The Dreamcast Has A New Bullet Hell Shooter Coming

By Ishaan . December 12, 2010 . 10:30am


Ten years later, the Dreamcast still has enthusiasts developing games for it. Here’s Fast Striker, a 2D bullet hell arcade shooter with emphasis on scoring originally developed for the Neo-Geo, developed by Germany-based NG:DEV.TEAM. The game has four game modes with varying difficulties and scoring systems.


The development team claim Fast Striker is the most advanced Neo-Geo game ever, and that it has “4 times more bullets and enemies on screen” than every Neo-Geo game before it. Fast Striker 1.5, which is the Dreamcast version, is due for release on December 21st in regular and limited editions, and includes an online ranking system.


It also supports the Dreamcast VMU and Arcade Stick. The limited edition of the game comes with the soundtrack, spanning 54 minutes of music. You can read up on Fast Striker 1.5 further at the game’s official site. The video above is for the game’s “Omake” mode, which is the hardest difficulty setting.

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  • PrinceHeir

    i am amaze how some developers are still willing to support dreamcast. though it would be reasonable to just put this on the PS2 since it’s still selling on japan not to mention alot people are still playing it(including me) nevertheless good for those who are still playing their dreamcast.

    just recently finished Xenosaga Episode I i was blown away O_O

    • Phoenix_Apollo

      Xenosaga is amazing! Best RPG series, imo.

      Also, SEGA should really take note that this development is still going on. People LOVE the Dreamcast even still. If they just let people develop for it like a 3DO-like console, I think it’d make everyone happy.

      • CrisSpiegel

        Do you like Xenosaga Ep 2 and 3? Only played it to Ep. 2, but I was so disappointed that never finished it.

        • Episode 2 is awful, but Episode 3 makes up for it. I forced myself to finish Episode 2 because the story was still good, but gameplay-wise, it was a huge step down from the first one. Part three, though, goes to some very cool places.

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          I go back and forth on Episode II. A lot of things about it are just a complete disappointment (ESPECIALLY the English dub), while there are a few plot points which I genuinely liked. Also, while the quality of the music is spotty, some of the best tracks in the series are in Episode II.

          Episode III is much, much better. It brings back the epic scope of Episode I and gives the series’ premature ending meaning. However, that’s not to say there aren’t problems with it either. For example, it now features the “talking heads” style cutscenes, leaving only most of the action/important scenes to be handled by FMVs. It gets annoying, especially during the end, which seems to switch between them for no reason. There’s also a bit of slowdown in the action scenes, which is also disappointing.

          Another thing I don’t really like is the fact that it completely ditched the original battle system and gave us a vanilla, regular JRPG battle system. This in turn makes boss battles very dry. At the very least, they brought back the VA’s from Episode I’s dub to make it awesome again.

          I have a couple of other complaints, but it’s more because of the fact that by the time Episode III was written, it strayed so much from the original source that it would undoubtedly be not what you’d see if the original writers who wrote it were in control. The biggest part that’s wrong here is how much the game focuses on Shion, Kos-Mos and Jr., leaving the others for random “Are you OK?” type comments for a majority of the game. Even Episode II had parts for just about everyone.

          That said, it’s a wonderful game. Really, it is a very great game. Not as good as original, but I would recommend it. The events that unfold are simply unmatched by anything else I’ve played. You should definitely give it a try, since you’re already started on the series and all.

          • PrinceHeir

            i already bought the first 2 episode games, will be buying episode 3 next year.

            i wonder why they change the art and the battle system? not to mention do you think the series wouldn’t have been better if it was handled by Soraya Saga and Tetsuya Takahashi? also do you think if Episode II and III are much closer to Episode I it would have beaten Gears?(i still prefer Saga over gears but the Mech action in this game are just plain awesome, not to mention one of the mech designers are from Neon Genese Evangelion) no spoilers please ^^

            i know some of the elements from the original script by Saga has been implemented in Ep III sucks namco pulled the plug in the series. i wonder how will the series turned out if it was 6 games. maybe 3 games for PS2 and another 3 for PS3? :D

            the thing i love about the episode I is the atmosphere and the pacing of the story, good to see Episode III is much closer to Episode I.

            im really intrigued about Episode II since it’s the most controversial game in the series. i still have my sealed game(will be opening it soon) from the trailers i’ve seen it’s good to see their also focusing on the AGWS(though it’s different name here) lot’s of Mecha vs Mecha scene.

            aww man i wish we had more JRPG’s that revolve around mechs at the same time a deep story that has mature theme and make’s your head thinking. i mean JRPG this generation are more lighter than it’s previous one(which isn’t bad but i also want more darker themes)

            imagine if there’s a JRPG that has the combination of Xeno(Saga and Gears) series with the Mech designs from Zone of the Enders and Neon Genesis Evangelion, with no Cuts, includes the blood and heavy religious themes. and a trilogy or Saga?(6 games) that would be the best JRPG ever.

          • ChaosPaladinFayt

            Episode 3 is amazing. Personal favourite and breath taking. 100% recommend.

          • Phoenix_Apollo

            From what I understand, they changed it because they wanted a more Western feel to Episode II. You know: shorter, less plot, more human like character models. Obviously that failed, and Episode II entered development hell. Of course it would have been better if things were handled by Soraya Saga and Tetsuya Takahashi, but Soraya was let go after Pied Piper (she actually never worked there to begin with) and Takahashi ended up taking a backseat role for some reason. Then, new writers came in and tore the script to shreds.

