NIS America’s President Comments On Imageepoch Partnership

By Spencer . November 30, 2010 . 9:49pm

imageAs you may have heard, NIS America is partnering with Imageepoch to bring their games to the West. Here’s what Haru Akenaga, President of NIS America, had to say about working the relationship.


“I am excited about revealing the announcement that we are going into a partnership with Imageepoch. I am attracted by their philosophy of creating games," Akenaga said. "Imageepoch is already a distinguished videogame developer in Japan. Not only that, but it is my firm belief that their future titles will fascinate JRPG fans in the US and Europe in the near future.”


Imageepoch’s future games include a Type-Moon project, an RPG with a famous creator, an original simulation RPG, and a classic series made adapted into a JRPG.


None of Imageepoch’s games have been announced for North America at this time.

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  • You tell ’em, Haru-san! He’s awesome! Mwahahaha!

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    “Imageepoch is already a distinguished videogame developer in Japan.”

    I’m sure they’re believe that as well. A little too much, perhaps. Teasing 4 games with nothing but working titles at a fancy reveal conference promising the future is like an auto company pulling the cover off their revolutionary new model at a car show only to reveal an over-sized nameplate where the car’s suppose to be.

    Though you’ve disappointed me, Imageepoch, I still have high hopes for you.

    • Uh. No they didn’t they promised new JRPG titles, which they are delivering on. You read into that what you wanted and was disappointed by what you thought that meant.

      • they also released those games complete with trailers, 1 has a definite release date and collcectors edition, and the others have tenative dates already; id say that is a bit differant thant what your describing

        • /Headesk I said exactly that. Did you even understand my post or were you just so anxious to add your two cents you didn’t bother to try and comprehend it?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I said nothing about them not delivering on their *final* product. If I didn’t think they’re going to deliver I wouldn’t say “I still have high hopes”. Nor did I say anything about the 3 they did properly show. I’m just disappointed the tease of 8 led to a tease of 5 (4 if you don’t consider an image and a song to be teasing).

        With the commotion they stirred up from the teaser and invitation only conference, was it illogical that I expected them to actually *show each one* beyond a working title and a blurb? Even Ishaan said they were going to “show off no less than eight different projects”, so I assumed they were going to give more than 3 out of 8 titles a proper look/cg trailer or something like Nomura’s FNS XIII trailer *at least*.

        Not saying the ones shown don’t count or they’re going to be bad, but for such brash words (JRPG 2nd Stage) and a well dressed event… it was more than a little underwhelming. In my mind the 5 mystery titles could easily have been twitter updates, so were the remaining 3 titles really worth the special outing?

        • I never said you did. I said you were being needlessly over dramatic and complaining because what they have done so far hasn’t met up to your standards.

    • gatotsu911

      Imageepoch is like Level-5’s evil cousin. They share the same workmanlike mentality toward game design, but L5 still manages to produce some original and high-quality games while imageepoch produces nothing but pandering, derivative, unambitious and thoroughly mediocre titles.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Level-5’s games are also thoroughly mediocre, I’d say, but I will agree that they tend to put out better produced games.

        • gatotsu911

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy about Level-5 either, but at the very least Dragon Quest VIII-IX and the Professor Layton games (even if they’re all basically the same) are pretty good, and Layton in particular is downright innovative. Contrast that to imageepoch, who have not put out a single noteworthy or particularly original game.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Alright, that’s fair. The only game I’ve really liked from Imageepoch is ARF, and it, admittedly, feels like a bunch of other games taken apart and put back together to form another.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        At least when Level 5 promises a bunch of reveals at their event they *actually have something to show for each one*.

        As for Imageepoch games being mediocre… who knows, maybe with the next 5 they’ll turn a new leaf… that’s what I hoped for, but until we see *anything* we won’t know.

        • gatotsu911

          Based on what has been seen of their latest announcements, I highly doubt any leaf-turning will be taking place. One need only look at the embarrassingly archaic graphics and shameless borderline-plagiarism of their Final Fantasy Tactics ripoff to see that the company is not changing direction at all.

