Ghostbusters Hiring For Multiplayer Busting In Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

By Ishaan . December 11, 2010 . 2:58pm


Atari are publishing another Ghostbusters game, but unlike 2009’s big-budget Ghostbusters: The Video Game, this one is a digitally-downloadable multiplayer-focused affair.


Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is another addition to the long line of isometric multiplayer games like X-Men Legends, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, or even Diablo. It’s a four-player game set in New York and has you taking on the role of a rookie addition to the Ghosbusters team once again.


Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is being developed for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and is slated for a Spring 2011 release.


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    I picked up the original on whim (the price was right $10 >w<;) and I have to admit although it has issues I was pleased for the most part — not my typical gaming venture but enjoyable regardless. Although there's a huge budget different this one doesn't look so hot; maybe it'll pan out, but I think 2009 is the way to go opo;

  • hush404

    Why aren’t they letting us play bill murray and crew? You’d think with a smaller download game like this they’d…. be willing to give us that much? SIgh.

    • OneOkami

      Maybe they don’t wanna spend the money to license their likeness?

      • hush404

        They did for the other game and didn’t let us play as them. I assumed they would have their likeness in this game too. It’s possible they might not… but if they do then I’ll shake my fist in anger! :P

        • Code

          You could play as them for online multiplayer though!

          • hush404

            Then…. whats the issue with this game?

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            My guess is simply smaller budget, not sure though you’d figure getting the licenses for the cast would have went hand-in-hand with the licenses for the game but stranger things have happened. Although in Ghostbusters 2009, you could play as them, but only in multiplayer — interesting thing to note though is Bill Murray didn’t appear to have any lines recorded for multiplayer maybe there was too much paperwork T_T;

          • hush404

            Can’t seem to find the reply button to your post below… soz this will have to do. I think getting bill murray on board in the 2009 game was a bitch in of itself. There was word for a long time that he wasn’t on board and unwilling to do it. Near the end they announced he was going to voice some lines in the game…. but anyone who’s played the game knows they were forced, flat and the audio quality obviously not there. I later saw in an interview, where Dan Aykroyd said Murray did his own lines on his own time in a studio non connected with the development studio and had them sent over. It’s obvious he wanted nothing to do with it, sadly.

            This too is evident in the news of a new Ghostbuster’s movie. Murray only agreed to the role if he were killed off early and appear as a ghost for the majority of the movie. It’s either, he’s done with the series or is just plain… drunk? :P

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            Sorry about that, the reply does that sometimes >w<' But yeah Bill Murray has always been kind of tricky like that, he's always had a love/hate relationship with the series. I think he like's all the people he worked with, but I think the general census has always been, that he's been sour with Ghostbusters because it trampled The Razor's Edge, which I guess was kind of own labor of love. I think it's a case of him wanting to be a dramatic actor, but always falling into roles where he ends up playing the comedian, and likely be discontent with that. Still it's a shame that it puts such constraints on the series T_T;

          • hush404

            That’s too bad really… cuz Murray couldn’t handle a dramatic role if his life depended on it. Every film I’ve seen where he tries to do just that… was either bad in general or bad because his acting just doesn’t suit seriousness. Even when he’s trying to be dramatic and serious… he comes off as a toned down comedy act… and when I say toned down comedy… it’s as if there’s suppose to be lol bits and he just fails… it’s awkward.

      • I think that’s pretty much it- since it’s a smaller, cheaper download game I’m betting the original Ghostbusters won’t appear at all.

  • We might be looking at a new trend here. Perhaps High Voltage Software’s idea to make T’he Grinder’ for 360/PS3 a top-down shooter wasn’t so bad after all.

  • Does this remind anyone else of the old Real Ghostbusters arcade game? I loved that game when I was 8.

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