Haruhi And The SOS Brigade Sit Down For Mahjong On PSP

By Spencer . January 20, 2011 . 4:19pm

Kadokawa Games is working on their own Haruhi game, a Haruhi game where everyone plays mahjong. The Mahjong of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan features an original story where Haruhi abruptly gets everyone to play mahjong and alters reality to suit her wishes.



Ignore the release date at the end of the trailer. At their press conference, Kadokawa Games rescheduled The Mahjong of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan for March 31 in Japan.


The DX pack contains a reprint of a Haruhi Suzumiya nendoroid, voice strap, DVD with digital content (wallpaper, soundtrack, and custom themes), and the game bundled in SOS brigade box. Reserve the DX pack or a vanilla game and you’ll get a sheet of 144 Haruhi mahjong tile stickers as a bonus.

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  • Mahjong is one of those games that used to make me want to grab the keyboard at school and throw it at the monitor, why so argh!

    Anyway I really need to get into haruhi.

    • It’s not that hard of a game to play… =P

      • androvsky

        Are you talking about the solitaire mahjong that’s just a simple tile-matching game, or real 4-player Chinese Mahjong? Because Yakuza 2 has real 4-player Mahjong, and I wouldn’t call it simple. Solitaire mahjong is a relatively recent western invention; this is obviously the 4-player version.


        • I’m talking about real mahjong. Notice my reply to WildArms. I suppose growing up in an enviroment where every family gathering involves the game does give me a biased view about the difficulty of it.

          • Darkrise

            It’s the same for me but I still find it hard to play lol…

          • I never said it was easy, but I still don’t think it’s difficult enough where I would even get the slightest urge to rage-quit.

  • I dont really like the chibi appereance of the SOS brigade and company here…, and i still dont understand this game, is this like domino?. Btw i saw the Disapperance of haruhi suzumiya movie, it was sooo good, god darn, it made me hate the people behind the anime again for taking so much time on releasing new seasons…

    • Er… I think the best game to compare it to is Rummy. I can’t think of anything better to compare it to out of the limited amount of card/tile games I know.

    • I think it’s comparable to poker.. But tiles are used instead of cards, there is no dealer and your hand determines how much you win.. I really should ask you to watch The Legend Of Koizumi, but that’s based on Japanese mahjong, which has more complex rules than Hong Kong mahjong

      • I’m only experienced with Japanese mahjong due to playing Yakuza 2. Man that such a complex mini-game, thank god I was playing on a emulator otherwise I would have given up on that game.

        Hong Kong mahjong must really be simplistic compared to what I experienced then.

        • Well, you’ve got the basics now anyway, so probably you’ll find Hong Kong mahjong a bit easier.. Simplistic is probably not the best word. Maybe less difficult, and practice makes perfect. Aside from cheating AI’s :P

  • I guess this is one way of attempting to kill time or boredom with Haruhi. However, I’m not a big fan of Mahjong.

  • Apache_Chief

    Their faces are HUGE

  • PrinceHeir

    haven’t watch haruhi yet, maybe it’s a good time but im watching NANA :)

    never played mahjong, looks interesting though im more of a chess player :P

  • MarkMario

    Those Chibis….
    + Mahjong?
    Bit boring, but that may just be me.

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