          But hey, it’s not like there aren’t still some good JRPG developers, e.g. Monolith Soft, Mistwalker and Atlus. Give your money and interest to them instead of these hacks.

          • I’d say FFT is a ripoff of Tactics Ogre, but then again, that’s like saying every FPS ever is a ripoff of the first FPS. There’s always some common ground between games of the same genre.

          • gatotsu911

            Actually, no, that’s like saying that Kid Icarus is a ripoff of Metroid, because like those games, Tactics Ogre and FF Tactics were made by the exact same people. “Chevalier Saga Tactics” is, to the best of my knowledge, not being created by the same people as Final Fantasy Tactics, and is going well out of its way to look, sound and play almost EXACTLY like FFT. We’re talking Video Brinquedo ( levels of originality here.

          • Right… so, following what you saidwhen you replied to NickD, all games are a ripoff of… pacman, space invaders… pin-pon, because they werent made by the same creators… All games derived from there are complete ripoff!! All shooter games are rip off of space invaders, because they shoot stuff!, all mario games are ripoff of pac man, because he goes around collecting coins!! AND JUST LIKE PAC MAN, HE CAN GET STARS AND BECOME INMORTAL FOR A WHILE (like when pac man takes the big ball and becomes inmortal for a while)…Seriously, why you thing we are how are in the world? Because people take ideas that arleady exist, that were created by others, and make them better in someway, or adapt them to the new genereations, etc… not everything is a ripoff of everything…

          • gatotsu911

            The only response I am going to give this comment is that it made me laugh. A little. On the inside. Any further response will be a waste of my time.

          • because Square is really pushing out new FFT/Tactics Ogre games for consoles these days…

            calling plagiarism is a bit much and if you’re just looking off a few screenshots, you can’t tell anything about the game.

          • gatotsu911

            Dude. Watch the trailer for Chevalier Saga Tactics (also, laugh at the name). Then watch a few trailers/videos of FFT. Everything from the interface to the character design to the music to the freaking BACKGROUNDS is shamelessly mimicking FFT (only it’s all worse). This isn’t a case of “oh, those games are kind of similar”, this is a case of “wow, those games are ASTONISHINGLY similar”.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I would givve my money to Monolith and Mistwalker… if Nintendo lets me.

          • gatotsu911

            Likewise. I sincerely hope they will.

          • Good, better stay quiet, than saying more idiotic things. Talking about a game when you havent even see gameplay of it… *sigh* people these days.

            “Omg a strategy rpg, and in the trailer, there were these guys and they had to move in squares!. What a ripoff! they even moved by turns! Oh noes!”

          • Im glad I dont get into these kerfuffles anymore, lol, though then again my name’s Bennett and I aint in it.

          • gatotsu911

            “Good, better stay quiet, than saying more idiotic things.”

            I’m glad you picked up on my drift. Now if only you’d follow through on that commitment.

  • Hours

    Release Luminous Arc 3………… @[email protected]

    • Agreed… Luminous Arc is Imageepoch’s only series of theirs I’m familiar with and I really enjoyed the first two outings, would love to play the third. I also heard their game 7th Dragon was fantastic, and I wouldn’t have any problems seeing that one brought over as well. Hopefully NISA will pick them both up along with Imageepoch’s newly announced titles for localizations!

      …and in their “free” time they can continue to slowly hack away at localizing La Pucelle: Ragnarok secretly, waiting for the right time to surprise me with an english release announcement… *sigh* Oh NISA, how you toy with my emotions…

    • epy

      and Last Ranker… pretty please?

    • superdry

      As much I would love to see LA3 here…NIS, XSEED or Atlus would need to secure licensing rights from Marvelous.

      Maybe Ignition could pick up LA3 on the cheap. haha.

      • Guest

        I’d rather wait for a fan-translation then have Ignition ever touch Luminous Arc 3.

        EDIT – I originally put tough instead of touch…I need to slow down.

        • Fan Translations are against the license granted to the user via the terms of service…

          • Exkaiser

            Ain’t no terms of service where we’re goin’, boyo.