            If Episodes II and III were closer to Episode I, I think they would have had the potential to have topped Gears (I haven’t played Gears, much to my own anger, yet) but we’d have to think of what that would actually mean. If you recall, the original trailer for Episode I had scenes from Episode II in it. At that time, they were that one game, that ended up getting cut when things were ramping up. This cut stuff was going to be Episode II, but plot points of THAT got cut and put into Episode III.

            What’s essentially going on here is that we have one planned game being split into three parts, each less faithful to the source material (that being, what was outlined in Perfect Works but of course we don’t exactly know how much Takahashi was willing to keep the same himself). If all three Episodes were combined into the game it should have been (I believe it’s set during the second episode as outlined in Perfect Works, the real Episode I being Dur Wille Zur Macht’s prologue), then it would have been one of the best RPGs ever and the complaint of “OH MY GOD THERES TOO MANY CUTSCENES” that impatient people had with the game (NOT me) would likely have gone away, or balanced out by the sheer amount of gameplay.

            If I remember right, I don’t think it was solely Namco’s decision to cancel the series, but don’t quote me on that. Seeing six games would be nice, but unless they work to revamp what we have now into the state it was originally in (combining all the games into one plot, basically), I dunno if it’ll go that well. Couple this with the fact that Monolith is owned by Nintendo now, and well….yeah. Unless, of course, Namco wants to be a heartless bastard and take the IP to someone else.

            Actually, in terms of pacing, I’d say that it’s more in terms of what I’ve heard about Xenogears. Since Episode III was the premature end to the series, there was obviously a lot of questions to answer that were planned for a later time. Disc 2 of Episode III is basically a mashup of those answers, that was likely produced to resolve as many things as possible. As I remember from a comment somewhere, “Disc one is pretty much Xenosaga III. Disc two is everything else.”

            However, if you think about it, you wonder that, if the plot of Episodes I-III were going to be the original plot of Episode I, what would the rest of the series have been about? Because of this, I honestly have to wonder how much stuff the new writers put in themselves and how Takahashi had planned it when he realized he had to cut Episode I….hmm.

            Episode II DOES have redeeming qualities. Many of Yuki Kajiura’s songs are simply amazing (though very different than Mitsuda’s), and the graphics are bumped up a bit. The battle system is a bit more experimental and mechanical, and it actually contains the least censoring of the trilogy in America. However, I should also mention that the songs done by Shinji Hosoe (who did much better work for Ridge Racer, and more recently, 999 for the DS) are…loathed by many. They’re not bad, but they’re not “Xenosaga” if you get what I mean.

            While people may see ES’s as just replacing AGWS, they’re both equally important. After all, Albedo had an ES in Episode I, and the characters even fought against it; they’re just new for the players because they’re a little more plot relevant than the AGWS were. Still, it’s boring as hell to play as them and they move very slowly.

            The only other series out there that’s even remotely like this is Zone of the Enders and, obviously, Xenogears. Personally, I think Xenosaga was meant to be the combination of every thing you listed, but never ended up being that way.

            Also, something to mention about Episode III: They took out the blood and blacked out a few of the more…shocking scenes. It’s very disappointing and kinda ruins the story a little bit. Especially one bit, which I’m sure you’ll understand when you get to it. The graphics are the best, and I’d almost prefer the games, if ever remade, to look like Episode III when they get spruced up. That being said, I don’t think Mitsuda’s songs will have as much meaning as they did originally, because the total change in art style kind of gives a different mood, something the Episode I’s soundtrack might not mesh with.

            I’ve written way too long. Sorry about that. I’m a fanatic of this series and it shows.

          • memoryofwater

            I love how this thread began covering a Dreamcast game but mostly wound up being about Xenosaga, two of my favorite things in videogames.

          • You know, if there were any game series that I would buy an HD remake collection of, it would definitely be Xenosaga, even though I already own all three on PS2. Just to have the excuse to play them again, I’d buy it first day.

          • Phoenix_Apollo

            We’d probably have to wait until Nintendo’s next console for that to happen. A remastered collection would be pretty pointless, since I don’t think the disc space is that much bigger.

    • CrisSpiegel

      It’s way easier to develop for DC and I bet they don’t even have s dev-kit. Well, PS2 is now an open platform, but I don’t know what resources there is for it.

      Xenosaga Ep I is awesome. But if you’re going for Ep 2, be warned that you will ask ‘Why?’ a lot of times.

    • Code

      I think this is likely because Sony still supports the PS2 and it’d likely require more official paper work and management through Sony to get it released on PS2 — if they didn’t they would likely face C&D. Dreamcast though, Sega no longer manages the system, and thus it’s easier to likely make games for it, which I think has led to this prolonged system life.

  • Another shump for the Dreamcast. Well that’s all well and good for fans and keeping the Dreamcast spirit alive. But it would be nice to see something different like a Beat ’em up or even an RPG :D

    • puchinri

      That’s true! That would be nice too. Maybe we’ll see those next.

  • CrisSpiegel

    This should be a reply to Pheonix_Apollo. Why is it here?

  • thaKingRocka


  • My last comment was not posted so…

    Two role-playing games (that I’m aware of) are currently in development for the Sega Dreamcast.

    Elysian Shadows is a two-dimensional action RPG joint developed by the ES Team and Dual-Threat Studios.

    A three-dimensional RPG with planned online capability is in the works by Reticon Entertainment. Tahi – The Arocean War is scheduled for release sometime in 2011.


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