Xbox 360 Finally Valkenhayn DLC For BlazBlue: Continuum Shift On December 7

By Spencer . November 30, 2010 . 11:35am


Arc System Works has a title update for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift scheduled for December 3rd. This will address the Ragna freezing bug that popped up after Valkenhayn Hellsing was introduced into Continuum Shift.


On December 7, Xbox 360 owners will finally be able to purchase Valkenhayn Hellsing as downloadable content. As an apology for the wait, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift players can purchase the DLC pack for 320 Microsoft Points ($4) between December 7 and January 10, 2011. Afterwards, Arc System Works will raise the price to 560 Microsoft Points ($7), which puts Valkenhayn on par with Makoto another DLC character.


While this announcement is just for Japan at this moment, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Valkenhayn pop up on Xbox Live in North America on the same day.

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  • doubletaco

    About damn time.Too bad I already got the PS3 version on top of my 360 version. Oh well.

    Let’s get some Platinum release date details going now, eh?

  • Code

    rar, it really is a shame this was so much later then the PS3 release — I guess it was nice of them to drop the price on Valkenhynn (briefly) for the wait though. Continuum Shift didn’t settle with me well for whatever reason, I’m less interested in Platinum and more interested in a Blazblue 3. Wayy too soon for a 3rd entry, but I feel like the third entry in the series is really going have everything I really want (read: Jubei) >w<;

    • andref

      I’m with you on that. Continuum shift was good but it just didn’t feel like it expanded the story that much it felt more like the prologue from right after the first game’s ending

      • xemnas

        You’re aware this is a fighting game right? it added a wealth of gameplay changes and every character played differently from their CT counterparts. The story in a fighter should ALWAYS be an afterthought.

        • Oh god, you’re one of those…

        • andref

          Unlike you I like to have a good story to keep me engaged in a fighter. A fighting game that just focuses on just fighting is not worth the price of $60

          • Seriously. If story should be an afterthought, then why don’t we just make every fighting game a bunch of same-looking guys in different colored karate gi’s who just happen to have different fighting styles from each other?

            I need to know why my characters are fighting. I need to know who my characters are. I need to know what’s at stake for everyone or I don’t care enough to play.

      • Code

        I thought Continuum Shift’s story was solid, and it feels like the gears are really in motion now so I’m looking forward to the story side of the 3rd game >w<; But I don't know the game itself, some of the changes feel really weird to me compared to the original, going against what I expected from the series. Also I really feel like the online play was a huge step backwards, the matching service is just so much slower then the lobbies use to be omo;

      • I think it expanded the story enough. I mean, my biggest problem is that it introduces all these new characters only to say, “Okay, now wait until BlazBlue 3 to play them!”

        I mean, Relius Clover, Torakaka, and the Imperator Librarius were all big parts of the story, yet, you don’t actually fight them or as them at any point. I think the best course of action would’ve been to make the new characters non-playable boss characters in Story Mode, only. But I’m not the one making the game.

        • Code

          Yeahh it does kind of fall into that pitfall, but at the same time now there is expectation for the next game’s plot. The first game really the plot could have been anything going onward — the next game has all these badass characters now into the mix, I’m looking forward to see what comes of it >w<; Personally I’m hoping Torakaka becomes playable, as a Tao player the potential for a Ken-Tao for my Ryu-Tao would be delicious >w<~!

          • As long as Relius plays differently from Carl and Torakaka plays differently from Tao, I’ll be happy.Although, it just occurred to me that they missed an opportunity by not making Relius and Torakaka the unlimited AI versions of Carl and Tao, like they did Nu/Lamda.

          • Code

            Hmm I’d rather not see them lock Relius and Tora into certain expectations though, considering Makoto, Valkenhyann, and Platinum have taken this long to happen, handling two more characters would have likely made things a long wait even if they were clones. Tora I’m alright with being sort of an alternate, but I like to think Relius will control fairly different from Carl, still a puppet user sure, but likely in a different manor. Hopefully they’ll both show up playable in the next game >w<' Along with Jubei +o+

  • I think 7 dollars for a DLC characther an absurd price.
    Or they put the price down or I will be waiting BlazBlue 3 for the characthers.

