Namco Bare It All On Queen’s Gate’s Armour Destruction System

By Ishaan . December 27, 2010 . 10:22am

Like Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos, its PSP successor, Queen’s Gate also has an armour damage system. Opponents can do damage to armour in five areas: the head, arms, chest, hips and legs.


Destroying armour in any of these areas will activate a close-up scene of your female fighter’s armour breaking. Once your armour is broken, both the portrait on the status screen and the super-deformed ingame sprites will reflect the change as well.


We try to keep things more or less clean around here, but if you’re looking for the more sultry pics of the armour destruction in Queen’s Gate, head over to Dengeki’s write-up on the game.

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  • Guest

    Armor? What armor?

  • Katja image and Hana, I just love Seikon, lol.

    They are so lucky to get this game.

    • ewww seikon….

    • Ya know… After reading what that manga is about, and what it’s running in, I can see a certain law’s #1 target.

      • I know :( well hopefull it still comes out in the US and the second season still release uncensored on the internet, fantastic anime.

  • Darkrise

    Just like QB Spiral Chaos! =D

  • PrinceHeir

    damn break that armor out :)

    looks sexy ^^ so where’s Mai? :P

    • z_merquise

      Do not fear, for Mai Shiranui, the living avatar of Japanese fan-service chosen by the Great Celestial Spheres of the New Chestament, is always there. We should always remember that a cross-over game/merchandise that involves SNK yet has no Mai Shiranui in it is an act of heresy.

      Or you can just go to the Dengeki article, page 1, you can see Mai there.

  • Best part of this game, hehe

  • SlashZaku

    There is a stupid hope that Namco will do a 1-2 punch and localize both this and the first game to release as a 2-pack for $50 or so. But no…:(

  • Heard news about the new Soul Calibur, when I heard Namco and Queen’s Blade I got somewhat excited.
    Would they make a good guest characters in Soul Calibur series?

  • CoolChibi

    How can a game be so much better than its source material? I’m truly excited for the sequel, enjoyed the first game. :)

  • Someone’s going to make a nude hack for this, sooner or later. Hmmmm, the game has RPG tappings (and hot ladies) – consider me wanting localization.

    • Darkrise

      Well the first one has been out for a year now and that hasn’t had a nude hack for it.

      • Well I guess the first one didn’t get much attention among western pirates, plus usually the hackers take ages, unlike their PC counterparts, hence the “sooner or later” lol :D

    • The game doesn’t need a nude hack. Everything you need can easily be found on the net..

  • Testsubject909

    Sex sells….

    *opens his wallet slowly* What? I’m a pervert. I’ve no shame in admitting one of my most basic instincts. The real trouble are those who bury their desires down. It’s no good bottling it up.

    Best thing to do? Spin it comically, you can release some of your inner self, not take it too seriously, and whenever convenient, just bury it back down and don your more serious side.

  • That outfit has no defensive value what-so-ever! How does she expect to take a potentially fatal blow and survive?

  • z_merquise

    Well lookie here, I just found the official website for the game. For those interested (and I’m sure you are), here it is:

  • I like to challenge myself so if I get this game, all my characters will have 1 hp the whole time.

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