Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #8

By Chunsoft . December 14, 2010 . 9:09am

Today, I’ll announce who’s in 8th place.






The bracelet number is 7.



It’s Seven.

Although he’s Seven, he’s ranked 8th. Too bad.


Here are the rough sketches of his expressions:

Normal, Laughing loudly, Smile, Unspeakably amazed

Sad, Troubled, Upset, Mad

He has a lot of expressions.

By the way, he’s not as scary as he looks (probably).


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  • Poor Seven XD; Almost got his number! Almost… :)

    • I wish you guys had given us the opportunity to rank them rather than just vote for one :(

      • These are the Japanese character poll results haha. Ours are still on-going until 1/9/11.

        The amount of votes will determine how they’ll rank naturally :)

        • Who did you vote for :o?

          • That’s an Aksys secret ;)

          • Haha xD, but this is an question from a 999 fan to a 999 fan xD OR MAYBE…, aksys staff’s votes are worth MORE!?

            june or junpei? i can accept clover or snake as well ;D

          • Haha, naw :) I voted for Ace, since I cosplayed as him ;)

          • *tried not to put ANY spoilers but still may “spoil” someone, in a really indirect way*

            *making space so it wont appear in “latest comment” of siliconera xD*

            Lol, well i really though Ace was cool… at the beginning, what i though of him at the beginning is what i think now of seven now that i know the ending, and what i though of seven in the beginning is how i ended up thinking about Ace, if you know what i mean xD because *SPOILARZ SPOILARZ* seriously, poor little june >=(

  • Red9ro

    Whaa? He is so unexpectedly cool.

  • Lol, i liked seven more than lotus >8(, when i was with seven i felt secure, is cool to have the strongest/biggest in the team on your side xD

  • onilink888

    Hmm, I too, wouldn’t have put Seven there. The guy’s a gentle giant, he looked out for the other guys quite a bit…

    Well, damn, I can’t say who who deserves to take that spot more because it’d could be counted as a spoiler, but what I can say is that Seven doesn’t belong there.

  • PrinceHeir

    this game looks awesome :)

    we need more visual novel games like this ^^

  • Aww, poor Seven. I thought he might beat Ace, but I guess not. I liked him! XD

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    That’s a disappointment. Seven was probably my second favorite character next to Snake.

  • neocatzon

    he don’t deserve this

  • Roses4Aria

    This suprises me as well. I liked Seven much better than Ace and Lotus. On my list he would have ended up at either 5 or 6, just behind Santa. I have issues with Santa and can’t quite decide whether I like him or not, so any given day Seven could edge ahead of him. :P

  • Aww…. I like Seven….

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