          • Its not like most of the people would buy the game in jap, so, better than nothing. At least i think that doing so wont hurt them, because is not like they would gain anything, unless, of course, they give the rights to localize the game, but most probably the people working on the Fan Translation stop after hearing news like that, or just stop midway, or just translate menus, so meh.

            But Tales Of fans are really going with all their might with the fans translations, its freaking namco bandai’s fault for doing nothing, and even staying quiet about it

          • Darkrise

            Namco no longer cares about the Tales fans overseas. Frankly, I’m happy that there ARE fan translations and maybe someday we can have Graces F done.

          • Darkrise, you wont be saying that when Tales of Xestia gets localized, lol. I still think Tales fans in the US abandoned the series, really, if the series had high sales then wouldnt more have been localized…

  • neetloaf

    This is quite possibly the greatest video game news ever.

    • Nah, Xseed localizing Falcom titles is still in the number one spot for me. This is a close second.

    • What? The greatest videogame news ever was Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2 being localized and the next news would be a third one announced.

      • Its not like the third wont get localized you know. Localization announcements are what is best best best for us :P

      • mach

        Please. Please, for the love of god, tell me you’re being facetious.

        • Please. Please, for the love of god, stop feeding Mr. Silitrollera.

          • Everyone knows just how awesome the Naruto games are, no need to go namecalling….

          • Talking about Naruto, you have ultimate ninja storm 2 right? Wanna fight? Againts my perfect symetry combo, perfect attack and defense WITH NO HOLES, AND THE POWER OF FEELINGS HINATA AND NARUTO SAGE MODEEEE!!! ps: (i use hinata).
            Second char of choice: Shikamaru :3

          • It seems you cant reply to my post anymore, just reply to any post i made anywhere

        • Facetious? How so, good games beget popularity, and Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2 is perhaps in the upper percentage of best shonen anime fighting games to date. The second one was the best announcement this year and the 3rd one would be another best one. Perhaps equivalent news would be if they announced they were doing a One Piece one or even a Bleach or Fairytail one :) Wow I would be in gaming heaven if they did all of those series (and KHR too!) lol.

  • This’ll get NISA to skyrocket to top tier publishers in no time!

    • Really? They would need to do more to outcompete Electronic Arts with what is it over 20 titles that have sold over 1 mln units this year?

      • RupanIII

        I think he was being wry ;D

      • Electronic Arts isnt a localizing company though… and they release cars,football,1st person shooter games, dragon age, harry potters, rock band, the sims… basically all that sells well in NA…

        Woa these guys must be packed in money

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Among the hardcore JRPG community….NISA is top-tier.
        Then again, when there is only 2 or 3 companies that produce and/or develope RPGs it’s not that hard.

        • haisihwait

          Yeah top-tier at making games that freeze.

          • Ereek

            Hello, please allow me to redirect you to this post, where you should read the comments by NickyD. Since you seem to be new here, Nick is one of our NISA representatives. has nothing to do with programming.Or, if that’s tl;dr for you:. . .Gust’s fault than NISA. . .they are the ones that handle the coding and implement the english text into the game.

            It would be more accurate to say that at times in the past their QA is lacking, but they certainly aren’t the ones making the games freeze.

          • haisihwait

            Then how do explain Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure on the ds, It was bought over by nisa and had nothing to do with gust yet still had freezes and crash bugs.

          • Ereek

            Again: NISA has nothing to do with programming. That would be NIS Japan’s fault then.

          • haisihwait

            It’s still nisa’s fault, they should keep a look out for these things and delay the game to fix it, I get tired of reseting just to get pass a freeze bug.

  • Guest

    Not really a fan if NIS, but a fan of imageepoch. Dunno how to feel about this.

    • puchinri

      Same here.

    • Exkaiser

      You should probably feel good about it, since NIS America is just a publisher.

    • feel the LOVEoo O.o

    • haisihwait

      You should be sad that the games will have bugs in them.

  • “an RPG with a famous creator” -BRS?

    Hmm does that mean BRS has a chance of being localized? Just hope its really good with Jap audio option available~

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      That’s Mars Project, one of the mystery titles.