  • evilhero

    I’m still salty over the fact that:
    1. They charged nearly full price for CS. (More than Capcom charged for SSFIV, IIRC)
    2. Included only 2 1/2 – 3 new characters
    3. Release a DLC character weeks after release.
    4. Managed to keep the game just as unbalanced as before (if not more so.)

    Seriously, why didn’t they just wait and release the game with all the characters? SSFIV gave us so much more for less money.

    • xemnas

      Both SSFIV and CS were 40. And when AE comes out i hope people QQ as much

      • AE?

        • xemnas

          Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition adds new character who will eventually be DLC, and i hope there will be QQing when that happens as well

    • Code

      SSF4 was also released by Capcom, your talking two very different sized companies, also handling two very different projects — as much as they are both 2D Fighters, comparing Blazblue’s traditional 2D to Street Fighters new 2.5D is basically apples and oranges, when it comes to time, effort and money. If ASW wanted to release Blazblue: CS with equal content to SSF4 — it still wouldn’t be out, it likely wouldn’t be released til Spring 2012 considering it’d need 16 more traditionally animated characters. Also both SSF4 and CS launched at $39.99US which wasn’t full price. Hazama, Tsubaki, and Mu are all original characters. Lambda though is definitely a reworking of Nu though. DLC was planned early on for the project no point in dicking around about it if it’s already in the pipeline. Balance is mixed, most characters have generally been balanced out better, although some exceptions kind of stick out — Blazblue always gets people whining about balance though, but you have to keep in mind just how ridiculously different each characters plays from one another in Blazblue compared to most fighters. That’s why balance is more finicky then most fighters.

      • As a former Rachel and Arakune player, I have to disagree with you that most characters have generally been balanced out better. Both of those characters were pretty much useless in CS, as opposed to CT, especially Rachel, who does so little damage now that I find myself going to the time limit even in matches where I am dominating my opponent.

        • Arakune ist useless compared to CT? I main arakune and win offline Tournaments with him (big tournaments)… it may not be top tier, but I think, he is stronger than before. If you know the Match ups and what to do, having a great execution, you’ll get your opponent cursed and win quickly. You should learn how to play a character before talking nonsense…

          • Wow, did I interrupt you from sending angry messages to people you played against?

            Jesus, I’m sorry that I have a different opinion than you do. I already did learn how to play with Arakune and the changes, namely that you have to curse in increments, instead of all at once, are changes I didn’t like. Hold on while I get you a medal for winning tournaments. Whoopie. So, maybe you’re better using him now than you were with him in CT. Good for you. Maybe some of us don’t want to have to re-learn a character we were comfortable and happy with before.

        • Code

          Most matches in CS go to the time limit now opo; Which definitely is one of the weaker spots in the game at the moment, that and in my opinion guard breaking is super useless at the moment. But yeah definitely Rachel gets the REALLY short end of the stick in CS — and will hopefully be fixed soon, she is definitely by far the most poorly balanced character. But for the most part otherwise the cast is generally better balanced then in CT. Arakune isn’t bad in CS he’s just not top tier like he was in CT though, but like I was getting at above I think all characters in CS don’t feel as good as there CT counter parts, he might feel useless now but he’s is much more balanced against the rest of the cast all and all.I play Tao, who I think actually went up tiers, but in my opinion she doesn’t feel nearly as good compared to her CT version — not useless but she doesn’t feel as good opo; Perception doesn’t always accurately dictate how characters fall tier wise though. Plus I think it’s important to keep in mind characters like Tao and Arakune had an extra benefit in CT because of the way combos were handled, characters with faster attacks could deal more damage in combos better, then characters with slower attacks. In CS it was changed to a system where attack speed doesn’t play as large of a roll in combos any more so characters like Tao and Arakune get kind of a silent nerf in that respect too, you really don’t feel like they get as much punch out of there combos sadly T_T; I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff though, just play the game and enjoy it >w<'

    • Nite

      Like everyone else already mentioned, BBCS was just $40, but in Japan, it was full price and all. So I’m consider ourselves very fortunate in that regard.

      Also the release window of the first DLC character seemed a bit awkward because the North American version was released nearly a full month after the Japanese verison, yet we both got the DLC at the same time.

      As for balance, I do think it’s unbalanced and I’m looking forward to the balance patch coming soon, but I personally find that it’s way too overexaggerated, especially compared to older fighting games before online gaming and streams.

