A Devil May Cry Even On The iPhone

By Ishaan . January 12, 2011 . 8:33am

Devil May Cry 4 is finally on the iPhone and iPod Touch. While you might be surprised to see a Devil May Cry game on a phone, Capcom have actually been producing these since 2005, with each one looking a little better than the last.


Devil May Cry 4 Refrain appears to be a port of the same game originally developed for Docomo mobile phones in Japan. In a post Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword world, one might expect an iPhone version of DMC4 to be controlled in a similar fashion to Team Ninja’s Nintendo DS brawler, but Capcom have opted for virtual on-screen buttons instead.


Refrain lets you play as Nero, with Dante’s portion of the game being made available later as a downloadable update. For the curious, here’s a look at Capcom’s other Devil May Cry games on the mobile phone front:


Devil May Cry for Softbank phones (2005):


Devil May Cry: Dante x Vergil for Docomo phones (2005):


 Devil May Cry 4 for Nokia phones:


Devil May Cry 4 Refrain for Docomo phones (2009):


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  • Capcom why

  • And I kept hoping that the DMC PSP project will be revived somehow orz

  • neo_firenze

    Yuck virtual onscreen buttons.

  • I think at this, and then think about DMC3. Why Capcom why didn’t you make a Wii version! Hell just take 1-3 give them Wiimote controls, and a few extras!

  • karasuKumo

    LOL I completely forgot about the mobile games! I had the first :) It was pretty good.

  • Aiddon

    uh, why? I like DMC4 but I don’t see what’s the point. I also find it funny how CAPCOM has that godawful reboot and yet they have no problem with releasing merchandise of DMC 1-4 and even put Dante in MvC3

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      lulz “godawful” from seeing one CG trailer

      • neon6

        Their would almost be a reason to listen to them if they could come up with better reasons why it could suck.

    • Guest

      Yet look at how many reboots Marvel has

    • the only problems are douches like you who keeps on criticizing games like this..

      • Aiddon

        right, unlike guys like you who call people names instead of using something witty due do that requiring BRAINPOWER.

        • brain power? im not a nerd. simple as this: they make some games, we play. if you dont like it, dont complain.

        • RupanIII

          Seriously Aiddon.. opinions on the internet.. WTF is the world coming to?

          People around here need to separate their ego-identities from games/companies and stop attacking others for having reasonably expressed criticism :P (obviously not talking about the ‘this game sux0rz!!1’ GameFaqs type criticism) FFVII was my first major RPG and one of my favorites in the series. I know sometimes people say they don’t like it/it was overhyped/etc. I disagree, but I don’t go around calling them douches; you can disagree and be civil about it

          • problem is these internet geeks keep on criticizing almost everything.

  • d19xx

    Second time Capcom cancelled an announced game for the PSP only to appear on the iPhone…..

  • I’m going to be pretty sure this is another reason why we need some sort of clip-on gamepad for iPhones. Not saying the virtual controls will suck but I always find I make a mistake or can’t captailize on a oppurtunity at times due to not using something that resembles a controller in my hand.

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