest themes. Snow’s theme was decent, but I can see how it’d be unmemorable. Defiers of Fate also wasn’t a bad remix of BbL

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t disagree, those are some of my favorite tracks for the FF13 OST too, I ripped all FF OSTs to my PS3 and listen to them from time to time, I even use it as custom soundtrack for Sports Champion when playing Ping Pong :) I like the Serah ver in the flashback scene too on the beach. I could listen to those tracks you mentioned and never get bored.

            I really like the drama CD that came w/ the first print FF13 OST too, they acted out the first chapter of the prologue novel. I wish they could’ve done the other 6 chapters, I would’ve bought it even if it’s on another separate CD. Well.. I’m getting FF13 Int’l, so I guess that would give me another chance to listen to the soundtrack again playing the game (I want the epilogue novel)

        • That’s awesome!! But but I don’t want to get my hopes up… not until NOA formally announces this. That and Xenoblade…

          and um… DQVI

          …ok, we’re probably not getting this are we?

          • Aoshi00

            Let’s hope Reggie doesn’t get in the way :)

  • That’s one beautiful box case.

  • joesz

    Interesting….The characters hold a strong resemblance to the characters of White Knight Chronicles

    • Aoshi00

      Really? I think both the original drawings and 3D models look nothing alike for WNC and Last Story. WNC’s chars are so generic and creepy looking.. The heroine reminds me a bit of Furiae too in her white garb. This is like Drakengard’s art except even more detailed, and I’m happy they push the Wii to its limit to do this game justice.

      • joesz

        Yes,you may be right but still the main character strikes a strong resemblance to Lenord.

  • Guest

    I would like that box art on a shirt

    • Roses4Aria

      This^^ If I had the extra money, I might buy another Wii just for the sake of owning that box. :)

      • Aoshi00

        I hope the artwork on the box is in the bonus artbook too, so beautiful. Tiger FTW :)

  • glemtvapen

    Holy crap, that box art is beautiful.
    It sucks that we just get a normal bundle with a white Wii instead of a special Wii with the art emblazoned on the side. That would’ve been so awesome that it will compel me to drop $350. Alas tis not so.

    • Aoshi00

      I know right, just “a regular white Wii” like the Tales of Graces bundle (would be awful if someone bought that buggy mess though), come on, are they even trying? I alrdy have a US white and Jpn black Wii, if this has some cool design on the system itself I would consider collecting it.. just the art on the box won’t cut it.

      The visual artbook is pre-order bonus for the game, not just the Wii bundle right? I’m going w/ NCSX to make sure I get these goodies.

      • Tokyo Guy

        You know it’s funny because stores like NCS will give you the impression that these bonus items are hard to come by, but many times you can walk into a game store days or even weeks after release and still be able to get the premium item(s). I still remember one of the Sofmap stores had the Zelda Spirit Tracks stylus weeks after the release. They had like 12 of them just sitting on the shelves (then again so too were the actual copies of the game…).

        Even IN Japan the companies try and get you to pre-order and hype how you MUST pre-order to get the item, yet it’s all just for show. I have not once experienced a situation wherein I didn’t get something from not pre-ordering. (For reference, I only pre-order major things like consoles).

        • Aoshi00

          Well, not everyone is currently living in Jpn like you, nor can I order from Amazon Jpn since they don’t ship games outside Japan. I stick w/ NCSX because Play-Asia doesn’t guarantee pre-order bonuses, like I didn’t get the mini-soundtrack w/ my pre-order of Xenoblade or Nier Replicant. Well, I bought the full soundtracks for both games, but still it would’ve been cool if they threw in the bonus. Like I said, if you could be a good sport and help us import and at a reasonable price, then I’m all for it. Otherwise for us who don’t live in Jpn, online stores is our only choice, and NCSX is one of the more reliable ones I trust (along w/ Play-Asia, yes-asia, or AmiAmi). I tried ebay too sometimes but price is not good, and I can’t get the Jpn sellers on yahoo auction to ship overseas either, they think it’s too much of a hassle even when I write to them in Jpn..Comparing to Jpn is moot too, it’s like gamers from Europe can’t take advantage of Amazon US’s deals and they pay more premium importing (w/ customs and all).

          • Tokyo Guy

            Oh I wasn’t trying to brag about being in Japan or anything like that. I was just commenting that NCS apparently gets screwed over by its suppliers quite easily, because it is always getting poor ratios for the premium items, yet those items never seem to be in short supply here save for rare occasions.