      Either way, since the partnership was recently announced and BRS is one of Imageepoch’s big upcoming games, it would be odd for NISA not to localize it.

  • I love you man

  • So the new Type-Moon game has higher chance of coming here than Fate/Extra? Since the deal probably includes the newly announced games.

  • HarryHodd

    Not interested in PSP games. I hope they have some PS3 titles upthier sleeve. Saying that I’m happy NISA has Image Epoch as a partner.

  • PrinceHeir

    good to see companies such as NIS are willing to localize this kind of games ^^

  • gatotsu911

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t their “philosophy” of game development roughly along the lines of “rip off other people’s ideas, buy out some big name talent (but don’t give them much creative freedom), and put a minimal amount of effort into a product as generic and unambitious as possible”?

    • puchinri

      When did they do this? 0n0

      • gatotsu911

        In, like… every game they’ve ever made?

        • puchinri

          I’ve only played Arc Rise Fantasia so far, so I wouldn’t know, but what parts of their games are rip-offs (and who’s the big name talents?). I actually don’t even know what part of ARF is a rip-off, since I just started.

          • gatotsu911

            The whole game is basically intended as a knockoff of the Tales series (to the extent that they hired the director of Tales of Symphonia to work on it), while the Luminous Arc games are obvious (and inferior) knockoffs of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. World/Sands of Destruction is just entirely unoriginal in every respect, and even though they hired some of the staff from Xenogears, instead of trying to make a great game, they restricted their creative freedom because they wanted to make something that could be marketed to tweens and otaku. That last point, in case you’re wondering, is why I hate them.

          • puchinri

            Ah. It feels a lot different story-wise than what I’m used to from a Tales game and the art is the only similarity to me, so I assume that when looking at the cover, but that one goes right over my head. And I never knew that about Luminous Arc (I haven’t plays LA or FFTA). The story seemed a nice change of pace compared to things lately, but it’s about all I know of Sands, so I didn’t know that (although was the game really marketed towards tweens? I can see otaku, because a lot of stuff is, but I didn’t know that either). I believe I did hear them or someone else mention Sands suffering, but I didn’t realize it was a marketing thing and that they forced a creative limitation on the dev team.

        • puchinri

          Oh, and I just realized, that was just the scenario designer for ToS, but it hit me, how do you feel about imageepoch’s other titles then?

    • *corrects you* Arc rise fantasia…Tales of ripoff? (lol) that game was different (but not too far from jrpgs) but it didnt felt the same as all those generic rpgs, it felt like a fresh rpg, had a nice wpn cuztom, a weird but strangely cool story, and wtf, the fights arent even close to what tales of is. And if you say that is like a tales of games because they can talk between the places “skit style” then that is stupid, because that is not something that ONLY tales of games can have, and i really like when stuff like that are implemented in any game .Luminous arc, FFtactics ripoff? (double lol) why dont you just say that all strategy rpgs are FFtactics ripoff?, the luminous arc, specially the second, had a great story and soundtrack, not only that, it had stuff in battles and outside battles that made the game feel unique, you havent played the game or what? This can be easily seen…And world destruction…. You didnt compare anything to this uh? Let’s see what you said… “targeted to otakus…?” wha..? The only problem this game had is a broken gamplay that can be seen later on (you just pwned the bosses so easily, it felt pathetic) But without counting that, this game had nothing but new stuff, a nice story, fresh and different characters, a good theme, im sure that if they worked a bit better on the battles and random battles, this game could had been a great achievment. The ending was really different but it was cool, oh also, i also disliked that the used GC in the ending, but meh. I cant even imagine why would something like this be targeted to otakus, it even had an innocent and pure love story, and no “ecchi”, heavy anime kawaii stuff in the game.I respect that you didnt liked a game, but if you wanna say so, give better reasons…

  • 7th Dragon?

  • NISA is still above Ignition as far as I’m concerned (ok, after what they did to Lux Pain and Arc Rise Fantasia, EVERYBODY’S above Ignition, but that’s not the point). I’ll decide whether or not to cheer this decision after I see how they managed Ar Tonelico 3

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