Voice Of Doraemon Returns As Danganronpa’s Antagonist

By Ishaan . November 20, 2010 . 3:00pm


Voice-actress Nobuyo Oyama, 74, is best known for being the voice of Doraemon, whom she voiced for 25 years. Then, in 2005, in celebration of  Doraemon’s 25th anniversary, a new anime series debuted with updated character designs and new voice-actors to match.


Oyama is now making her return as the creepy-but-cute Mono-Bear in Danganronpa, it was recently revealed during a press conference in Japan. Mono-Bear is, of course, vastly different from Doraemon in personality, but judging by the trailers we’ve seen, Oyama’s doing just fine.


Image sourced from Mantan-Web. More at the link.

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  • Hope that it will get localize though.. *fingers crossed*

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    It’s good to see the elderly find success in an industry driven by youth. I was fortunate enough to read Doraemon as a kid, and watch the show, though without Oyama’s memorable voice. :(

    • Aoshi00

      Doh! I thought she was dead that’s why they replaced her… good to see she’s still genki. The lady is actually a kick ass Arkanoid player, she was at the event when the DS game came out w/ the paddle :)http://kotaku.com/203800/the-lady-that-voiced-doraemon-pwns-arkanoidEveryone missed her as the iconic Doraemon.. just like nobody is good enough to replace Nozawa Masako as the Jpn Goku/Gohan.Speaking of bears, Yamaguchi Kappei (Ranma, L in Death Note) was pretty awesome as Teddy/Kuma in Persona 4 too.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Totally random fact right there with the arkanoid! XDXDYea I don’t know any other seiyuu that was big at some point who’s that old.

        EDIT: Argh I would never know what you’re talking about in P4 because I only have the English version. Also, Nozawa Masako is in her 70s?!

    • Velma Dinkley’s VA is 44 and well…we all know how attractive Velma is <3

      btw, Is my name purple to anyone else?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Velma is a total cutie, with or without those over-sized glasses and heavy sweater. Are you implying that 44 is elderly? I hope not because that means being in your 20s is middle aged.

        You’re name is Mark Shaver as far as I can tell.
        (no it doesn’t look purple XD)

        • Just that, had I not looked it up, I never would’ve known that 15yo Sex Goddess Velma Dinkley was voiced by someone almost 30 years her senior. That’s some serious skills.

          • Aoshi00

            But most seiyuu are older than the anime chars they voice right (at least for the veterans who’ve been in the business for years) and anime chars are mostly in their teens. Tanaka Mayumi (Pazu in Laputa) is 55 and still sounds as energetic as ever as Kururin and Luffy, Nozawa Masako’s still voicing Goku/Gohan in her 70’s, Furuya Toru (Tuxedo Mask) in his late 50’s could still voice Amuro Ray and sound pretty much the same, Vegeta is in his early 50’s too (but his voice is starting to crack and get raspy when he needs to yell in Kai, definitely not as young as the Vegeta from 20 yrs ago). But mostly seiyuu could still do their job even when they get older. The ones that I’m familiar w/ aren’t getting any younger either, just like the movie stars I grew up w/ (Arnold is 63 now, crazy), just reminds me of myself not getting younger..I saw the old lady who voiced Snow White, she was invited to some show and asked to do the high voice, that was a little disturbing.

            The older seiyuu were so unique though, not that there aren’t good seiyuu these days, but you don’t have unique voices like Furuya Tohru, Suzuoki Hirotaka, or Ikeda Shuuichi anymore, their voices were classic and instantly recognizable.

            P.S. your handle does look purple to me, it’s a link.

          • I know what you mean, though those are japanese. It’s a lot weirder, imo, when it’s an English VA. A lot of Jap Chars are either Badass or highpitched (at least in the generic animes running around), though I’m definitely not an expert.

          • Aoshi00

            The thing is voice actors (both Eng and Jpn) could still sound relatively the same and voice characters younger than their age even as they get older, because unlike actors in movies they don’t need to appear on screen, they just need to “sound” young. Like Toy Story 3, it’s been 15 yrs since the first one, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen still sound the same as Woody and Buzz. Or Linda Hamilton in the Jonah Hex animated short that’s on the Batman Under the Red Hood blu-ray, she could still voice a very young female character and she’s 54 now. If you ask her to reprise the role as Sarah Connor on screen, it wouldn’t be possible. But doing a voice for animated features, they could still pull off a young role convincingly. It’s the same for Jpn VAs, these are professional voice actors w/ true skills and experience we’re talking about (at least not the younger idol ones)Of course the older seiyuu have to relinquish the younger roles to the next generation of seiyuu as they move on to the more mature roles (or retire and disappear from the business), like for example Katsuki Masako (Tsunade in Naruto), she used to voice teenage girls back in the days, but her voice is more mature now so she voices more mature roles (she’s the Jpn voice for Chloe in Uncharted 2). Also keep in mind a lot of Jpn seiyuu don’t just do anime voices, they dub many Hollywood live action movies too.

          • I can’t help but to notice that you mentioned Amuro’s, Bright’s and Char’s seiyuus.