            As for importing, I would be happy to help but the price would be the same as NCS and other stores given the exchange rate and the shipping costs. Possibly more. Stores like NCS don’t pay the retail price for their merchandise because they have arrangements with their distributors. They get a discount and thus even though their price might be more-or-less what the actual retail price here would convert to, they are making a profit. (This is not always the case when the distributors try to play pricing games with hot items like new consoles).

            So if a game costs 8,000 yen here, that would be $100 for the game given the current exchange rate, and then another $20 for the shipping assuming you wanted express. NCS, on the other hand, might have that same game for $80 including shipping, but they only had to pay say, $40.

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly what I was saying, either way importing is going to cost us an arm and a leg unless one lives in Jpn, you get Sofmap and we have Kmart here for discounts and points. I don’t know how hard is it for NCSX to get LE or pre-order bonuses from their suppliers, but I like the fact they’re always very up front about it whether it’s 1:1 ratio, or if not I would request them not to process my order, unlike Play-Asia you really have no say other than luck. If you order later after release days, the chances of getting those bonuses are even slimmer unless it’s a first print copy left over in their stock. You just seem to mention you could always get games new or used for much cheaper at your local store, sure that goes w/o saying but doesn’t apply to us, if I live in Jpn I would order from Amazon Jpn w/ discounts and free shipping too. I actually don’t mind importing too much, but the recent strong yen has driven up prices for all the sites, like a game that cost $64.90 is like $80 now. I usually go w/ YesAsia for the free shipping, unless P-A has good coupons to cancel out their shipping, like their upcoming Christmas $8 or $12 ones. But if I really want to secure my bonus, NCSX is my best bet, because they always reply to my e-mails right away, and they always ship to me in 1 day w/ UPS ground because they’re in NY and I’m in NJ.When I do order directly from Jpn, I almost always never chose EMS either, just too expensive, I don’t mind getting things a bit slower to save a couple of bucks. That’s why I don’t buy CDs or DVDs from Amazon Jpn anymore, the mandatory EMS shipping killed it for me, Yes Asia w/ the free shipping gives much better pricing but again they don’t guarantee bonus (unless you specifically ask them). There is a Book Off in midtown NY, but their selection of used games and movies isn’t that great..

          • RupanIII

            Yea EMS is pricey, so if I really want to import CDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray I usually tally them up and wait and just try to put one large order together at CD Japan or Amazon JapanBook-Off! My friend and I look for CDs there sometimes. Like you said game selection isn’t great. Have you been to Video Games NY in the Village? I haven’t been but my friend tells me they have some rare stuff, but are expensive. There was one place I used to go to, they had branches in Brooklyn and Manhattan, can’t remem the name, it probably went out tho, this was back before the internet made it easy to order online. It’s more personal buying at a small shop but the prices aren’t much diff than online, usually more :I stopped using eBay a long time ago, it got tiring dealing with all the bootlegs and scams. There used to be more US based shops but now yea it’s basically like NCS/Play-Asia/Yes-Asia for import games

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I go w/ CD Jpn too when they give me points for my b-day :), but nowadays I just get my OSTs, movies, or manga (the ones not stocked by NY’s Kino) from YesAsia as well because the price ends up to be the best w/ free shipping over $40, and you could order so many items thru them.. like there are two manga I’m reading, Takkoku (the Ping Pong love comedy by they guy who did The Law of Ueki) or Btooom! (Dodonpachi and Guwange’s artist), nobody else stocks them at all.I haven’t been to Village in a while.. Book Off neither ever since they moved up a couple of blocks, and since my place is running out of room, I stopped buying those $1 used manga lol.. Ebay is OK for getting rare stuffs, like my 360 faceplates, I can’t get them anywhere else. I also used those 3 online stores, plus added AmiAmi to my list, sometimes for LE stuffs, their price ends up being the best. You know what’s amazing is NCSX, Yes Asia, or AmiAmi don’t skimp on their packing at all, they pack those stuffs w/ multiple layers of bubble wraps like a mummy and then stuff it in another bubbled envelope. P-A is okay but their shipping is a bit slow sometimes..

            But NCSX is still the most clear on the availability of pre-order bonus even though a bit more expensive than Y-A/P-A, so I’ll have to get Last Story from them just to be safe (even though I have like $40 store credit w/ P-A, but I need to wait for their holiday coupons, every penny counts lol..)

        • Code

          Lucky, I’ve often missed out on stuff even when I HAVE had a preorder TmT; Preorder gifts — at least here, you have to really be on the up&up to make sure you get it usually.

