2 Million Units of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Shipped In One Week

By Ishaan . December 5, 2010 . 8:08pm

Capcom are hoping to sell somewhere in the range of 3.6 million units of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in Japan. While that might sound like a lofty goal, they’re already halfway there.


Capcom’s mammoth monstrosity is out in the wild with 2 million units already shipped — that’s shipped, not sold — in its first week alone. For the sake of comparison, it took Capcom around six months to ship 2.5 million units of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in 2008.


They aren’t stopping with the release of Portable 3rd, however. In March 2011, Capcom plan to host the "Monster Hunter Festa ’11" which will be held in six regions in Japan and aims to raise awareness of the series as a whole.

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  • Raise awareness? Japan? I think we need that in the US.

  • PrinceHeir

    fucking nice :D

    though after playing Lost Planet 2, it reminded me of how a Monster Hunter PS3 would definitely be a welcome addition to the series.

    not surprising, though im pretty sure they will localize this :)

  • I Know Everyone Loves Monster Hunter

  • You what would raise awareness, Capcom? A PS3 entry in the series.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Releasing an entry for a platform, who’s installer base is barely a third of that of the PSP in Japan and that has overshot the needs of the mass market, would raise awareness? Fat chance.

      The console market in Japan is being cannibalised by handhelds. Unless they are planning an overseas release, they are better off just sticking to the PSP or, heck, perhaps even expanding to the DS.

      • Yeah, because Final Fantasy XIII didn’t sell over a million copies on the Japanese PS3. Next thing you’ll tell me that a PS3 Dragon Quest wouldn’t sell either.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Final Fantasy XIII was also one of the most anticipated PS3 titles SINCE LAUNCH. Considering that plenty of people bought a PS3 early on specifically for it, it’s not really a suprise that it sold well (however, considering the mixed response, rapid price cuts and abundance of used copies on the market, it’s obvious the game doesn’t have any market longevity or “legs”). Also, note how Final Fantasy XIII is the ONLY PS3 title to sell over a million copies in Japan. ;)

          And no, a PS3 Dragon Quest wouldn’t sell well or at least not even nearly as well as it did on the DS. Why else do you think the series moved away from home consoles to handheld consoles? Precisely beacuse the majority of the market shifted towards portable gaming systems.

          But anyway, that is besides the point. Considering the home console market is significantly smaller compared to the handheld market in Japan, a PS3 Monster Hunter would do zero in raising public awareness of the series.

          • Hmmmm…imagine that, a Final Fantasy title selling over a million! Huh…what other titles might sell that well… Wow, I’m totally stumped. I wish there were two other Japanese franchises that were guaranteed sales and would definitely benefit both their franchises and the system they were on if they were to be put on Japan’s lead HD system. I can’t imagine what franchises that would be.

            Going by your words, I’d expect Dragon Quest X to sell about ten copies on the Wii, because obviously no one will ever buy anything for a console again. Do you even listen to yourself?

          • kactaplb

            It won’t have the kind of sales that a release on a portable system would bring. The portability, with the coop play, is SO crucial in japan. Word of mouth, being in the same room, playing and sharing the game together, this is what truly sells these games.

            Just goes to show how little idea you have about handhelds in japan. You see someone with a psp on the street, people are going to assume MH. It has that kind of visibility.

            So no, a console version would do little.

          • @kactaplb and others: While it certainly wouldn’t raise any sort of awareness about Monster Hunter, which was the original point, it definitely wouldn’t sell poorly on a console, which is Charles’ point. Monster Hunter Tri, for the Wii, sold more than a million copies in Japan. That should serve as enough proof for that.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Do YOU listen to yourself? I am not the one employing hyperbole here. Also, funny how you mention the Wii, which, even with the Japanese console market shrinking, still has double the installer base of the PS3. So if Dragon Quest X would sell ten copies on the Wii, I guess it would sell only five on the PS3? :P

            On a serious note, I never said that noone would ever buy anything for a console ever again (nor have I implied that; thanks for jumping to extremes, though). Heck, I never even said that there wouldn’t ever be a Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter on the PS3. What I said was that releasing an entry for a console with such low market penetration would not result in greater public awareness for the series.