      • Code

        Agreed, people go on about tiers this, and tiers that, but honestly it’s a VERY small fraction of players that play at a level where tiers are even going to play a roll. Balance though in Blazblue is kind of a weird thing, I think people are quick to go on about how unbalanced the game is, but they forget just how wildly different each character plays from one another.

        • xemnas

          I agree with this 100%

        • evilhero

          The fraction is actually larger than you think. Sure, if you don’t have a very good idea what your doing, it doesn’t matter. However, I know people who got their characters severely nerfed (mine included.) To the opposite effect, i’ve seen some characters get a significant boost that makes them much harder to deal with. Keep in mind, i’m a mid level player, at best.

          Have you ever watched Tager vs v-13? It is painful.

          • Careful! Andres will yell at you if you complain about characters being changed.

          • Code

            If your a mid-level player, it really doesn’t effect you (other then the typical character popularity shifting with the tiers). But Tager versus Nu is exactly what I’m getting at about balancing — the cast is so wildly different from one another that the balance won’t ever be as tight as something like SSF4 where all characters are MUCH more similar then different. Still good Tagers know how to deal with Nu.

      • evilhero

        Good to know about the Makoto DLC. Regardless, they released a game with more DLC characters than what were originally included in the game, that doesn’t sit well with me.And yes, the balance can be pretty nasty. You know it’s bad when you look up a character’s strategy against another character and the only response you get is “Pick a different character.”

        In retrospect, it probably wasn’t such a good idea posting my complaints on a general video game site and not a fighting game one. =/

        • Code

          I’m pretty sure if you took the same comment to Dustloop you’d probably get ten times the flack because your post isn’t anything new to them at all, it just comes off as snarky opo; Also since when is 3 more then 3.5? The problem isn’t the site, it’s that your post was silly, lol >w<'

    • raymk

      Thats not true at all BBCS was the same price as ssf4,note the same price. I for one didn’t want them to wait longer to release the game. Also capcom has a larger budget do you think arsk can afford to not have their game release as soon as possible.

  • cmurph666

    Whoa, they’re just now getting the dlc?

    Must’ve been one hell of a bug.

  • Yeah, yeah, that’s great…now, where’s Platinum the Trinity for the PS3?

  • Aoshi00

    I would d/l the butler for 320 pts! Wish Makoto would be the same too… I bought CS on sale for ~$25.. so if it’s 3 bucks for each of the chars I don’t mind.. $7 x 3 = $21 is too much..

    • Code

      I’m hoping either for a character bundle sooner or later, or just waiting til Blazblue 3, none of them are characters I play, and usually I only play my copy online. If I’m playing local it’s my friend who has bought all the characters, I’m comfortable with my stance >O>!

      • Aoshi00

        I’m just easily tempted whenever things are on sale like I shouldn’t miss it :) maybe they would sell the three as a bundle like the SFIV costumes..

        • Code

          Yeah definitely a sale is a sale >w<' Although it might be like SF costumes, apparently if you buy one set, you can't buy the bundle of all costumes x_x' My friend found that out the hard way, and by that I mean, I activated his costume ticket from SF4:CE well he was in the bathroom, and then later turned out he couldn't get the all-costumes bundle because of it TpT rar, I'm so lamee, I just wanted to play as Haggar-Zangiefff

          • Aoshi00

            Really? It wouldn’t let you buy the costume bundle if you have one of the sets? I got the macho man set too from the collector’s edition (lame bad animation OVA) and activated it too, I thought I would still be able to get the bundle, but I would just waste the 1 set since I alrdy had it.. I want the femme fatale one for both SF4 and Super..

          • Code

            Yeahh, I think everyone was surprised to find that one out too, it may have changed in the last year or so, but he was pretty put out at the time. But according to him it removes the bundle listing from PSN if you’ve activated one of the individual sets x_x’

  • ummmmmmmmmm wow…. Thanks Aksys! Now because I know they are SUPER BUSY… ummmm how about the release date for Platinum Trinity DLC for BOTH SYSTEMS in the USA!!!! I wonder when Blazblue 3 will be out?

  • I will believe it when I see it and PLATINUM TRINITY HYPE!!!

  • Thanks again Aksys.. you are awesome eventhough The Valkenhayen 360 delay was just sooooooooooooooooo funny right? Thanks again.

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