  • This game makes me want to buy a Wii…..oh well.

  • papuruka

    Wow, the box art is breath-taking.

    Anyone know who the character designer/illustrator for this game is?

  • that is one sexy package

  • Darn if it was the WIi Console with that design…then I would have literally decided to invest in another Wii, lol.

  • Soma

    That box art is nice enough to frame.
    In fact, I may have to import this Wii once it’s released and do just that!
    Plus, having a NTSC-J Wii will open all kinds of other import options.

  • Game NEEDS an artbook. Make it happen, Mistwalker/Nintendo.

    • Aoshi00

      I’ll buy it like the Drakgengard artbook/guide, in case they’re not releasing an official one, I definitely don’t want to miss this pre-order bonus.

  • PrinceHeir

    will they still localize Xenoblade? i mean it feels like it suddenly just drop out of the radar.

    please localize Xenoblade also

    • Will they still? When did they ever officially say they were going to localize Xenoblade?

      • puchinri

        I thought it was announced a while back? I know Xenoblade popped up for a while on Gamestop’s site too and it’s on Amazon (it was pulled from Gamestop though).

        • PurpleDoom

          Yeah, it was announced at E3 2009 under the Monado: Beginning of the World title. It had an awesome trailer to go with it, too.

          • puchinri

            But it was announced for Japan at that time, right?
            I thought we had it announced for NA at one point, but maybe not.
            (I’m pretty sure they’ve mentioned something about localization at least once though.)

      • Showing a game at E3 implies it will be localized.

        • HarryHodd

          Disaster Day of Crisis was shown at E3 and it never came over.

          • Something’s wrong with Nintendo.

          • I think the market conditions do not favor a game such as Disaster, nor Xenoblade…

    • Honest opinions needed: Was/is this game as good as it was hyped to be?

      • OneOkami

        IMHO, Xenoblade is Tetsuya Takahashi’s best work yet. Its also quite a meaty game if you go for all the sidequests and optional bosses.

        In short: YES!

    • MrRobbyM

      I want it too. Almost more than The Last story :/

    • Darkrise

      Actually, they did say they were localizing it and it was apparantly stated as TBA 2010 yet we heard nothing… So I guess we’re getting it next year?

  • cj_iwakura

    This title reminds me of another series that Sakaguchi created, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

  • Tokyo Guy

    I really hope this game is going to do well, but I fear that Nintendo has so badly “catered” the Wii market to non-gamers, that just as with Xenoblade, The Last Story might be glossed over and forgotten about in the blink of an eye.

    • vadde939

      The sad thing is this game probably won’t do well. There’s no denying that the Wii has a pretty bad reputation as a ‘core’ gamers system so when it does get core games (even ones as amazing as this and Xenoblade) they always struggle to sell. Nintendo ruined the Wiis image with its first few years on the market consisting of practically nothing but first-party releases and piles of shovelware and cheap Wii Sports ripoffs. Nintendo marketing to the ‘casual’ gamers and ignoring ‘core’ gamers and third party developers didn’t help either. Fast forward to 2010 and the Wii is getting some core third party releases ( I guess the user base was getting too huge to ignore) but with the exception of a few successes like MH Tri and Goldeneye they sell terribly. Even first party releases aren’t doing as well as they used to if Other Ms apparently ‘disappointing’ sales are any indication. And even the fickle ‘casuals’ seem to be getting bored of the Wii. Yesterday I was in EB games and overheard a middle aged mother with young children (exactly who Nintendo want to sell to these days) say “Looks like you can buy wii games here. Not like it’s worth buying though.” No joke. As much as I love Nintendo It’s hard to deny that the horrid way they handled the Wii has pretty much killed the consoles entire fanbase ‘casual’ and ‘core’ alike.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yes…it’s just as noticeable here in Japan. There is such a dearth of crap out for the Wii that I think most gamers simply tune out the console entirely. Nintendo has really been able to redeem itself financially at the expense of its integrity with the real gaming market. Goldeneye hasn’t released here, and no one will buy it if it does given the nature of the game.You are right-it’s really too little too late for Nintendo. These top tier games should have been releasing all along, not at the end of the console’s lifespan. I maintain that, while the 3DS will be an excellent platform, the 3D issue itself is no doubt going to be a total gimmick, just like the touch screen was. The technology that Nintendo is using (or rather, Sharp is producing for the units) has been out here for a few years. Hitachi had a mobile phone out years ago that use the same type of screen. Fujitsu has released two 3D digital cameras that have used the same screen type. Sharp itself has TWO different (horribly underwhelming) smartphones coming out here next month that make use of the 3D screen technology. And to be quite honest, it’s terrible. You have to look at certain angles and it induces some eye strain (at least for me).

