An Example Of Touchscreen Combos In Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

By Ishaan . January 19, 2011 . 7:37am

A few months ago, Capcom revealed that Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on the Nintendo 3DS has a touch-control feature that lets you assign up to four moves to the 3DS touchscreen. Here’s a look at that feature.


While we weren’t certain how flexible this was in the past, new screenshots suggest that everything from specific combos to Specials to Supers can be mapped to the touchscreen. Here’s one where Akuma’s got both a Super and an Ultra assigned to the touch buttons. 



And below is one of Dudley with a regular combo and a Special. We aren’t sure just how long touchscreen combos can be, or if you can somehow assign combos that require timed dashes like going from Sakura’s EX Hurricane Kick into her Haru Ranman Ultra.


Super Street Fighter IV is a Nintendo 3DS launch game and will be out on March 27th alongside the system in North America, and on March 25th in Europe.


  • i dont think i like the whole touchscreen combo stuff it seems its too easy to preform the harder supers and ultras now

    • neon6

      “too easy to preform the harder supers and ultras now”
      It’s called Auto Mode.

  • ……….. I’m speechless…….

    Edit: Just not to be flagged as a useless comment, I am very speechless about this touchscreen combo inclusion. It’s like making your ship invincible in shmups, auto-cornering in Gran Turismo, auto-play in DJMAX and equipping the stealth suit in MGS. orz…

    • I think it’s more of a perception question, honestly. I think for a lot of people, this could open up the idea of actually focusing on the timing of their moves and figuring out when/how to use them, rather than struggling to perform them at all.

      I pointed out Sakura’s EX Hurricane Kick > Ultra specifically because it’s something that relies on the timing of the dash between the two moves. I doubt you could map EX > Dash > Ultra to a single command. So you’d be automating the attacks, but you’d still need to get the timing down to figure out when to use them. :)

      • Mmmm, I see your point. This will be fun in casual play and stuff, and probably could be used to find combos that was thought impossible before…
        As for Sakura, EX Hurricane Kick > Air Shinku Hadoken is win, since you don’t need to dash or anything. Just kick em up in the air and fire away >_<

        But hey, we're not talking about combos and setups here, so I'll sit back and see how this goes.

        • evilhero

          I’m more concerned with doing some of the more difficult stuff. How will 1 and 2 frame links apply to this? Going from hitting buttons to hitting the touch screen while performing a combo is going to be awkward. Will this effect option selects?

          Also, is there going to be any cool down on the touch screen buttons? If not, it’s really going to change things. Guile’s sonic boom is going to be ridiculous if you can throw them like hadoukens. And what about Zangief? (walk up 720 ultra, anyone?)

          This reminds me of when Street Fighter Alpha 3 came out on the PSP. You could map any move you wanted (supers included) to any button. It was pretty crazy.

          As for the new viewing angle. It’ll be cool for casual play. But for people who at least try to up their game, zoning and footsies is crucial, the new angle makes it difficult to judge distance.

          I can see the casual crowd picking this up. But I don’t know about the more serious players. I’m sure they’ll have some kind of BYOC thing at EVO this year for this game, that could be fun.

          • Even if they had a spammable touchscreen special like in Bleach Souten Ni Kakeru Unmei, there’s no way you couldn’t punish that with skill you’ve gained after years of practice. I don’t think you’re forced to use the touchscreen combos either, so you can do links manually.

            I agree on that viewing angle. Distance judging is not to be taken lightly, especially when you’re trying to turn the tides from a losing end. I think it’s still bearable in IV, but try that angle in to parry in 3rd Strike. The horror!

          • Code

            It is one of those situations I think touch controls are mostly for casuals or people new to SSF4 — I generally accept it as something opening the door for new people or for helping fill the gap between friends who might not have similar skill level.

            Hard to call if they’ll make it online (I can’t picture them being in ranked matches) or if they’ll add a cool down or something but, still someone who has played fighters for years is still going to be mashing out specials much faster then the time it takes for a player to tap the touch screen. I wouldn’t worry bout it too much >ww<'

          • evilhero

            While I definitely agree that it’s good to introduce a different crowd to fighters by making the moves easier to pull off (or even to make up for the fact you’re pulling off intricate moves on a hand held) that’s not what I’m mainly concerned about.

            It’s the fact that these mechanics could allow you to do things that are otherwise impossible. Things like walk up flash kicks, repeated sonic booms, instant pile drivers, etc.

            There’s a kotaku video up that has Seth Killian showing off the new mode. From what I can tell, you don’t need to hold down a charge to do any of the moves, and there’s no cool down.

  • Hopefully this is disabled during multiplayer.

  • It’s not even that big of a deal. Street Fighter’s never been whether or not you have the manual dexterity to execute specials/combos, but whether you know how to effectively use them in a variety of combat situations.

  • PrinceHeir

    well you are playing from handheld, so i guess they thought it would be hard for people landing some combo’s hopefully you can disabled this in a match or so but then again, if you want tournament scene. Arcades and Consoles are the way you go :)

    • Gamespot interviewed Capcom at the event today and they said you can switch between Pro Mode, which involves the button pressing action only, and Light Mode and look for people who are only using Pro Mode online.

      • Thanks Tommy. That’s super-helpful to know. :)

  • I like it as it means I won’t have to fiddle around trying to activate supers and ultras. Hardcore SF players can snuff at it but a) they can choose not to use it and b) they will probably keep to playing on consoles anyway…Unless they introduce an Arcade stick that could be plugged into the the 3DS :D

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