            Also, the fact that the PS3 is Japan’s “lead HD system” is hardly anything prestigious. Not only is it’s only HD competition (the Xbox 360) almost a complete joke in the Japanese market, it is still well outsold by it’s weaker SD counterpart, the Wii, let alone by it’s predecessor. Infact, even after four years on the market, the PS3’s market share is barely a quarter of that of the PS2. So I fail to see what are these great “benefits” a PS3 release would bring, since it’s apparent that being HD doesn’t count for much.

            This isn’t even touching upon the fact that it’s significantly more expensive to develop for the PS3 (with Sony making it intentionally difficult to develop for). While PSP development costs range somewhere between $800,000 and $2,000,000 (and DS costs being lower; somewhere between $500,000-$1,000,000, if not less), average PS3 development costs are between 15-30 million. So even if a PS3 title from either series would enjoy very good sales, what is the point? Not only can they sell far more on the handhelds, they also don’t need to spend as much to achieve that result. And, again, it wouldn’t have made one iota of a difference in terms of public awareness, since they would be selling to a far more limited market.

            The fact is, portable gaming systems simply fit the Japanese way of life better. Since many inhabitants of Japan commute a lot and participate in social gatherings, gaming on the go has become a great focus. Combined with improvements in handheld technology and the PS3 overshooting the market, it has resulted in the majority of the market moving towards handhelds. Considering that Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest are such massive franchises, it is only natural that they followed suit.

            I am not saying the Japanese console market is simply going to disappear. However, it is increasingly becoming a niché…..and you don’t raise public awareness for the series by catering to a niché.

          • Tommy…I’ll try to keep this simple for you. In fact, I’ll even sum my entire point up in three words. Three simple words that will not only explain why the Japanese handheld market outsells the console market, but why a PS3 Monster Hunter would be good for Capcom and Sony. Are you ready? Here we go…


            Okay. I’ll give you a few minutes to collect your mind, because I’m sure such a complex concept has blown yours.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Yes, software does sell hardware, but that STILL doesn’t mean that it would sell better on the PS3 than on the handhelds. Furthermore, it STILL doesn’t mean it would raise public awareness for the series.

          • Caligula

            Um, wait. “This isn’t even touching upon the fact that it’s significantly more expensive to develop for the PS3 (with Sony making it intentionally difficult to develop for).”

            How does it make any sense -whatsoever- that a company would deliberately do that? What good rationale is there to intentionally drive away business?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            There isn’t any. That is precisely what makes it so astronomically ludicrous.

            You don’t believe that Sony could possibly be -that- dumb? Here is a quote from Kazuo Hirai, the current CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment:

            “We don’t provide the ‘easy to program for’ console that (developers) want, because ‘easy to program for’ means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?

            So it’s a kind of–I wouldn’t say a double-edged sword–but it’s hard to program for and a lot of people see the negatives of it, but if you flip that around, it means the hardware has a lot more to offer.”

            SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/sony-ps3-is-hard-to-develop-for-on-purpose/

            Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to realise the major flaws in Hirai’s reasoning. Namely, that developers cannot take advantage of what the hardware has to offer if they have to struggle with it and also that once developers have preety much squeezed out what they can from the hardware, they can completely focus on the quality of their games.

            You know what’s the saddest part about all this? Flooding the consoles with software was one of the major reasons why the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were such major successes. Yes, this practice does result in a great number of shovelware, but it also allows for a number of suprise hits to pop up (which would not be possible if there were too many barriers of entry). With the PlayStation 3, Sony became so infatuated with technology that they completely forgot what made the PlayStation brand a success in the first place….and they payed heavily for it.

            While I hope Sony will come back to it’s senses, unfortunately, at this point, I have little faith that they have learned anything from these recent experiences.