        It’s a total gimmick that companies think will appeal to people just because it’s different, but just as 3D televisions have failed to perform, so too will this in becoming mainstream. (It’s interesting to consider that only the Asian-specifically Japanese-electronics companies are really pushing 3D).

        The 3DS might have a bit of trouble gaining as large a customer base at its price however, as it is quite expensive for a portable system and considering most of Nintendo’s audience is under 18, their parents won’t be so eager to spend 25,000yen on a new toy, especially when it looks just like the DS. (On that note, I think Nintendo has a problem in that too many people will see the 3DS as little more than a DS with a 3D screen. It needs to really push the other features to legitimize it as a valid new purchase.)

        I mean, just look at the sales of the DSi LL **after** the price drop as opposed to before.

        • vadde939

          Yeah the 3D in the 3DS is only a gimmick. It’s 100% optional, you can turn it completely off so it is only going to be used for pretty visual effects and can’t be used for any gameplay mechanics like people seem to be getting excited about. Personally I think this is a very good thing as 3D gives me headaches and I plan on playing with it completely off or on very low. The 3D really doesn’t add anything to the system though I can’t really agree about the DS touchscreen being a gimmick though when games like The World Ends With You would be impossible without it. I also don’t think that all games will even use 3D as Konami talked about how Love Plus 3DS was going to be entirely in ‘book mode’ which doesn’t work with 3D but was changed to be partly held sideways in book mode and partly normal. (couldn’t resist giving the otaku 3D girls to lust over? *shudders*) The price is definitely a bit high for the 3DS and will probably alienate a lot of people. I live in Australia (where games and consoles are crazy expensive) so the 3DS being so expensive in Japan has me worried about just how high they’ll jack up the price for Aus. I’m still really excited for it though. If the impressive lineup of games that have already been annouced before release is any indication the 3DS will be a really awesome system.

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t know how they price things in Australia.. the 3DS would most likely be $250 in the US and 250 Euro for Europe (they got the PS3 for 600 Euro at launch right?). lol, Love Plus 3D would be one of my main reason for getting a 3DS at launch, otherwise I would just wait for the eventual XL or something.. I just got the Mario XL and am loving it, Layton is so easy to see now.

          • vadde939

            Both the DSi XL and the Wii are priced at $299 AU which is about $295 US. Nintendo Australia are not a fan of price drops (the Wii got its first ever Aus price drop just recently it used to be around $400 AU) and I expect the 3DS to be more expensive than the XL so we’re looking at around $350 AU ($345 US). Not nice at all.

    • Kaishounashi

      Xenoblade actually managed to have some pretty good legs. Last time it appeared on media-create/famitsu charts it was on 120k, but these days, Sinobi said it’s already on 170k, which is almost as good as Xenosaga 3(181k) managed. Perhaps, Xenoblade can even surpass it, since there is the holidays. Anyway, Last Story looks like a much bigger project, so, who knows.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I think it’s a shame the artwork from the box is nowhere to be found on the Wii itself. Nintendo should include a framed poster or something of that drawing as a bonus to anyone who buys the set. It’s fantastic.

  • Tokyo Guy

    You know this actually made me think about the “real” Final Fantasy series for a second. When has Tetsuya Nomura ever made a piece like this for any of the FF games? I can’t seem to recall. There are tons of CG montages, but nothing like this with actual artwork.

  • gatotsu911

    Not gonna lie, I drooled a little bit.

  • Aiddon

    dammit, I already have a Wii

    • Wiis are so cheap, might as well just buy a second one.

      • Aoshi00

        Not when you import one from Jpn at the current exchange rate, which is like doubling the price at least.. but this is just a regular white Wii though, even the FF13 360 had a FF logo engraved HDD and a faceplate (unfortunately not a very well made one…)

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Gorgeous artwork for a gorgeous game. And I gotta say, Eyepatch is becoming my new #1 hawt-guy (well, he and Minato will have to share 1st place). Ooo, I want that artbook as well!

    • Aoshi00

      Eyepatch is the hawt guy and Siren (tattoo girl) is my hawt chick :)

  • god i so want this stateside T__T

  • Is it just me, or does the main protagonist look alot like Nowe from Drakengard 2?!?

  • Joanna

    I really hope this game does well. Sakaguchi deserves it.

    I also really hope we get this game here with those nice preorder bonuses. :3

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