Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #2

By Chunsoft . December 22, 2010 . 9:09am

Now it’s time to see who came in 2nd.
Can our heroine still make the top spot?


It’s June.

Oh no! Looks like the heroine ended up in 2nd place!

June: Oh no… I’m the heroine… How could this happen?


It was awfully close, but she ended up in 2nd place.

She is very pretty, though.


These are sketches of June’s different expressions.

As you can see, they’re all perfectly adorable, as befits a heroine.



These are some rough sketches for her initial design.

The one on the left (the 1st idea) eventually became the final version.

According to Kinu Nishimura, June helped to start the “Mori Girl” trend*.

Next is 1st place… (Although we all already know who it is.)


*”Mori girl” is a Japanese slang term for a style of dress that emphasizes soft, calming, relaxing clothes. It’s an actual clothing trend in Japan, but June did not start it—she just fits the stereotype of what that sort of girl is supposed to be like.


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  • Clover pwned all D:, well, at least june beat lotus >_> seriously.

    june pwnzzz >8D, darn i wish i could vote 2 times in the aksys poll, i wanna vote for junpei too…

    Oh, and is a good thing to learn about this mori girl treng o.0, i actually liked june’s style, and it also felt kinda relaxing xD

  • DeisticBrace

    I am dissapoint.

    • onilink888


      Damn it, Japan… -_-

  • Pichi

    What a surprise! Thought June would get all the way. Go Clover!

  • Aww, June is just too sweet :D! Love her!

  • neo_firenze

    OK, get ready for a comment that might make some people upset (you’re all entitled to your own opinions, nothing personal):

    I’m glad June didn’t win. Apparently I’m one of the few who didn’t like her much at all. Yes, I’ve completed all six endings. Regardless of what was revealed in the true ending, I still think she just acts so helpless throughout the game (and really, I’d argue that despite her showing some power to do what she does in the true ending, the whole basis of that is still little more than “Oh Junpei please save me”). Her character design is also dull to me, just kind of a boring milquetoast girl. I guess a lot of anime-influenced stuff does favor that stereotypical weak and demure female archetype that June represents though. She feels like she’s just there as a non-offensive love interest / male power fantasy to me though (save the princess!), needing Junpei to actually get things done on her behalf.

    I’ll agree that Clover isn’t as IMPORTANT of a character in the overall plot, but I think she shows more interesting personality in the game and that her character design is more aesthetically pleasing to me than the mousy/boring June. And the Axe ending alone bumps Clover up several spots in my book.

    Besides Clover, I’d also put many of the game’s other characters ahead of June:
    – Santa shows more depth of character through his actions/dialogue, and also becomes pretty important to the plot of the true ending.

    – Junpei actually acts as the lead character throughout all of the game’s paths, takes some ownership of his situation and keeps a cool head, has a pretty funny sense of humor (Apologize to the funyarinpa!), and really is the one who is responsible for getting things done in the true ending.

    – Lotus is not just eye candy, she’s a strong female character with some actual personality/backbone, she’s very smart (as revealed in more detail through her backstory), and arguably she ties into one of the big questions that all of the endings leave intentionally unanswered (*cough*startswiththelettera*cough*).

    So yeah, down with June. I’m happy Clover wins. Also spoiled the surprise for myself last week when I saw the results so I had to bite my tongue and not spoil that in the comments over the last several entries, but yeah :)

    • *spoilarz!!*

      I really liked clover as character in the true ending, when junpei talked about the fake arm, she was sooo relieved, it was like aww D:, and when she was reunited with snake i was like double aww T_T. I liked how she ended up liking junpei almost as much as snake xD.

      Knowing the japanese, i think i can understand why she is in 1st place… (I still cant compute Lotus being in the 3rd though T_T)

    • I agree with that.


      Even though after it is revealed that June was Zero, the one who thought of everything, I didn’t really feel it. Maybe if she didn’t faint in the last scene (no matter if she can’t help it or she did it on purpose), where she could have said something about her being the infamous Zero, I would have liked her more. The true ending makes me feel that Santa deserves to be Zero more than June… >^<. I liked June, but I liked Seven better.

      I actually didn't mind Clover wins. Maybe her type is popular in Japan or something, but in 999, I came up from 'huh' like to really-want-to pinch-her-cheek like. The time she received the clover bookmark from Junpei, I can't help but liking her. She really opened up. She makes all the mysteries go 'oooh'.

      As for Lotus, well. I kinda view her as much as I view June. The only time I think she's cool was when she cracked the computer and when she offered to seat on the torture chair (or whatever it was). Except for her kids been in 999 game before, I don't see any important relation of her with the game.

