Ignition Entertainment Close East And West Coast Offices, Move To Texas

By Ishaan . January 15, 2011 . 1:31pm

In July 2010, Ignition Entertainment underwent a company-wide rebranding alongside a shift in focus from packaged games to digital downloads for online game services like Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, PlayStation Network and iTunes.


Renamed “UTV Ignition Entertainment,” in order to indicate its ties to parent company, UTV Entertainment, Ignition then saw its co-founder, Ajay Chadha, take his leave from the company in September.


Now, Ignition have consolidated their East and West Coast operations to a central office located in Austin, Texas, along with online micro-transaction game studio, UTV True Games. Following a troubled development, Ignition first-person shooter, Reich, has been moved from Ignition’s now-closed Florida studio to Austin as well.


Austin is already home to several high-profile developers such as Bioware and Retro Studios. Ignition hope to take advantage of the locale’s talent pool, and are already hiring personnel for their development and publishing teams.


Meanwhile, Ignition’s Tokyo Studio is working on El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron, a game where you try to prevent fallen angels from destroying mankind.

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  • UTV TRUE GAMES?! True gamers should rejoice but I doubt they will be games worth playing.

    Anyway, Im dying to hear more on Reich!

    • Ren

      This is such a sweet irony. Your naivety only makes it better.

    • Could you please stop throwing around the phrase “true gamer”? Just…Please?

      • What? dude, lol, the article said it (see UTV True Gamer). I was only commenting about it.

        • Ren

          Mark means to stop using the term true gamer. I can point at least, what, three times these last days where you used it. It’s annoying and makes most people see you as an egocentric, and if you don’t know what that means, wiki it.

          • Why would I stop using a true term? (get it true gamers, a true term, lollolololol)

          • Darkrise


          • I know, I know, I crack myself up, like Ikutsuki! lol.

          • Like Ren said, saying it makes you sound extremely egotistical. On top of that no one actually uses it. If you really want people to have a better opinion of you, the first step is to stop saying it.

          • Ren

            So you can stop being a true egocentric. Ahh, they don’t make americans like the old times. At least you’re not Abicon.

          • Why do I keep being called egocentric. It just doesnt make sense, just the other day I was advocating for the need for more Japanese presence in the best selling games in the US and now, just because I say “true gamer”, Im egocentric, or more extensively because I feel cheated that Europeans get things that us Americans dont get? It just doesnt make sense.

          • Calling yourself a “true” anything is an egotistical thing, like the term “true believer.” It brings gives people the impression that you’re an elitist and that, quite frankly, pisses people off. Btw, there’s no such thing as the “gaming elite” either.

          • Wow you must have read my mind, I also use gaming elite too, oh and pc elitist.

          • You have 2800+ comments here, and I’ve read most of them over the months. I would be surprised if I didn’t know how you think by now.

          • Ren

            Let’s put things in perspective, I don’t dislike you in the least, but you can get very annoying from time to time, so I’ll explain. We’re on the net, on Siliconera to be exact, a site dedicated to niche and japanese gaming. You are what you post, and the way you word things is very important. Most people who post on here have a similar mindset, and you differ a lot from that mindset, so it’s normal for you to cause a lot of friction with the other users. But even then, you have to understand that certain terms have prejorative conotations imbued with them. Some people will hate you for using them, and most of the times they may be right to feel so. Saying something is true has the added conotation meaning everything else is wrong and false. By saying this, it makes you sound like only the things you call true are right and that your opinions are the ultimate truth, which is probably far from what you mean by using it. You always will sound egocentric when you use words like true, and even if you have good intentions, it won’t change the outcome. I do understand what you mean by true games and gamers, and it doesn’t really grate my nerves as much as it could because I know you just don’t know better or care, but what kind of person people would judge you to be if you called every black person you found as nigger?

  • I wonder if I can find their office… and bug them to hire me as QA tester. Hell, Retro and Bioware are near my campus, maybe UTV is close by.

  • Phlo

    Too bad this can’t stop them from continuing to outsource their English localizations to Japan.

  • Woah, we may get Reich? I’ll go for that.

  • Why is Bioware in America!? D: I thought it was a Canadian company!

    • The BioWare Group of studios is now four studios (BioWare Edmonton, BioWare Austin, BioWare Mythic, and BioWare Montreal).

      • endaround

        Which is just becauser EA decided to put Bioware on all EA RPG going forward. Edmonton was the original, SW:TOR is in Austin, at least until it goes belly up, Mythic is Mythic and Montreal just opened up.

    • ECM

      For the same reason countless other companies are (like, say, what’s left of Ignition): there’s a lot more talent available in places like Austin, SF, etc. than there is (in Bioware’s case) in Alberta.

      (And Bioware is still in Alberta, but they’re owned by EA now, so they’re not even technically Canadian anymore, Smithee.)

  • urbanscholar

    The likelihood of King of Fighters XIII coming to consoles doesn’t seem too bright to me as I read this : /

  • cj_iwakura

    Good, now close the rest of them.

  • vadde939

    ‘Ignition hope to take advantage of the locale’s talent pool’
    Theyre gonna need to hire all the talent they can get because they sure don’t have any of their own.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Hopefully we’ll see better projects and games from Ignition in the future with all this restructuring.

  • mikedo2007

    Texas, uh? You know one of their last game they brought to the US, Lux-Pain, for the DS. The English voice actor/actresses for Lux-Pain are all Funimation’s VA. I hope this mean that Ignition Entertainment when they bring game to US they’ll use Funi’s VA to dub the game, and if they create a game and need voice, I hope Funi’s VA can be use for it. I recall that Borderlands had some of Funi’s VA voice their character (like Brina Palencia is the voice of Mad Moxxi).

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