            I was quite surprised when I played SRW and they sound just like the old anime. It’s hilarious when I found out how they got their roles when I read Gundam Sousei

          • Aoshi00

            They just came to my mind when I thought about veteran seiyuu, and their voices were so cool and iconic (nowadays sometimes you can’t tell one guy from another). Camille (Tobita Nobuo) sounded similar too, but slight more mature, when they redid the Zeta Gundam movies several years ago.I love Furuya’s Kasuga Kyousuke (Kimagure Orange Road) and Suzuoki’s Shiryu (Saint Seiya) the most. How did they land their Gundam roles? I remember Suzuoki said he was 28 when he auditioned for Bright, and that was considered pretty old since lots of seiyuu started young. I really missed Suzuoki’s voice (RIP). They did this new Urusei Yatsura/Ranma/Inuyasha OVA for Shounen Sunday’s 50th anniversary, and Kuno just doesn’t sound the same w/o him (he was replaced by Tsujitani Kouji (Miroku in Inuyasha)..Yea, their voices don’t change that much, but sometimes you could still hear they don’t sound as young as 20-30 yrs ago, like Furukawa Toshio’s Ataru in Lum, he definitely sounds older because he’s 64 now (or if you compare to Sakamoto, Godai’s best friend, in Maison Ikkoku), and he’s still voicing Piccolo in DB Kai, veterans indeed :) Actually I’m impressed w/ most of the Dragonball cast reprising their roles for Kai after so long (even though they are games all these years in which they sound a little off), Tsuru Hiromi still sounds really young as Bulma. Tenshinhan was replaced though since Suzuoki passed away (of course Roshi too) by Midorikawa Hikaru who needs to do double roles since he is android No. 16.

          • Since Gundam Sousei is a very over the top retelling of the challenges faced by Tomino and co, it might be exaggerated, but Ikeda was auditioning for Amuro’s while he was drunk and flunked it badly.
            Then Tohru showed him the audition script for Gundam and he immediately had a glimpse of Char and said, with eyes glimmering “This character is for me!” and suddenly became sober.
            Long story shot, he immediately got Char’s role.

            Sadly, I can’t bring myself to watch DragonBall Kai because I still remember the pain of my childhood, where 1 episode of DragonBall is equivalent to 5 seconds in real life.

            *Goku looks at Frieza*
            *screen rotates*
            *Goku breathes in*
            *Goku readies for an attack*
            To be continued

            I don’t really have much information on seiyuus since I read mangas rather than watching anime, but seiyuus that can a voice a younger person on top of my head is Megumi Hayashibara. She’s 43 and voices a 14/15 year old girl? Wow

          • Aoshi00

            Oh yea, now I remember, they were drinking buddies, and I remember how Tohru always wanted to be Char instead of Amuro, I think he even wanted to be the cool Shiryu instead of the hot blooded Seiya in Saint Seiya :)

            You should give the re-edited DB Kai a try, it’s very fast paced like Toriyama’s original manga. The reason why it was so dragged out was because Toei needed to make one episode out of every manga chapter when they were running simultaneously during the original run (usually it’s one episode to 2-3 chapters of manga). I still liked the old series though, had lots of good memories since I used to read and watch it every week, but the new Kai is like the best of the anime w/o the fillers and dragging on. Right now it’s on episode 82 and Trunks is alrdy facing Perfect Cell, in Z it was episode 162.

            Hayashibara Megumi was okay, she was never one of my favs mostly because I didn’t like much of the anime she was the main char for like Slayers, and she just sounded obnoxious most of the time. I liked her girl Ranma though, Ayanami Rei was okay. I think she has done mostly older roles in recent years as well, like the aunt in Love Hina, it doesn’t seem like she’s even voice acting much now. Some seiyuu just fade from the industry sooner. I love Ogata Megumi though (as Shinji), looking forward to the other 2 Eva movies, she’s very talented, her voice is mesmerizing.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Yup yup. Like Aoshi said, seiyuu are almost always older than their characters. Heck, young male anime protagonists are often voiced by women. Or in a non-anime case, so is Bart Simpson. I try not to think about it too much beyond initial recognition when I’m watching though… takes me out of the experience.

            Oh, and I didn’t realize if you were asking if your name was a link or not, sorry. I hadn’t clicked on it so it wasn’t purple to me.

          • Aoshi00

            A lot of VAs sound like chipmunks if you see their faces doing the funny cartoon/anime char voices. Nancy Cartwright is okay.. Yeardley Smith (Lisa) in real life actually sounds the most annoying, she was in Jack Nicholson’s “As good as it gets” (when the gay guy got mugged in his apartment, she was the relative that tended to him). I’ve also seen the VAs for Homer, Skinner, and Moe/Apu in movies too, Skinner was in Godzilla, and Homer was in Pursuit of Happiness, and Hank Azaria is in most movies, like Great Expectations, Godzilla, or, Run Fat Boy Run.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Why does she remind me of Hiroshi Fujioka? They don’t even look alike! (do they?)

    I want Danganronpa. Bad.

  • joesz

    tasukete~~ her smile is creeping me out with that doll in her hands.

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