      (Or so I first thought. This is just my opinion though. If there is a sequel or a spin off of 999, do you think Nona and the mysterious twin would come out? The mysterious appearance of ALICE is still a mystery. AND. Since Santa and June are both in the ship years ago, and they are both the transmitters, who is the 'supposed' receiver of June/Santa at that time? Don't you think it's kinda weird…? Ace couldn't possibly know that little June can, umm…contact the future Junpei. So there must be another pair of siblings (at least) are both receivers in the Nevada building. Even if, IF, Santa and June are not real siblings, what is important in 999 game is the BOND. Only with close bond that you can transmit and receive whatever was supposed to be transmitted. (If I'm wrong here, please correct me. At least, that was what I got from the whole one sibling in a ship and the other in a building thing)

      Or maybe I'm just reading it too much…OR, I'm just a crazy fan conjuring up all these fantasies so that another 999 game can come out. XXXDDD

      BTW, Aksys, if you found this familiar…ehem…well, you did allow fans to questioned something about 999 in your site… XD

      *Spoiler end*beep*Spoiler end*beep*

      So, yeah… Congrates Clover~ Your brother is proud of you XD *clap clap*

      • Well, regarding to the transmitter/receiver thing, it seems they just made a mistake when they put june into that group (“they” being Ace’s company)… It had to be siblings, but i just saw it like they got a kid wrong o.O Santa said it at one point, that they got June on the wrong side, June was a transmiter, while he was supposed to be the receiver, so June couldnt receive anything while she was in the real ship

        • So it is 9 people in the ship and 8 in the Nevada building? Or another pair of siblings that were also like mistakenly put like Santa and June were? Isn’t that a glaringly obvious mistake, since Ace really want the experiment to be successful?

          • 9 in the ship, 9 in Nevada. :) Only it wasn’t such a problem for the ones in Nevada, since it just meant neither of them was in real trouble. XD Maybe they did screw up on purpose in a ‘let’s see what happens to someone who can’t receive’ sort of way, or maybe they just made a mistake. Maybe one of the other pair looked slightly like June so they assumed they were the siblings? Ah, who knows.

          • Yeah…that’s the thing…. I know that it’s just a wishful thinking of a crazy fan who wants to play another 999 game…I can’t help but questioning even the slightest thing.. XP

            But yeah…even if Ace and the gang did a mistake, it was the greatest mistake they ever made or we wouldn’t even playing Junpei’s version of 999 XD

          • Yeah is a pretty lame mistake, they didnt looked like siblings though, anyway its not impossible for a mistake to occur either -.-‘ But that is how Santa explained it… “But they made a mistake… My sister was actually a receiver”.Maybe there was another Akane, or they got the charts switched xD
            Well, at the end, she received junpei’s :), ahhh that last puzzle was so epic.

      • Another thing I’ve been wondering about:

        Remember Seven’s amnesia?
        There was this theory about people’s memories being stored outside of our bodies, and Seven was simply unable to access them.
        It’s likely that Zero had planned Seven’s amnesia, so June – I guess – must have had access to this ‘place’.
        Or do Seven and June have another relation – family, perhaps? – that allowed June to ‘invade’, by lack of a better word, Seven’s mind more easily?

        Personally, I think there’s going to be a sequel. [/wishful thinking]

        (Also, it’s strange to realize that this is my first post here, considering the time I’ve been lurking. Well, hello everyone~! :3 )

        PS: I’ve changed my Twitter’s ‘real name’ from “*Secret*” to “Isabelyes”, but it doesn’t show in this post.
        Well, for the record, I’m Isabelyes. Nice to meet you all~!

        • Heh, don’t worry. I think I only post as much as I did only in 999. The game is just too cool not to leave any comment.

          Have you got the true ending yet? At first, I thought that yeah, Zero might hit him too hard he had amnesia. But, after the true ending, I don’t really think so…

          I think he was *probable spoiler*probable spoiler* faking it…

          • I have seen all endings, but they didn’t clear up as much as I expected.

            (I think I’m just going to keep my nickname a “secret”, then.) ^-^

  • I’ve only gotten two of the endings in 999 so far, but my favorite characters are Snake and June.

    Lotus is pretty cool, but I honestly would never say she’s my favorite. I also don’t like Clover.

    • Im sure that after you see one particular ending you will add junpei to that list, in that ending junpei was so freaking cool xD.

      Yeah at the beginning i thought Snake was a pretty nice dude, with the way he talks he really sounds reliable, and of course June became one of my fav ever since i saw her.

  • PrinceHeir

    Mori Girl Indeed :D

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