Persona Team Hangs A Now Hiring Sign In Their Window

By Spencer . December 20, 2010 . 12:18am

imageWhile the Persona team is working on their first HD title, Catherine, they apparently have big plans for the future.


Dengeki PlayStation says Atlus, specifically the Persona team, is in the middle of hiring a ton of new developers. They’re taking applications to start next summer.


We’re not too surprised. Around the same time last year, we picked up on a job listing where Atlus was also hiring a ton of new recruits.

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  • “… they apparently have big plans for the future.”
    :D :D

    • Chill, it’s just Persona 3 HD Collection Remix

      • Oh u

        It sounds like Atlus are up to some big things. Hopefully, Catherine sells well.

        • no

          • Why don’t you want it to sell well?

          • Because if it does it will justify making it over a megaten which I wont accept

          • Tanto, That’s asinine and there has been nothing to support that is even the case.

        • Yes, let’s all pray for Catherine’s success. Then Atlus will release more games on the current gen consoles!

      • Naw, P4P.

        • I hope but probably people prepared for work on the next gen handhelds?

          • They should worry first about the current generation of powar ( SMT ps3!?)

      • They porting persona 3 to itouch/ipads then, persona 3 FES, and then persona 3 portable, after that we may see persona 5 xD

    • Testsubject909

      We can only hope…

      Or a new SMT proper.

      • Probably both.

      • nyrjin

        At the moment I’d prefer Persona, but I’m really good at changing my mind! On the average day I’d say SMT all the way.

      • puchinri

        Another (main series) SMT would be great.

    • I hope theyve already been working on that.

  • godmars

    Why does it also sound, what with this console gen going the way it is, that their next HD project is going to be on the next generation of HD consoles?

    I mean any HD game that’s not a FPS seems to have a long production time.

    • exhume

      The Persona series peaked after the PS2 was pronounced dead by many, perhaps we’ll get Personas 5 and 6 just as everyone’s buying themselves a PS4. ^_^

  • Soma

    They should hire Kevin Butler. ;)

  • I want to kill myself everytime i read something like this… How i wish to be able to participate in something like that

    • No, you don’t. Seriously, Japanese dev studios are not a fun place to work. Read this piece on Gaesutra:
      then check the archives of this blog:
      and then try to find some other place to realize your gaming ambitions, because in Japan you won’t.

      Oh, and I did work in Japan, too, albeit not in game dev, but IT research.

      • Gonna check those out :D, and well, i never said exactly in japan, i would be happy just working in any game. Of course i would love to work in japan (or any other country than the one im in, here you cant really find any chance to work in this industry)… I know it will be 100 times harder, and specially in japan where they dont treat gaijin very well in the workplace… But, is not impossible… I can at least try after i graduate from the university, i just cant give up yet >=0. Also, what im studying in the university is completely unrelated to game things, so i can at least try to work in somehting else in Japan.

        And i dont expect to have fun xD, i know it will be a hella lot of work, but it will be something i really love (if i get in the game industry), and i still would pretty much like to live in japan and get most of the releases soon with all the extras they always give xD, oh and there is something my dad says a lot:
        “If working was fun, they wouldn’t pay you to do it”

  • PrinceHeir

    i hope a new Shin Megami Tensei game or Person 5 both for the PS3 :)

  • It seems that #Atlus is growing right in front of our eyes; regardless, I wish them good luck in their growth, as I hope they remember their niche roots and embrace it.

  • For those wanting to apply, here’s a tip. If you can draw phallic objects and creatures really well, then your hopes of landing the job have increased dramitically. You can thank me later on :)

  • cj_iwakura

    Shin Megami Tensei: NINE.95 for Xbox 360.

    You know you want it.
    (Free cookie to whoever gets the reference.)

    • Exkaiser

      Oh god, not NINE.

      Can’t we just forget that ever happened?

  • I am thou and thou art I
    to thy Sea of Souls I comeforth
    I am Persona 5 wrecking you console!!

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