Elemental Monster Online Card Game Is The Cheapest/Most Expensive Game On PSN

By Spencer . December 16, 2010 . 6:42pm

imageNext week, Hudson will release an online card game titled Elemental Monster Online Card Game. It’s a PlayStation Network download and it’s just 100 yen ($1.20).


Hudson estimates it will take players over ten hours to complete the 50 stages in single player mode, but card games are dull without a friend to challenge. Elemental Monster Online Card Game supports online play too.


Here’s where the game can get pricey. Each time you want to challenge someone over the Internet you need to buy versus tickets. A pack of four tickets costs 100 yen. Hudson also plans on selling booster boxes with more cards for 500 yen a piece ($6).


Cards in Elemental Monster Online are borrowed from other games like Dimension 0, Monster Collection, and Lord of Vermillion II from Square Enix. Actually, card art from Lord of Vermillion II was the source of art for Lord of Arcana so you’re going to see this succubus in all three games.


While Elemental Monster Online Card Game has not been announced for North America, the ESRB and Germany’s USK rated it. Chances are pretty good Hudson already localized it, but will they keep the same pricing system for the West?

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  • What the… So everytime you want to play againts someone else, you have to pay 1$?! and for more cards 6$?! So it’s like if they are doing us a favor? >_>

    • godmars

      No, you have to pay $1 which gives you 4 plays, which means its actually a quarter per online play. More, considering 100 yen isn’t $1.

      Does make a kind of sense since if the “$1” went towards maintaining a server, but then this game probably doesn’t need one.

      • Code

        I guess that is the arcade standard >w<' Although that's still a really pricey plan for anyone who enjoys the game, I know a lot of online games I enjoy if they charged 25 cents per match, I'd be making bills of $50+ a month easy.

    • doomspeller10

      Well I don’t think it’s very different from companies which sell you a game for $40 with some features missing (such as multiplayer) and then they make you pay for them as DLC. It’s pretty common right now.
      The only thing I don’t quite get is, if it is explicitly a PSN game, does that mean it will be available for the PSP as well? If that were the case, I’d find unfair having to pay for adhoc multiplayer… it’d be the ultimate owning.
      Anyway, if the gameplay is not good it will fail and people will keep playing yugioh or black ops.

  • Code

    I could see maybe making booster sets adding additional cards to the game costing money, but actually charging for individual versus matches — I can’t see this ending well for Hudson. Why is it lately Japanese companies are making all kinds of silly decisions; seriously come`on Japan get your head in the game, your smarter then this >O> *pours bottle of water on there head*

  • Phlo

    If I were to actually spring money on online play for a game I really like, it would be a monthly/yearly fee rather than on a pay per play basis. This just punishes the biggest fans.

  • So if you wanna enjoy the game more…You have to pay more. I thought that was just a western developer thing? Now Japan is getting in on the act?!

    If you suck at this game, this is going to be very costly. If you’re good…Well it’s still going to be costly >_<

  • Game developer today, suck our money up to the last penny…

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