Imageepoch’s CEO Spends Two To Three Hours Reading Blog Comments And Tweets

By Spencer . January 17, 2011 . 12:35am

imageImageepoch’s CEO, Ryoei Mikage, keeps a close watch on the Internet. Starting when his first game came out Luminous Arc, Mikage made a daily habit of browsing blogs to check fan reactions. Was his title "kusoge?" (That’s Japanese for crap game.) Mikage wanted to know so he perused blogs and comments.


Inside Games asked how many hours he spent checking sites. Mikage answered between two to three hours per day. Usually, Mikage returns home from work between 2 – 3AM. From there, until about 4 – 5AM, Mikage scans blogs and now Twitter for comments. Thanks to this, Mikage says, he has a lack of sleep everyday.


Mikage believes reading these comments is important. They’re a source of motivation and not knowing what interests consumers is truly a scary situation for a company, according to Mikage.

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  • Yui

    I assume he doesn’t read anything in English of course, otherwise he’d totally know how much the West wants Luminous Arc 3. ;P

    • OneOkami

      The decision to license/localize that may not be up to him, though. I believe Marvelous owns the IP.

      • Yui

        I believe you are right, but I am a fool, and I firmly believe that he has the capability to at least present a compelling argument to Marvelous on the merits of localizing the game (finally). If he did, I’d be over the moon, anyway. Love the series. =D

  • All companys should do this…

    • GamerKT


      • i agree.. but, i duno… sometimes.. things can get pretty personal..

    • PrinceHeir

      definitely, especially companies like Namco and square enix should take note. capcom seems to be listening to fans so that’s a start.

  • krokounleashed

    Well, Mistwalker and Kamiya does read a lot, too. Also Harada.

  • skymap

    I don’t know. I don’t necessarily think the internet is always a good representation of what the majority of consumers think about your product. Sometimes the most devoted videogame fans happen to be insane. Not to mention the fact that people just like to hate in general.

    • Agreed, reminds me of Sucker Punch redesigning Cole’s character based on fan feedback. I liked what they had initially but you never hear positive feedback, just whining. The creators should just follow their own vision because the fans usually have terrible ideas and pleasing all of them is impossible.

    • I think, if you can keep from taking it personally and don’t make fan feedback the last word on everything you do, that being at least partly aware of it can’t hurt. At the same time, I think 2-3 hours a day might be too much, especially if it’s cutting into your sleep.

  • Jeez this man is going to collpase one day frothing at the mouth about Twitter and the internet. He should hire somebody to scan comments and highlight the constructive ones so he can get some sleep :D

  • anbu

    To: Ryoei Mikage (Imageepoch CEO)

    Tale of the Last Promise –> U.S. –> $$$

    Fate/Extra –> U.S. –> $$$


    • Bruce

      I could kill for Fate/extra ….

  • Guest

    I remember watching an interview with a Western developer who said he visited Japan once and went into a store and saw a whole section of Western games with a sign above it and asked the store clerk what it meant and it was….”kusoge”

  • HarryHodd

    Double post

  • HarryHodd

    I hope some people are asking for PS3 games.

  • puchinri

    I like that he takes into consideration and actually cares to read what the consumers and fans are saying.

    Then again, as it’s been said a few places on here, some fans aren’t really the best to listen to.

  • Chris Hansen

    Luminous Arc was a terrible game
    Still bothers me that imagepoch is localizing anything when there’s plenty of good games we haven’t gotten from Japan (Soma Bringer for one)

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