Dead or Alive: Dimensions Has A Metroid: Other M Stage

By Ishaan . January 19, 2011 . 9:05am


A couple weeks ago, some of our commenters posted that they hoped Samus would make it into Dead or Alive: Dimensions in light of Team Ninja also having worked on Metroid: Other M. While Samus hasn’t been confirmed for the game, the Ridley boss fight area from Other M made it in as a stage. Here’s a video of Ryu and…hey, wait a second, what’s that at the end?!

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  • Aiddon

    now the question is if they’re going to have her armored, in casual clothes (or uniform), or in the Zero Suit. Also, Samus would be the tallest female by far even OUT of the armor.

    • I remember getting quite the shock seeing Madeline and Samus side-by-side in Other M. Samus was towering over her like a giant, haha.

      • Yeah but if she was out of the suit she’d be significantly shorter wouldn’t she?

        • raymk

          I would think so to. Look at iron man he’s 6’4 in his suit but outside of it he’s 6’0.

        • I’m not sure how much shorter… I think there’s info on Samus’ height somewhere out there, but I can’t look for it atm. :p

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          She’s actually 6’3”, so she’s still pretty huge

          • Aiddon

            it’s never been specified whether that’s in or out of the suit. In Other M when she’s out of her armor Adam is quite a bit taller than she is. Plus that was written for the Metroid 2 instruction manual and it could have just been Nintendo (or the American counterpart) winging a figure out there just for the heck of it.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            In Other M, her relative height changes a lot, actually, in suit, out of suit; I think they were using her height to help show inferiority/superiority so not much can be shown by that. Anyways, all of the girls in DOA are like 5′ or 5’1” if I remember correctly from the instruction book, so even if she’s 6’3” in the suit, and the suit adds like 8 inches, she’d still be tall

    • endaround

      Well that’s because they made Lisa and Tina only 5’9″ somehow.

    • malek86

      Armored would probably be impractical for combat anyway.

      And this being DOA, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for the Zero Suit costume, because it’s the most fanservicey one she has. One could probably expect her to have more than one costume anyway, in good DOA tradition (Ultimate had something like 20 costumes for Kasumi).

      • Aiddon

        remember, in DoA 4 they had a female Spartan in full body armor. Still, they’ll probably have a few outfits for her like the Zero Suit, her Federation uniform, and her ending outfit.

      • Well, they had a Spartan in DOA4, so armored probably will be in game in one of the costumes.

        • malek86

          In fact, nobody liked using the Spartan in DOA4.

          Anyway, I’m more interested in knowing what kind of fighting style she’ll have. Definitely not Ninjutsu or Russian martial arts, lol.

          • I’m hoping she’s be able to use upgrades, but she’d obliterate the DOA cast if she’s allowed to use it :P

          • Aiddon

            Power Bombs. KABOOM!

          • That would be nice, if others could use weapons, like Ryu his Dragon sword, but that would destroy the meaning of the martial art styles the characters have and it would end up being Soul Calibur, lol :P

          • Aiddon

            maybe Vale Tudo or military CQC.

      • I’d like the Zero Suit and the two-piece hotpants/top from Zero Mission’s endgame gallery. Should be interesting to see how different her moveset is from her Brawl counterpart.

        • PrinceHeir

          i just finished Other M just now(yes as in right now) i love the game, the story might have mixed receptions but it’s one of my favorite Metroid games ever(in terms of gameplay)

          please let us use Zero Suit Samus, i think they can implement some of her Brawl Moves :D


          *on another note do you think the Other M would have been well received if the game’s story takes place before super metroid? particularly with adam’s death sure she would be emotional at first but it could be the reason how Samus becomes the calm and strong person in later games. that would have been a great way of telling how samus become who she are today. i kinda like the story though. she’s a little emotional but she portrayed her just fine. the gameplay where’s it at though so if they can just fixed the story a little bit, add tons of places to go(super metroid style pacing) and more bosses this would have been the best Metroid game ever.

          • Yea, I love Other M. Big, big step forward for blending motion control with traditional. I would’ve liked to see the melee combat fleshed out a little more though, and it would’ve been nice to be able to switch between suits on the fly for a little flexibility in playstyle.


