Meet Wolf, The Protagonist In Tale Of The Last Promise

By Spencer . December 10, 2010 . 1:55am

At a young age, Wolf was an aide to the king. When Tale of the Last Promise begins Wolf, the game’s lead character, is a Messiah Knight. He has great potential for magic and fencing, but isn’t aware of his talents yet. Wolf also has to face his destiny and become a leader in Imageepoch’s PSP game.


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  • Interesting~~~ But I actually hope that the character can be a little more well, matured? Or rather say, more manly? Still, if it were ever coming on the western shore… Thanks to NIS.. It definitely will be a day one for me! XD

    • glemtvapen

      Give hime a square jaw, some beard stubble, and voila.

    • Matured? Manly? Not on my JRPGs.

      lol But seriously, it looks impressive so far. “Wolf” used to be a generic name in some games/movies/cartoons.

      • Exkaiser

        Can’t let you do that, Star Fox!

      • Hraesvelgr

        Used to be? It still is a generic name.

    • You say that yet you have an avatar of Sepiroth who looks like a woman save for his chest.

      • have you really played final fantasy VII or CC before?? And your perspective of manly and mine is different. Your concept may be men full of beard (small head) and huge muscle like Gears or war or Kratos.. Mine on the other hand is the air they portrayed with a good but not over built body..

        Still,no matter what please refrain from giving such harsh comment on Nomura sensei’s work. Also, Sephiroth looks no where like a women unless you are not thinking “straight”. In fact he is very manly and thinks normally, well, in the first half of the FF : CC game though..

        • Do you know that Nomura assumed that Sephiroth’s face is based on a woman’s face in one of FFVII Ultimanias? He said that it was to make him “strange”. You can like him, but he’s really far away from being “manly”.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I don’t think it was Nomura who said that… And I think whoever said it was only referring to the Advent Children version, because supposedly, in the movie he has ascended to a new level of existence. There is nothing or no one more powerful than him, nothing above him. To reflect that, they gave him thin lips and a “perfect” nose, which would create a face you would never see in real life.

            Of course, I could be wrong, in which case I apologize.

          • Alright.. I think differently.. no matter how I look at it… he just never look any where like women, and the manly part… ok.. just call me weird.. but I see that especially in FF:CC maybe not tat much in FF:VII.. He is just blocks anyway.. lol.. but i admit, in advent children, he looks very much different.. but, oh well.. people think differently..

    • Aoshi00

      Dad Nier was so manly yet you didn’t like him :(…

      I was so entranced by Kamiya Hiroshi’s monologue until “kyaaaaaaa!!!” and then he said “kisamaaaaaaa” lol… he’s one of my favorite VAs (he’s Takemoto in Honey & Clover and he’s in Senko no Ronde too)

  • tubers

    Looks interesting. Sad to say that I am so used to better lip sync tho. The character looks kinda bland.. or it’s just the 3d model? Meh.. It looks fine. looking forward to gameplay vids.

    • Aoshi00

      Or it could just be the trailers. I remember the lip sync was way off for Xenoblade but it was only the trailers, in the game it was okay.. Kamiya Hiroshi FTW.

  • He’s pretty. I approve, although; he looks a bit sullen.

  • Those eyes are so vibrate, reminds me of when people gives Green’s eyes such intense green, fantastic.

    The game looks interesting. I will keep my eye on it though I think Im beginning to give up handheld gaming…

    • thebanditking

      Its because you’re being swayed by the awesome iPhone games and their cheap easy to access fun for car trips……….No you say? Damn you Patcher! lol

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    random scream lol.

  • Sephiroth’s illigitimate son? Yes, lets roll with that.

  • zneixchiel

    When I read the “Tale Of The Last Promise” in the article title i immediately though oh another tales series i wont be playing XD

    its a good thing is being develop by Imageepoch chances of localization is high

    • This is probably one of the eight games Imageepoch said they would bring over to North American and Europe. Going to be a long wait in that case then :( but still at least – as you said – it’s likely we will be seeing it released :)

    • Did you say “Uh oh…” when thinking about what the comments might be, but then was pleasantly surprised?

  • Ouch, the girl´s scream almost made me deaf, had the earphones at max volume °0-.-0°

    The last ranker graphics are the best graphics ive seen in the PSP, this is pretty close to it, i love it.
    The MC looks cool, he seems like the normal “FOR THE KING”, think before act kind of a guy though (but acts before think if is something important to him), but knowing imageepoch, this is not all he has to offer.

    Also, girl characters with Axes pwnz

    • I had listened to it around 5am this morning and it definitely ensured that I was awake

    • Exkaiser

      I wouldn’t say they’re better than Peace Walker or Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but both Last Ranker and this look very nice.

      • Umm, well peace walker is really good but is pretty close to MH, if i had to choose between monster hunter, metal gear and this, i would really go for this, in MH the background is the best, but the characters are not that good (only the armor) in this style, in metal gear everything is pretty well made, but i dont like the size of everything (characters buildings etc) in the game compared to the last ranker, i feel every part of the character and buildings is pretty well defined in The last ranker, and i feel more confortable with the size of everything.

        Oh forgot to add, monster hunter’s monsters also look amazing *.* that’s a really plus in that game

    • holyPaladin

      Haven’t played Last Ranker but isn’t BBS got best graphics?

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Hmm.. Yeah, I guess BBS wins by a small margin, but The Last Ranker’s look really really good too.

    • I dunno man… God Eater Burst…

    • Chiupon

      Uh, The 3rd Birthday would like a word with you. :V

      • Haha, well i still cant talk talk about that, but i must say that the last video we saw had a rather impressive flow and great graphics xD

  • Exkaiser

    His outfit is a bit plain, but nice. I dig the tie.

    Sounds like he’ll be the red mage style of RPG protagonist, like Maxim. Or just maybe the game’s progression system will have him be able to specialize in either swordsmanship or magic? I guess we’ll see as more information comes out.

  • for PSP…?


  • thebanditking

    Why is it that everyone of these trailers always seems to have someone screaming?

  • XseiroTaire

    This game is really looking gorgeous in all its visual aspects right now. Though the main characters name seems… a tad bit uninspired.

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