Valkyria Chronicle 3’s Sphere Grid Style Growth System

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 5:15pm


Remember how Avan could choose any class he wanted in Valkyria Chronicles 2? Valkyria Chronicles 3 lets all of the Nameless Squad members do that.


Sega gives players a new way to customize players with the Master Table. By connecting lines players can learn new battle potentials. In these screens Kurt is extended his abilities to acquire a new ability called "high potential." Players can scan the entire grid in advance to plan paths towards strong potentials.


image image


Battle potentials strengthen characters during combat. Valkyria Chronicles 3 has another type of potential too, personal potentials. These are natural abilities which you get at the beginning of the game or earn by progressing through the story. Not all personal potentials are advantageous, some may handicap characters too.


image image


One other difference between characters are their special actions. Kurt Irving’s power sounds particularly useful. His Direct Command ability lets him move without draining the AP gauge. Also, any comrades with him won’t take any damage.


image image image image


Riela’s command unlocks her Valkyria power. She becomes invulnerable to damage after transforming and shoots enemies with a beam from her Valkyria spear.


image image image


Imca’s Open Arm command lets her shoot all of the enemies on screen with her special gun called a Vár. If you can all of the enemies in one spot its possible to eliminate multiple threats with one move.


image image image

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  • WonderSteve

    More customization is always welcomed

    Gallia can keep on funding its war with money from my wallet.

  • glemtvapen

    I loved the Sphere Grid system in FFX.
    I really should get to play and finishing Valkyria Chronicles 1 & 2 before they release this here.

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      Sphere Grids are awesome when done right :3

  • FireCouch

    This game is looking miles better than Valkyria Chronicles 2.

  • This is great, is good they are starting to put more weight into potentials and whatnot. In VA1 or 2 i never really bothered by it

  • Letiumtide

    Uuuuugh, sphere grid.

    • I agree.

      “Oh look is that system AGAIN!”

      • kactaplb

        lol and why is that a bad thing? Does everything have to be fresh and new to be good?

        • NoElixirs

          I agree with this. Directly copying a progression system wouldn’t be ideal, but improving on it helps a lot. It’s the best way to exercise some latent development system that’s underwhelming.

    • How long will it take for people to know the sphere grid ain’t one of a kind anymore?

      • Until they realize that having a strategy rpg with squares where you can move on, turns for each character, wpns, shops, and maybe the ability to change job– gameplay style, is not a ripoff of FFtactics.

        • Exkaiser

          Especially not since FFT was built on top of Tactics Ogre.

          • That’s the worst part of it -.-‘

    • I like the branching nature of sphere grids, so it could be worse.

  • SneakyHawk

    Day one buy, man.

  • holyPaladin

    Those 3 special attacks really awesome.

    Although Valkyria is OP..

    • She ALWAYS is OP -.-‘

      • Overpowered? Of course they are, they’re meant to be. That’s why everyone fears and adores them.

        • Hel yeah.
          And as kariohki said, from his/her experience in playing the demo (i assume), its well-balanced out.

      • kariohki

        Really in gameplay I didn’t find it to be too OP. You gotta think of when best to use it. Since it only lasts one turn, you can easily strand her in a bad place, and she’s a Scout with paper defense…

        • Didnt you saw Alicia and Selvara in VC1, it was like, “Achoooo” and 3 tanks destroyed xD

    • Fonic

      From what I saw of the demo, Imca looked more OP. Taking out multiple enemies at once, even tank turrets, is pretty crazy.
      Either way, game looks great.

  • kactaplb

    psp is killing me with releases now adays… I think I bought more games this year alone than the last 3 combined…

  • PrinceHeir

    damn i love customizations :D

    really can’t wait for this game ^^

  • Nice. So when can we control battalions of tanks, warships, planes, and mechas? okay, maybe not the mechas lol.

    If it gets back to ps3, i hope the maps become more complex so as to allow a variety of clever multiple level buildings or something..anything revolutionary.

  • oh man..the maps look better, more varied, and their armaments put the rest of Gallian’s army/militia to shame…

    I can’t help but wonder why didn’t the Gallian army put more of these crazy weapons to use? I mean compare them with Squad 7..huge gap..well i guess its just game development issues…I’m assuming they’re still top secret or something…prototypes..makes me wonder what the 4th game will be about. Makes me excited!
    Maybe a Japanese equivalent nation will be introduced.

    • Fonic

      Good idea. It would be interesting if they expanded the game’s world a little and included more nations besides “Europa.” A Valkyria world war scenario could be good.

  • More varied weaponry, more different classes, a darker storyline.

    Ok Sega it seems as if you learned your lesson from VC2, but why to PSP? Cause it´s cheaper? This would have been such a killer ap title for the PS3.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      It IS cheaper and its also due to the fact that the first two sold poorly.

  • dziwny

    Finally after two good games (and several DLC) we will have a chance to command ‘Valkyria’ in battle. In my opinion it will refresh Valkyria Chronicles series – in previous games Valkyries plays major role in storyline, and we also seen Valkyries in action (usually in cut scenes, or as enemy in battle).

  • cmurph666

    If Valkyria Chronicles is selling so well now is there a the chance of a “spin off” or a return of VC4 on the PS3?

    Heck, I wouldn’t even mind a remake of VC2 on the PS3.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    anyone know when it’s getting released?

  • papuruka

    Those special actions remind me strongly of CO powers from Advance Wars.

    I approve :)

  • jakxzero

    Damn this keeps looking better and better everyday it passes

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