            Yea, I think Sakamoto really dropped the ball with a lot of Samus’ characterization. Things like the post-traumatic shaking-in-her-boots during the Ridley fight were horrendous. I do think it would’ve made for a better story were it pre-Super like you said. The Baby Metroid wasn’t even that essential to Other M’s story.

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah they should have put tons of melee moves(though with Zero Suit they could probably put tons of melee moves or so)

            i was actually surprised how samus reacted to Ridley, i though she would only be surprised or two but not “traumatic” like surprise.

            well i kinda like MB’s(the human one) addition to the story, wouldn’t it be cool if they can revive the metroids and form a new Mother? oh well i’ll just look forward to the next one ^^

          • ThunderGod_Cid

            I partially disagree.

            Seeing how EVERY Metroid game has Metroids, ‘cuz a Metroid game without Metroids, is like a Metal Gear game without Metal Gear(or nukes).

            The Baby Metroid was the LAST Metroid. It was essential to come up with an explanation for the existence of Metroids in a non-prequel/post-Super Metroid “universe” (i.e. Fusion).

      • raymk

        Yeah i’m sure she’s going to have plenty of costumes since she’s not made up like the spartan for DOA is.

  • After the cries of sexism with Other M. Can’t wait to read what people have to say about her bouncing boobs! You know they are coming! Well at least you should it is Team Ninja after all!

    • countupyoursins

      Nooo no no no noooo no no nooooo no no no no no no no noooo.

      … Damn it, Team Ninja.

    • Guest


      ….but I’ll allow it

  • Buckets. That is what I came.

  • kylehyde

    I always have the feeling that she was going to be in the roster, well still is not confirmed officially but is more than clear to me that she is going to be there.

  • This was what the dude was talking about that sparked a metroid revival rumor? Odd incentive to get people to buy the game…

  • thebanditking

    So Samus is a playable character in this game? Thats cool and all but nothing to get me excited, after all the Spartan character in DOA4 was nothing special. When they hinted at Samus and 3DS I was thinking Metroid Dread announcement, sadly I was let down.

  • Heh, I totally saw this coming when I heard Dimensions was coming out.

    I’d buy this game. Believe it or not, I actually found Other M to be a very fun game with solid gameplay and a pretty good plot. I seriously don’t get why that game’s getting so much crap other than the fact that Adam authorized stuff… that was the only part that really truly bugged me a lot.

    Samus in her Zero Suit? Yes.

    • Testsubject909

      Controls could’ve been far more solid if they would’ve just allowed the inclusion of the Nunchuck… But noooo. We want to make use of the little gimmicky switchy controlly.

      Anyhow. Story aside, gameplay was alright. If pretty easy…

      And there’s a plethora of why the game gets so much crap, but I won’t explain. Mainly because I’m too tired for huge explanatory wall of text at the moment.

      • well, I know that Team Ninja designed the control scheme with the Wii remote exclusively in mind, so I respect the way they tried to accomplish a more intense, faster gameplay mechanic like Ninja Gaiden, yet keeping it simple. They were not going to compromise it at all.

        that being said, the game was pretty easy and shorter compared to other installments, but I just thought the game had a fresh and solid on the Metroid franchise, it being one of the fastest(if not the fastest) and intense 3D console Metroids out there( at least, hard mode was intense lol). In fact, because the game was so fast, that was also why the game was so short.

  • Code

    rar, hooray for crossovers — although admittedly not a Dead or Alive fan so perhaps this is a little wasted on me opo If Samus showed up in a fighter I did like though I’d be excited >w<'

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I love their method of keeping characters in-bounds. That was a really cool idea. And Samus being is also something I’m sure no one expected. Team Ninja, you just made yourself a sale

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Samus is in this……well….time to head over to Amazon.

    Though, I would have bought DOA:Dimensions regardless, this just sweetens the deal.

  • Bwahaha I love it. Unlike other guess characters on fighting games *cough*Yoda and Darth Vader*cough*, I approve of this (if it happens) because DoA’s story and a few of it’s characters are out there anyway.

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