        • lostinblue

          Sorry to be a cockblocker but… There’s no Dragon Quest for the PS3 in the horizon.

          Dragon Quest would sell anywhere; providing they put it there. (they didn’t)

          That said, putting IX on the DS was genius. I hope after DQX and with the end of the Wii lifespan they do DQXI for the 3DS or something.

          • The Wii lifespan is ending? Its only reached like 47.3% of the LTD PS2 units sales, its too soon to end!

    • A PS3 entry would be nice.

    • shion16

      theres not enough ps3 owners in japan to sell millions1 of each 3 persons in japan have a Wii so its perfect for a giant franchise like monster hunterin the case of psp soy pays them to stay in PSPPS: theres already a monster hunter game in X360 and it sells just fine

      • Exkaiser

        If by “Sony pays them” you mean “they rake in mad bank and are the most popular franchise on the system,” then sure.

        • shion16

          it was like” please make a new monster hunter game for our PSP! ,well pay you enough to not lose against piracy”

          • Exkaiser

            Yeah, no, they stay on the PSP because they know that’s where the money is.

            It might do well on consoles, but the life blood of Monhun is in the portable market.

            Frontier sold alright on the 360, but it certainly wasn’t a million-seller. Of course, as a subscription-based game, it’s got a different business model anyways.

          • shion16

            “its” a million seller on the PC
            and it sold millions on wii

          • lostinblue

            I don’t think it’s “necessarily” on the PSP that the money is, even though PSP can be confused with the Monster Hunter system in japan. Whatever portable platform they put it on is gonna sell really well.

          • Exkaiser

            Tri sold less than two million worldwide, about half of that in Japan. It did not sell “millions.”

            Frontier on the PC was not even brought up, and it’s not really related to console sales anyways.

    • lostinblue

      No “home platform” Monster Hunter will top the sales of Monster Hunter on a portable.

      Therefore it’s always relative awareness. And from that standpoint they probably had more to gain from doing MH3 for the Wii (a new userbase) than the PS3 that is itself somewhat interwined with the PSP.

      A 3DS version of the next portable entry could, perhaps drive something home outside japan. In japan though, positive (and inevitable) as that would be, I believe they could put it anywhere and sell like hot cakes (providing it’s a portable platform)

    • Not to pop your balloon or anything, but I do agree with everything Tom said below. Higher development costs and a lower install base are not only the opposite of the most profitable strategy, they would also — as has been pointed out — do nothing for raising awareness.

      The PSP and DS are the most popular gaming devices in Japan right now, and nothing else, save the 3DS and eventually maybe mobile phones, will even come close.

      Raising awareness will come from games like Monster Hunter Diary and by expanding the series to mobile phone devices. I know you love your HD systems and seem to dislike portable machines, but it doesn’t change the reality of things. Just a thought. :)

  • I wonder how Graces F, the game that came like a day after this did lol.

    • I don’t even want to know. D:

  • So and now please a PS3 Exclusive

  • holyPaladin

    MHP3rd awesome <3

  • xxx128

    Wont sell in the west, doesnt have a “story”.

    • Cloud_ST

      Who cares about a storyline is not like we get Shakespeare-like storylines in recent gaming,the game is awesome like it is.

      • Of all the literary artists you choose the Shakespeare?! Romeo and Juliet and MidSummer Nights Dream were the only ones with compelling enough story. I would have chose an litery artist like Emily Dickenson, or a novelist like Eoin Colfer, Stephenie Meyer, or JK Rowling.

        • FireCouch

          JK Rowling…rofl. Please, stop trolling.

        • wha…?

        • Exkaiser

          But Romeo and Juliet is easily Shakespeare’s least compelling work…

          I’m not even going to touch the second half of your post.

        • Caligula

          I’m not the world’s biggest Shakespeare fan, but even so, your choice of “better” authors is… interesting, to say the least.

      • xxx128

        I certainly dont.

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